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Anorexia stems from body as well as mind – study - BBC News
The origins of the eating disorder anorexia nervosa are in both the mind and the body, according to an international study.

Anorexia is seen as a serious psychiatric disease.

But doctors at King's College London showed changes hardwired into some people's DNA altered the way they processed fats and sugars and may make it easier to starve their bodies.

The eating disorder charity Beat said the findings were groundbreaking.

The researchers looked at 16,992 people with anorexia and 55,525 people without the disease, from 17 countries.

All their DNA - the blueprint for the human body - was analysed to find mutations in genetic instructions that were more common in anorexia patients.

The study, published in Nature Genetics, found some mutations also presented in other psychiatric disorders such obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and schizophrenia.

But they also found mutations in the instructions that control the body's metabolism, particularly those involving blood sugar levels and body fat.

"There is something in those systems that has gone awry," Prof Janet Treasure, from the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London, told BBC News.

The researchers - at King's and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - say anorexia should now be considered a "metabo-psychiatric disorder" as it is a disease of mind and body.
anorexia  nervosa  eating  disorder  mental  health  genetics  bulimia  Psychiatry 
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Is your diet and exercise regime doing more harm than good? - BBC News
[ undercarbed ] A growing number of Scots are taking sports supplements, restricting their diets and exercising to extremes in pursuit of muscles. But how far is too far in pursuit of a dream body?
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▶ BBC Radio 5 live - In Short, Former anorexic: 'I want people to see my tummy flab'
But she's now beaten the disease, and wants to encourage other women to realise that "your worth does not depend on your weight". She's collected 40,000 followers on Instagram by posting images of her new, healthier, fuller figure, complete with stomach rolls and cellulite. Megan hopes that her @bodyposipanda account will help combat the "Fitspiration" craze on social media which, based on her own experience, she says promotes images of unnaturally thin bodies that are both unrealistic and dangerous.
Social  Media  Anorexia  nervosa  beauty  sickness  eating  disorder  mental  health  Selbstdarstellung  Selbstfürsorge  Fashion  Industry  Self-esteem  dieting 
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I would not be surprised that the summer/autumn 2015 orthorexia media push was manufactured/supported by the food industry lobby! ... as always with no fact nor science backing ...
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Re-thinking eating disorder treatment by triple j Hack
A Swedish eating disorder program Mandometer treats its patients on the basis that their eating disorder is a behavioural problem and not a mental illness.
eating  disorder  mental  health  mental  illness  Psychiatry  Psychology  Anorexia  nervosa 
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Is it HEALTHY to have Obese role models? Tess Munster - YouTube
fat shaming (does not help, ultimately) is not enlightenment (public education and personal self-education, reading up how you harm yourself and people from high up & ur parents have poisoned you since your inception (epigenetics, pollution)), medical intervention, helping someone when you were in their shoes and found help and or helped yourself. Only YOU YOURSELF can be of true interest about YOUR health, because it is your life, your health, your well being, happiness, your disposable income not to spend on medical care. Not food multinational conglomerates owned by a handful shareholders! Theyre not interested in ur health or the nations exploding health care spending. They are interested in maintaining the status quo. Dividends. Profits. Less regulation & oversight. Rising share price. Share buybacks. As child ur indoctrinated, by those people. Because they HOLD the power. There is no broccoli lobby. How abt frame lobby involvement in food pyramid as nanny state by food giants!?
fat  shaming  sick  population  carnism  obesity  epidemic  obesity  overweight  cancer  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  chronic  diseases  diabetes  public  health  policy  public  health  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  anorexia  eating  disorder  nervosa  beauty  industry  beauty  standard  beauty  sickness  Fashion  coronary  artery  disease  heart  disease  non-alcoholic  fatty  liver  disease  Cardiovascular  disease  vascular  disease  Alzheimer  dementia  disability  food  industry  lobbyist  Lobbying  lobby  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  crony  capitalism  public  debate  reframing  PR  framing  spin  doctor  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  political  theory  social  contract  marketing  advertisement  advertising  childhood  communication  nanny  state  NHS  WHO  Big  Sugar  Sugar  Tax  fast  food  Desert  Fashion  sustainability  sustainable  junk  food  processed  food  food  poverty  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  carbonfootprint  public  awareness  public  discourse  public  interest  Good  public  perception  public  opinion  omnivore  Vegan  Whole  Plant  Foods  prevention  medical  profession  medical  research  medical  advances 
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Behaviors of Anorexia Nervosa (Part 1 of 3) - YouTube
Walter Kaye - The Science of Dieting: Why Is It Difficult for Most People but Not Those with Anorexia Nervosa? - //&! - Eating Disorders from the Inside Out: Laura Hill at TEDxColumbus. //&! - New Insights into the Neurological Basis of Eating Disorders (Part 1 of 3) //&! Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Difficult-to-Treat Eating Disorders - Eunice Chen, PhD - //&! Borderline Personality Disorder, Obesity and Eating Disorders - May 7, 2010 New Haven, CT - When the eating disorder is life threatening - Lucene Wisniewski, PhD - //&! The 10-year Course and Predictors of Obesity in Patients with BPD - Mary C. Zanarini, EdD - - 'try to get a life, don't fall into disability.'
Anorexia  nervosa  eating  disorder  mental  health  mental  illness  DBT  Psychiatry  Psychology  BPD 
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The foodie who hid an eating disorder - BBC News // &! orthorexia, orthorexia nervosa - an obsession with foods that one considers healthy -
eating  disorder  Anorexia  nervosa  mental  health  mental  illness  NHS  bulimia  orthorexia  orthorexia  nervosa 
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'I had to starve myself for anorexia treatment' - BBC News
Prof Fairburn says accounts of people being denied treatment because their BMI is not low enough are "appalling". "It would be like someone who has high blood pressure being told they're not getting treated until it gets even higher. You're expecting someone to get worse before they're allowed to get treatment - it's the exact opposite of what the NHS should be doing," he said. But he understands why some doctors may struggle to treat eating-disorder patients. He says GPs may not see many cases and it can be hard to get them to agree to initial treatment. He agrees that early intervention is crucial. "Eating problems develop in teens. What we do know is the longer they have it the more secondary problems develop. If we nip it in the bud early, the problems are much more treatable, have much better outcomes." // &! - Body mass index 'encourages anorexia'
NHS  mental  health  CAMHS  mental  illness  eating  disorder  Anorexia  nervosa  bulimia 
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Talk to your children about body image – it’s not worth dying for | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett | Comment is free | The Guardian
Eloise Parry took illegal diet pills in pursuit of an unachievable body image ideal, and it killed her. Society should tackle the problem at its root // &! // &! How not to talk to people with an eating disorder. When it comes to strangers, some things are off the conversation table. There is no need to tell me about the importance of food. I know about that. -
eating  disorder  Anorexia  nervosa  bulimia  body  image  beauty  sickness  beauty  standard  beauty  industry  Fashion  perfectionism  Selbstdarstellung  Selbstfürsorge  Celebrity  of  You 
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Magersucht - Der Körper als Ventil - YouTube
Magersucht - Blick in den Abgrund einer Krankheit -
Anorexia  nervosa  eating  disorder  Magersucht  mental  health  mental  illness 
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Leben mit der Magersucht (1/5) | taff - YouTube &! Bonusvideo: Teufelskreis Magersucht - das komplette Interview mit Laura (20) | taff - &! Lauras (20) Geschichte über ihre Magersucht | taff -
Magersucht  anorexia  nervosa  bulimia  mental  illness  mental  health  stigma  psychology  sociology  beauty  sickness  Fashion  Industry  beauty  standard  beauty  body  dimorphic  disorder  eating  disorder 
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Essstörungen: Magersucht, Bulimie & Esssucht ☆ einfach erklärt, von Psychologin - YouTube
Original Video - // // 17.5 und drunter. 19.5 ideal gewischt. // &! // &! Planet Wissen - Magersucht >> // &! - FFS #6 Warum wir bei Essstörungen Hilfe von Außen brauchen << STIGMA. // &! Essstörungen Prof. M. Kölch über Ursachen und Behandlungsmöglichkeiten Deutsche Welle - &! Körperschemastörungen (Dysmorphia / Dysphoria) ( BDD ) - // &! - Lokalzeit Südwestfalen Wohngruppe für Essgestörte
Magersucht  eating  disorder  anorexia  nervosa  bulimia  binge  eating  mental  health  mental  illness  psychology  sociology  stigma 
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Stark rise in eating disorders blamed on overexposure to celebrities' bodies | Society | The Guardian
Beat, the eating disorders charity, said the rise was startling but the figure may reflect better detection rather than an actual increase in cases of very serious eating disorders. Rebecca Field, its head of communications, said: “Worryingly, it could be attributed to treatment not being available early on in individuals’ illnesses as an outpatient, eventually necessitating hospitalisation.” Ulrike Schmidt, professor of eating disorders at King’s College Hospital, said: “Clinicians might be becoming more risk adverse and admit more quickly than 10 years ago, because there is generally more awareness of the risks of anorexia nervosa. It could be to do with patients having to wait a long time for specialist treatment or services in the community and deteriorating while waiting so that they need to come into hospital.” &! early treatment important - &! &! &! Book &! A&E care of mental health appaling -
NHS  eating  disorder  anorexia  nervosa  bulimia  mental  health  mental  illness 
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Schmaler als der Türgriff - Mädels im Abnehmwahn - Magersucht Doku 2015 *HD* [1/2] - YouTube
37 Grad Kein Gramm zu viel Doku über Magersucht - // &! Spiegel.TV - MAGERSUCHT RUINIERT LEBEN - &! Seeparkklinik Bad Bodenteich (1/2) - &! Wenn der Hunger zur Sucht wird: Das Leiden der Magersüchtigen -
anorexia  nervosa  Magersucht 
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SPIEGEL.TV - Opendoku Neununddreissig
/opendoku-neununddreissig/ - 'von der Oma als fett bezeichnet.' / nicht wertvoll genug geliebt zu werden /
Magersucht  Anorexia  nervosa  bulimia  bulimia  nervosa  mental  illness  mental  health  self-image  beauty  industry  beauty  sickness  beauty  standard  self-harm 
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Journal of Eating Disorders | Abstract | Masculinity and femininity in the divergence of male body image concerns
Given recent assertions suggesting that gender role endorsement may be relevant in the divergence of male body image concerns, this study examined the self-reported gender role endorsement in opposing dimensional extremes of male body image disorders, namely, muscle dysmorphia and anorexia nervosa. This study further examined the relationship between gender role endorsement and eating disordered and muscle dysmorphia disorder pathology. >
eating  disorder  body  image  muscle  dysmorphia  Anorexia  nervosa 
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paroli • Der zwanghafte Lauf ins Ungewisse
Leben nach einem Schönheitsideal [...] Sie ergänzt: „Wir leben nach einem Ideal: schön, rank und schlank. In der Früh isst der Betroffene einen Apfel, zu Mittag ein Brot, am Abend wenig bis gar nichts. Damit kann ich vielleicht leben, aber nicht überleben.“ [...] „Wir müssen den Selbstwert der Kinder steigern“ [...] Bereits sehr junge Kinder (40 Prozent der Kinder und Jugendlichen in Österreich zwischen 9 und 15 Jahren) machen sich – unabhängig vom tatsächlichen Körpergewicht – Sorgen um ihr Aussehen und haben im Schnitt ab zwölf Jahren mindestens drei Diäten ausprobiert.“
celebrity  culture  society  parenthood  public  health  policy  childhood  rarenting  bulimia  media  childhood  development  culture  public  health  Anorexia  nervosa 
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