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Frankreich verliert Status als Deutschlands wichtigstes Exportland - SPIEGEL ONLINE
IMF rechnet für 2015 mit einem Anstieg des BIP US um 2,5 Prozent und für 2016 mit 3 Prozent. "Wir sehen zudem eine Reindustrialisierung in den USA: Dort werden wegen der niedrigen Energiekosten viele neue Fabriken und Produktionsstätten hochgezogen", sagte Treier. "Dafür werden Maschinen und Ausrüstungen aus deutscher Produktion benötigt." Hilfreich sei zudem der schwächelnde Euro, [...] "Die Amerikaner sind relativ preissensible Käufer, auch wenn es um Luxusprodukte wie deutsche Autos geht", // Germany & UK are energy dependent, especially after Desert Storm Energy project failed. UK need the bet on STEM and digital economy and knowledge economy, added value services that can be exported & leverage "British" brand. It can not compete against cheap energy fuelled China and USA! But it did nothing, UK has to even import Nurses and Doctors now! Thanks to short-sighted ideological dogmatic austerity & policy for established businesses. low corp tax & deregulation to compete w price only.
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Study suggests safe alcohol guidance 'unrealistic' - BBC News
But the study found that the guidelines are largely ignored because most people do not drink every day. Instead they drink heavily at the weekend - in order to get drunk. [ as socially acceptable outlet, from a weeks worth of chronic stress and worry. legal high and stress relieve as is tobacco. ] // thus as food can be used/abused as emotionally compforting and stress-reliever, binge drinking on the weekend as well as the habit for 2-3 drinks during weekdays to relieve the stress, should this behavior be space made in the DSM for disorder!? abuse/coping mechanism!/being dependent on it!? which is socially acceptable!. but long-term harmful to your health, as well as short-term to ur disposable income/savings rate & alcohol related injuries A&E & police force has to deal with!? --- Eating Disorders - - Gemma and Dr Radha are on hand to talk about eating disorders.
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