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Binge Media Culture Finds a Receptive Audience in Americans -
“With the things that get us to really crave the news, the tenor of the story tends to have a negative impact on the way we see the world more generally,” he said, referring to the controversial and scandalous subjects that draw in chronic readers and viewers. “We become more cynical.” Does he regard his own bingeing on these topics as escapist? + + “Absolutely,” he said. “You forget about your life for 30 minutes while you read about Chris Christie’s implosion.” Joshua Ferris’s forthcoming novel, “To Rise Again at a Decent Hour,” is about “the obsessive-compulsive nature of your own personality emerging through these platforms, and disliking the person who is taking advantage of them,” he said. Mr. Ferris, 39, confessed to bingeing on news, TV and YouTube videos, though he recently took a six-month purgative sabbatical.
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may 2014 by asterisk2a Parent Automattic Has Raised $160 Million, Now Valued at $1.16 Billion Post-Money | Re/code
Wordpress - democratising publishing. Wordpress VIP plus its new corporate communication platform - will compete with the likes of Yammer (MSFT owned) and Slack, atlassian's platforms as well as Salesforce's platform. smart raising a round when money is flushing around - hunt for yield. taking the money for the long-term. likely giving them +5 years runway and solidifying their publishing platform might. there will be acqui-hires along the way I guess. + Automattic’s competitors have certainly been investing, noted Mullenweg. In their last rounds, Weebly raised $35 million, Squarespace $40 million and Medium $25 million. In addition, Wix is currently valued at around $730 million, raising $127 million, in an IPO. ... Automattic's aim is, to become cash-flow positive - I guess. Not in a hurry but naturally with pushing mobile, e-commerce and the Freemium model (driving up conversion) on
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Grace Helbig Is Leaving My Damn Channel And 'Daily Grace' In 2014
Helbig is, like many of her peers, less interested in YouTube and curious about moving on to bigger and better platforms. + 2014 will shape up to be a banner year for YouTube endings: Kingsley will be departing, Ray William Johnson’s “Equals Three” show will be done and now Grace Helbig will be finished making videos for My Damn Channel and their Daily Grace channel. + "I’ve had some good ideas over the years, a couple flops and I have a couple of things left to try, but I never want to upload just for the sake of uploading. I want to stop while they still enjoy me and not run my channel into the ground for no reason. [...] People were making videos to make others happy." +
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▶ Genius Network® Presents: Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of Vaynermedia, interviewed by Joe Polish - YouTube
click through rate rock bottom. emerging platforms. + social media (work) is a marathon of investment. + attention span. + storytelling + extrovert + love the game (social media, internet - as a business) + legacy over currency + being right over the long-term + haters, hate - don't dismiss criticism. feedback. continue to critically think and keep executing. thus staying relevant. the marathon. + ad targeting + "Social Media is the only substitute for money. But it costs you time and knowledge." + Effort + Social Media is Word of Mouth @internet age + Infographics + have to work, effort / drive. Play xbox when your are well off. "I don't like complaining." + Social Media is sweet science. Marketing is hard, and it got harder. + "Marketing is applied Psychology." is Seduction. is Dating. + Freemium, giving away some content, luring them in. Content Marketing. MicroContent. Jab Jab Jab Ask. + Life gives to the giver and takes from takers.
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Google Wave: There Will Be Backlash
Wave is much more complicated than Twitter, and that could well be a downside (remember, keep it simple, stupid). But there’s a difference between clutter and ambition, especially when you have the resources of Google behind you. Shooting for the Moon is a good thing, and Wave has a unique opportunity to do that.

Either keep it simple
or shoot for the moon. ;-)
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