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Russell Brand on Porn: How It Relates To Everything - YouTube
instant gratification robs you of happiness, that results from putting in the work, being considered, mindful, thoughtful. effort can be the most rewarding thing in life. the pleasure of work. reward comes from hard work. --- a selfless life can bring much more pleasure than selfish life. we are social creatures. the only thing you've got to keep are your thoughts, emotions and health (well being, fitness)
happiness  happiness  index  instant  gratification  attention  span  attention  distraction  selfishness  selfish  effort  convenience  life  hacker  life  lesson  Alain  de  Botton  self-actualization  self-respect  self-regulation  philosophy  sociology  western  society  western  world  western  lifestyle  capitalism  advertisement  advertising  marketing  zombie  consumer  consumerist  consumerism  Dopamine  Serotonin  substance  abuse  sick  population  public  health  public  health  policy  Mindfulness  meditation  Self-esteem  status  anxiety  status  symbol  shopping  Intimate  relationship  partnerships  Escapeism  mobile  homescreen  Perspective  chronic  stress  consumer  choice  paradox  of  choice  Depression  Entitlement  Privileged  psychology  junk  food  processed  food  fast  food  Chain  loneliness  well-being  well  being  social  cohesion  Greed  social  tension  social  change  Buddhism  minimalismus  minimalism  rat  race 
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Flüchtlingskrise: "Die Verteddybärisierung der Flüchtlinge" - Kolumne - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Auf Gefühlen kann man nichts bauen, mit Gefühlen kann man keine Zivilgesellschaft neu denken, durch Gefühle ändert sich nichts. // retweet and facebook like/share does not correlate with personal action! // long-lasting change comes from intrinsic motivation (self education leads to taking action one self). Grows only slowly and Vegan trend is example. Slowly but steadily. One by one. Tribe is growing. // Can't be done entirely w nanny state nor corporate PR. Modern life is about conformity. Easy. Bc life is already hard enough. Thus effort seems unsurmountable obstacle (obstacles put in your way of change, ie going vegan). Turnaround. Admitting one was wrong the whole time and being deceived. Comfortable w status quo, uncomfortable standing out. // &! - ask the right question (framing). // Book: Groundswell.
Social  Media  activism  activists  Greenpeace  closetphile  entrepreneurship  change  zombie  consumer  consumerist  consumerism  Fashion  Industry  materialism  status  anxiety  Vegan  carnism  animal  rights  omnivore  status  symbol  minimalism  minimalismus  intrinsic  motivation  habit  forming  hook  Gamification  quantified  self  sustainability  sustainable  Tribe  Purple  Cow  1000  True  Fans  Seth  Godin  alternative  society  culture  Gesellschaft  Zivilgesellschaft  civic  society  civic  life  community  community  management  Millennials  generationy  PR  spin  doctor  reframing  framing  multiculturalism  refugee  crisis  Sharia  Law  Quran  Islamic  Law 
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▶ Insatiability, and the 15-hour week - YouTube
comparing yourself to others, you never have enough. what is the purpose. is there enough? *Aristotle Leisure - educating people about Leisure. >> periods of time where your choices dominate. to develop your personal projects. Anglo Saxon work environment - work seeps though at home though laptops and mobile phones with work mailboxes. Germany has more strict boundaries of work because of its work ethic. Measure human well being. (GDP)
Book  well  being  measurement  western  lifestyle  generationy  minimalismus  Greed  babyboomers  work  ethic  GDP  Robert  Skidelsky  generational  change  rat  race  burnout  productivity  income  distribution  Aristotle  philosophy  economic  history  minimalism  Leisure  Time  working  poor  social  science  happiness  income  mobility  social  study  people  management  work  life  balance  Leisure  satisfaction  millenials  western  society  Germany 
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