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The Fight Over YouTube Stars’ Cash — The Information
As Hollywood agencies scoop up more YouTube stars, they’re increasingly running into conflicts with multichannel networks who have traditionally handled many of the brand endorsement deals. Both sides have their eyes on a cut of the small but growing digital ad pie.
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Why Billion-Dollar Valuations Don’t Matter | TechCrunch
I recently heard a story about one VC pushing a company to drive their burn up from $1 million a month to $2.5 million. Unfortunately, an inefficient sales force will always come back to bite you in the butt. We typically think of 60 percent as the benchmark for a healthy performing sales organization. Anything less and you don’t have a repeatable model. [ avc did write about that you need to find product/market fit, traction, self starter, great net promoting score, without spending marketing/advertising/pr ] [...] The goal of every entrepreneur and VC for that matter should be to build sustainable and scalable businesses. The only way to do that is to focus on the metrics that truly matter. The companies that nail many, if not all, of the above criteria will be the ones that make it to the finish line, and the balance will be wandering through the forest looking for someone to feed them.
Unicorn  SAAS  Slack  DropBox  Box  Venture  Capital  Silicon  Valley  growth  round  2015  KPI  metrics  accounting  user  churn  customer  retention  upselling  customer  acquisition  CAC  Decacorn  on-demand  convenience  Marketplace  business  model  user  acquisition  Product/Market  Fit  Share  Economy  middleman  scale  economies  of  scale  FOMO  hunt  for  yield  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  burn  rate  runway  Homejoy  Net  Promoter  Score  consumer  product  business  product  B2C  B2B 
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The great Uber fairness fallacy: as a driver, how do you bargain with an app? | Technology | The Guardian
Businesses have been shedding their identity as employers for at least 30 years, profiting from the work performed by ‘independent contractors’ without the cost, risk or aggravation of actually dealing with employees
Uber  eBay  Marketplace  middleman  capitalism  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  outsourcing  1099  Economy  freelance  Zero  Hour  Contract  Contractor  Temp  Agency  Leiharbeit  Zeitarbeit  Gig  Economy  freelancing  part-time  labour  market  job  creation  job  market  job  security  insecurity  labour  economics  operations  cost  center  overhead  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  Wall  Street  crony  capitalism  manual  labour  Service  Sector  Jobs  Niedriglohnsektor 
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Why Homejoy Failed … And The Future Of The On-Demand Economy | TechCrunch
The fundamental “on-demand marketplace” model has come into question by investors, the media and even consumers. [...] However, because Homejoy acted as a platform “middle man,” taking a 25 percent cut of the transaction, the wage economics for pros did not make sense. Thus, this attracted young, inexperienced and low-quality pro labor (at times even homeless people), leading to inconsistent and lower-quality work. This mix doesn’t quite cut it for the average homeowner who wants a spotless home, thus leading to platform churn. [ low lifetime customer value that does not cover the cost of ops and customer acqusition ] It wasn’t all bad for homeowners. Homejoy did match some skilled pros with homeowners, driving them to form real business relationships. The issue was these relationships were typically taken “offline” (i.e., platform leakage). [...] Full-service on-demand platforms have been seeing success among more commoditized types of services.
Homejoy  on-demand  convenience  Share  Economy  1099  Economy  Service  Sector  Jobs  marketplace  commodity  business  commoditization  Niedriglohnsektor  burn  rate  runway  customer  acquisition  user  churn  middleman  repeat  business 
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Doorman Raises $1.5 Million To Eliminate Missed Package Deliveries | TechCrunch
With Doorman, the idea is that consumers can provide an online retailer with their “Doorman address,” which is a location in the company’s warehouse. You can then specify when, exactly, you want that order sent to you at your home or elsewhere via Doorman’s app, which also notifies you when the courier is in route. Doorman currently offers hourly scheduling from 6 pm to midnight, catering heavily to office workers who can’t be home during the day for deliveries. [...] [ API allows companies to provide Doorman option automatically to its customers where Doorman is available ] [ again, trading money for time and convenience, for those available with the disposable income >> thus SF tech workers is/are the ultimate proving ground, other metropolitan cities with high disposable income are next, from highest to lowest, for the roll-out plan ]
API  on-demand  convenience  middleman 
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Labels, not Spotify, are screwing over artists and breaking the music industry. Here’s how to fix it. | PandoDaily
[ Platform - everyone (middlemen, plural) is taking a cut. ] A new report from audit firm Ernst & Young and the French record label trade group SNEP reveals better estimates than we’ve ever seen on the payout distribution of music streaming services. And who do you suppose takes the biggest cut? You guessed it, labels. According to the report, labels net 45.6 percent of the streaming revenue created by Spotify and Deezer, the two platforms included in the study. The streaming platforms themselves — most of which have yet to achieve profitability despite fielding frequent attacks for their supposed greed — take home 20.8 percent. An additional 16.7 percent is paid in taxes before songwriters and performing artists finally see their shares — which amount to 10 percent and 6.8 percent, respectively.
middleman  Music  Industry  digital  artist  Entertainment  Industry  Entertainment  Spotify  iTune  Deezer  Rdio  Pandora  YouTube  Platform  TOS  freemium  business  model  free  digital  content  digital  economy  digital  natives  Millennials  Trend  Generationy  user  behaviour  user  experience  360-music-contract  Indie  Music  Music  1000  True  Fans  Multimedia  Social  Media  marketing  advertisement  added  value  Proposition  exploitation  fairness  Silicon  Valley  Signal  vs.  Noise 
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As the faces of the peer-to-peer economy, Airbnb and Uber’s cultures couldn’t be more different | PandoDaily
AirBnB playing the win-win game. >> Airbnb appears to have taken the approach of investing significantly in creating community and a feeling of partnership, and of disseminating best practices. Along with the community-building exercises, its recently concluded host convention featured a number of sessions on how to be a better provider. Airbnb facilitates host groups for knowledge sharing, integrated into a host application that also embeds hospitality standards and guidelines, as well as standalone meetups for hosts to exchange information. The emphasis on community and connectedness is very visible in the company’s recently initiated “Belong Anywhere” branding strategy. The three co-founders have consistently visited and stayed at the homes of key hosts around the world, an experience that likely builds significant loyalty. << very different to the Rocket Internet clone that Samwer Brother created. &! "Paul Graham's - Mean People Fail - win by transcending."
Uber  Lyft  AirBnB  Platform  middleman  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  community  branding  Brand  communication  transparency  accountability  governance  corporate  governance  corporate  culture  corporate  values  TOS  partnerships  ethical  machine  moral  beliefs  Collaborative  collaboration  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  P2P  Services  Industry  service  economy  service  Share  HomeJoy 
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Marketplaces Are Eating Firms | TechCrunch
The simple reason for this cost savings is the reduction in overhead. Freelance labor marketplaces don’t have middle layers of managers and other support staff, they have independent contractors rather than employees, and they don’t have the cost of office space. The cost savings are dramatic. Turnaround time and quality are also key service attributes that marketplaces are providing. Uber is the greatest example of a marketplace delivering a step change improvement in turnaround time. With scale, marketplaces have the ability to understand supply and demand and ensure that the right resources are available at the right time. All of this can be done automatically in marketplaces versus manually in firms. [...] I believe the top firms in any industry will continue to thrive for decades to come, but there will be an overall shrinking of the bottom and middle tiers of firms as they yield to well-run marketplaces. -
middleman  marketplace  inefficiencies  marketplace  efficiencies  marketplace  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  self-employment  contractor  job  security  uncertainty  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  Future  of  Work  competition  competitive  competitiveness 
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Buzzfeed reveals that Uber exec boasted of planning smear campaign against Pando EIC, Sarah Lacy | PandoDaily
Uber  Travis  Kalanick  personal  values  corporate  values  corporate  governance  corporate  culture  Hype  Hype  Cycle  transportation  public  transportation  ethical  machine  self-employment  middleman  Niedriglohn  lohndumping  Lohnzurückhaltung  Niedriglohnsektor  precarious  work  Precariat  Prekariat  working  poor  minimum  wage  Lyft  competitive  competitiveness  Silicon  Valley  squeezed  middle  class  middle  class  middleclass  crony  capitalism  profit  maximisation  exploitation  Wall  Street 
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PE HUB » Shift inks $23.75 mln Series A
Car sales logistics co Shift raises $23.7M A led by Emily Melton & Manish Patel w/ participation from @SVAngel & @GreatOaksVC; Melton & Patel are joining the board; Shift delivers cars to consumer's homes for test drives & sale paperwork; it also appraises & preps used cars for sale .... [ For a future where nobody buys a car .... ]
middleman  convenience  Services  Industry  customer  service  service  economy  service  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  added  value  Silicon  Valley  FOMO 
november 2014 by asterisk2a
Handy Sued For Being a Hellscape of Labor Code Violations
The crux of the suit (embedded below) is that Handy uses independent contractors instead of employees—a popular tactic amongst startups like Uber, Lyft, Homejoy, SpoonRocket, Taskrabbit, and Postmates. [ cost center = insurance, benefits, perks, holiday pay, ... ]
Services  Industry  service  economy  service  self-employment  contractor  Future  of  Work  middleman  Silicon  Valley  profit  maximisation  cost  center  Why  Software  Is  Eating  the  World  Software  Is  Eating  World  Niedriglohn  Niedriglohnsektor  precarious  Precariat  minimum  wage  mindestlohn 
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Messing With A Competitor’s Fundraising – AVC "If u can’t win on merits, turn to messing w/competitor’s fundraising, what's your defensibility & differentiation?" http://
Uber  ethical  machine  ethics  Travis  Kalanick  corporate  culture  corporate  values  personal  values  capitalism  crony  capitalism  exploitation  middleman 
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With a fresh $8.75M, Pillpack's online pharmacy now delivers to 40 states | VentureBeat | Deals | by Kia Kokalitcheva
Online pharmacy @PillPack raises $8.75M A led by @Accel w/ participation from @AtlasVenture, Highline VP, QueensBridge VP & others; Accel's @fdestin is joining the board; PillPack handles insurance & ships meds in dated packets every 2 wks; the startup has raised $12.8M to date. // doesn't create +1000 jobs. may be bought by one of the big pharmacy retail businesses or other retail business like Walmart, WholeFoods, etc.
convenience  Services  Industry  service  economy  service  Silicon  Valley  Venture  Capital  middleman  Why  Software  Is  Eating  the  World  Software  Is  Eating  World 
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Beepi, a Car-Buying Site, Raises $60 Million Series B Investment | Re/code
Used vehicle marketplace @beepi raises $60M B from @FoundationCap, @sherpa, & @redpointvc; raised $66M to date; the co operates a site for buying & selling cars that takes care of things like mechanic inspections, setting a price, & delivery.
middleman  service  industry  convenience  Services  service  economy  differentiation  differentiate  Silicon  Valley  Venture  Capital 
october 2014 by asterisk2a
News Roundtable: [...] deconstructing employment - YouTube
min 34 + "The article doesn't really examine productivity, it is examining wages." - Digital revolution has yet to fulfil its promise of productivity and better jobs ( +!+ - 'It's The Economist making a case for wealth redistribution!' +!+ How computers threaten the jobs of mid-skilled workers ( - 'few benefiters + we need substantial skill upgrading and change in education policy' +!+ Is A.I. the problem or the solution? - Automation, Robotics, mid-skilled jobs, routine jobs, lessons from Industrial Revolution, need investment in practical skills for the future, infrastructure investment, education policy, Universal Basic Income - so that no one is left behind
convenience  service  economy  Uber  HomeJoy  Lyft  Share  sharing  economy  Services  Industry  service  minimum  wage  mindestlohn  workforce  6-hour  work  day  4-day  work  week  leisure  time  Robert  Skidelsky  Google  Apple  Amazon  commoditization  commodity  business  Larry  Page  Future  of  Robotics  AI  algo  algorithm  algorithms  productivity  Mobile  Creative  Postmates  Mobile  Creatives  Washio  GrubHub  Big  Data  Why  Software  Is  Eating  the  World  Software  Is  Eating  World  middleman  self-employment  contractor  marketplace  efficiencies  marketplace  plurality  marketplace  inefficiencies  marketplace  labour  economics  labour  market  education  policy  Public  Year  of  Code  middle  class  squeezed  middle  class  underemployed  structural  unemployment  employment  unemployment  flat  globalization  globalisation  comparative  advantage  competitive  advantage  competitiveness  competitive  Germany  USA  UK  Europe  BRIC  MINT  added  value  self-driving  cars  transportation  transportation  protectionism  population  automation  social  capital  Non-Profit  GDP  happieness  happiness  index  freelance  freelancing  rat  race  differentiation  differentiate  social  entrepreneurship  entrepreneurship  technological  history  economic  history  history  Industrial  Revolution  Software  Revolution  computing  Gini  coefficient  living  wage  living 
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Is Uber’s Business Model Screwing Its Workers? |
In fact, if you ask Uber drivers off the clock what they think of the company, it often gets ugly fast. “Uber’s like an exploiting pimp,” said Arman, an Uber driver in LA who asked me to withhold his last name out of fear of retribution. “Uber takes 20 percent of my earnings, and they treat me like s*** — they cut prices whenever they want. They can deactivate me whenever they feel like it, and if I complain, they tell me to f*** off.” In LA, San Francisco, Seattle and New York, tension between drivers and management has bubbled over in recent months. And even though Uber’s business model discourages collective action (each worker is technically in competition with each other), some drivers are banding together.
Uber  middleman  self-employment  contractor  precarious  work  working  poor  Niedriglohnsektor  lohndumping  minimum  wage  exploitation  job  security  Public  Policy  freelance  freelancing 
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Uber Rider Might Lose An Eye From Driver's Hammer Attack. Could Uber Be Held Liable?
Uber clearly disagrees. Its terms of service, like those of Lyft, Sidecar, and similar sharing-economy startups like Airbnb, make it clear over and over again that they are not liable under any circumstances for bad things that might happen when you use the service. [...] [things are Unclear till it is in-front of a jundge and jury]“There’s a fine line between an online marketplace and a retailer,”
Uber  Lyft  Sidecar  insurance  middleman  HomeJoy  Silicon  Valley  liability  TOS 
october 2014 by asterisk2a
To the People of New Jersey | Blog | Tesla Motors
On Tuesday, under pressure from the New Jersey auto dealer lobby to protect its monopoly, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, composed of political appointees of the Governor, ended your right to purchase vehicles at a manufacturer store within the state. Governor Christie had promised that this would be put to a vote of the elected state legislature, which is the appropriate way to change the law. When it became apparent to the auto dealer lobby that this approach would not succeed, they cut a backroom deal with the Governor to circumvent the legislative process and pass a regulation that is fundamentally contrary to the intent of the law.
middleman  teslamotors  Tesla  USA  democracy  backroom  deal  lobby  Lobbying  lobbyist  transparency  elonmusk  Career  Politicians  ethic  moral  accountability 
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It's official: Comcast and Time Warner Cable announce $45.2B merger | VentureBeat | Business | by Jordan Novet
Comcast and Time Warner Cable are the largest and second-largest cable providers in the U.S., respectively. [...] federal regulators could challenge the deal, just as they have pushed back on mergers of big mobile service providers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. + The Tek 0096: Comcast & Time Warner Wouldn't Hurt a Fly + + 30:06min in - all this comes back to the fight of the Middleman to try hardest to stay relevant in the future of distribution of digital content. Whether it be music, movies, tv, tv-series, and any other digital content. The future is about b2c, currently its about b2b2c. The middleman will fall away, but it is fighting back. Remove a middle man and get rid of the mark-up. + + +
oligopol  monopoly  crony  capitalism  Time  Warner  Comcast  USA  corporatism  corporate  governance  corporate  media  NBC  generalelectric  GE  antitrust  collusion  infrastructure  investment  infrastructure  middleman  Music  Industry  Hollywood  Entertainment  Industry  Entertainment  Games  Industry  ISP  digital  content  digital  economy  digital  natives  digital  artist  Verizon  cartel  Mafia  AT&T  Netflix  netneutrality  Net  Neutrality  net-neutrality  Netzneutralität  bandwith  metering  Internet  tiering  Internet  metering  public  policy  innovation  barriers  to  entry 
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Verizon Droid Is The Real Deal
- it all depends on goog partners and middle man
android  middleman  business  partner 
october 2009 by asterisk2a Proposed Salmon Protocol Aims To Unify Conversations on the Web
The Age of Globalisation Reaches The Internet
As discussed in Friday's panel at Blog World Expo on technology and the real-time Web, Pubsubhubbub essentially works as a middle-man conduit, taking information from a data's source passing along changed data to downstream destination sites. The proposed Salmon Protocol would similarly watch both source and destination sites for comments, and upon discovering new comments, it would send the new comments to the site which is lacking the full conversation. If multiple downstream destinations are designated, the Salmon Protocol will also populate these multiple sites.
conversation  blog  trade  trend  Salmon-Protocol  Pubsubhubbub  middleman  real-time  internet  protocol  rss  aggregator  blogging  friendfeed  twitter 
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