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What is African swine fever and how does it spread? | Environment | The Guardian
Can it be caught by humans?
Humans cannot contract ASF. However the head of the Russian epidemiology service, chief state sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko, has warned that pig physiology is close to human physiology, and that future mutations of the virus may therefore become dangerous to human beings too.
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Stop Cancer Before It Starts (Michael Greger, M.D.. 2011)
[ oldschool dr greger ] not only is meat a carcinogen itself, but meat has accumulated pesticides and herbicides, because cows and co eat animal feed full of pesticides and herbicides. but also their loved ones (male chicken, not laying eggs, not putting on meat fast enough for industry to make a bigger profit) are in it, ground up. Even fat trimmings are in animal feed! // breast cancer rates on the rise as meat eating babyboomers come into old age 40-50 and older
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Doctors Race to Fight Polio-Like Enterovirus D-68 - YouTube
Enterovirus D-68 ... ... in a country where people go bankrupt because of medical bills and outrageous insurance premiums.
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An Unstoppable Killer: New Research Suggests Cancer Can't Be Eradicated : NPR
The sensationalist assertions made in this article (particularly in the headline) don't follow from the results that the article describes. Part of the blame for this sensationalism seems to fall at the feet of the original scientist himself (Bosch). He makes an unfounded leap from the biological result that cancer seems to be an intrinsic property of genetic processes in cells (and the statements "You have to interfere with fundamental pathways", "It's a web of interactions" and "It's very difficult to do") to the assertion "will probably never be completely eradicated". Difficult is not the same as impossible. ||>> how we eat, how active we are, and our living environment (pollution and stress) is itself a multiplying factor whether or not we die of old age or of cancer or bc of complications of toxic medical cancer treatment. Period. Putting genetics out for the picture here. // via
cancer  medical  research  medical  advances  medical  profession  Vegan  omnivore  pollution  chronic  stress  Oxidative  stress  stress  living  environment  well  being  living  standard  standard  of  living  public  health  public  health  policy  low-hanging  fruit  epigenetics  genetics  immune  system  antioxidant  free  radicals  radiation  cellphone  radiation  mutation  DNA  evolution  premature  ageing  anti-ageing  ageing  Transhumanism 
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BBC News - Milestone study probes cancer origin
The well-known ones such as UV damage and smoking mutate the DNA, increasing the odds of cancer.
Alcohol  immune  system  mutation  public  health  policy  pollution  western  lifestyle  ageing  genetics  vegan  environment  epigenetics  Oxidative  stress  smoking  lifestyle  skin  cancer  DNA  living  environment  premature  ageing  cancer  public  health  aging 
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Richard Resnick: Welcome to the genomic revolution - YouTube
Richard Resnick shows how cheap and fast genome sequencing is about to turn health care (and insurance, and politics) upside down.
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