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In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop - New York Times
“I haven’t died yet,” said Michael Arrington, the founder and co-editor of TechCrunch, a popular technology blog. The site has brought in millions in advertising revenue, but there has been a hefty cost. Mr. Arrington says he has gained 30 pounds in the last three years, developed a severe sleeping disorder and turned his home into an office for him and four employees. “At some point, I’ll have a nervous breakdown and be admitted to the hospital, or something else will happen.”
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Murdoch aims to tear up the online rule book - Telegraph
Beleaguered media executives have been toying with the idea of charging for content, but none has been so bold as to widely reintroduce the payment model most newspapers abandoned a decade ago. Mr Murdoch hopes charging for content will not only reverse News Corps fortunes – the company swung to a $3.4bn (£2bn) loss for the year to the end of June – but also revitalise the newspaper industry and ensure the future of quality journalism. "Quality journalism is not cheap, and an industry that gives away its content is simply cannibalising its ability to produce good reporting," Mr Murdoch said.

"The digital revolution has opened many new and inexpensive methods of distribution. But it has not made content free. Accordingly, we intend to charge for all our news websites. I believe that if we are successful, we will be followed by other media."
Murdochs idea is rigth wing and Michael Arrington from TechCrunch is on the left wing of the future of journalism debate.
- Economics decide.
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