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EU und Mercosur: Warum Jair Bolsonaro plötzlich für den Freihandel ist - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Dabei hatte kaum jemand mehr so richtig daran geglaubt, dass sich die Parteien dies- und jenseits des Atlantiks nochmal zusammenfinden. Aber plötzlich zeigten vor allem die Big Player Argentinien und Brasilien ungewohnte Einigkeit und machten so das Freihandelsabkommen möglich. Der Einigungswille ist politischem Kalkül und den jeweiligen nationalen Nöten geschuldet, aber auch der Einsicht, dass man sich auf dem Wüterich im Weißen Haus nicht verlassen kann.

Selbst Brasiliens rechtsradikaler Staatschef Jair Bolsonaro geht vorsichtig auf Distanz zu den USA und Donald Trump. So ist das Abkommen auch ein klares Zeichen aus Lateinamerika an den US-Präsidenten, der die Nafta mit Mexiko und Kanada aufgekündigt und dem Nachbarn neue Konditionen aufgedrückt hat. Die Region will weiter offene Märkte und faire Konditionen.

Umweltschützer warnen schon jetzt: Die neuen Absatzmärkte für Fleisch- und Sojaexporte könnten zur Folge haben, dass die Weide- und Anbauflächen erweitert werden - und dafür der Regenwald im Amazonas dran glauben muss.
Mercosur  FTA  free  trade  agreement  EU  NAFTA  CETA  Brexit  Brazil  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  UK  Bolsonaro  Mexico  Canada  Amazonas  Amazon  Regenwald  deforestation  Soya  beef  environment 
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El Chapo paid $100m bribe to former Mexican president Peña Nieto, witness says | World news | The Guardian
A witness at the US trial of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán has testified that he told US authorities the accused Mexican drug lord once paid a $100m bribe to the former Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto.
Mexico  war  on  drugs  bribery  bribe  Enrique  Peña  Nieto  USA  Latin  America 
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President Donald Trump's First Negotiation Was A Humiliation | The Last Word | MSNBC - YouTube
Donald Trump's first negotiation, was canceled bc he didn't like the stance of his opposite, in Mexico, by Mexico. //&! - Mexico Unites Behind Own President Peña Nieto, Against President Donald Trump // &! created a diplomatic crisis w a friendly neighbour - - why create a problem where there is no problem!?
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  borderwall  Mexico  immigration  War  on  Drugs  USA  post-racial  America 
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Keiser Report: US, Mexico & walls (E939) - YouTube
Nafta has been devastating... both to the American worker and to the population in Mexico. They conclude with solutions to the consequences of neoliberal capitalism and dodgy trade deals.
NAFTA  neoliberal  neoliberalism  TTIP  TTP  CETA  free  trade  free  trade  agreement  WTO  globalisation  globalization  winner  take  all  Chicago  School  neoclassical  economics  USA  Mexico  migration  immigration  War  on  Drugs  economic  history  squeezed  middle  class 
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The Mexicans dying for a fizzy drink - BBC News
Mexicans consume more carbonated drinks per person than any other nation, and the country has one of the world's highest rates of childhood obesity. Two years ago the government introduced a tax on sugary drinks - but is it working? [...] So what do the big US brands make of Mexico's approach? Hank Cardello of the Obesity Solutions Initiative, an industry-funded lobby group in Washington DC, cracks open a can of diet ginger ale and tells us. "You have to look at ways of expanding the tool kit of solutions," he says. "The typical regulatory tool kit is tax, ban, limit, constrain - those kinds of anti-growth words, if you would. They're anathema to what the companies have to do. "We should ban the word 'should'. It's like a parent talking to a child. 'You should eat better, you should do this.' "No. When broccoli tastes like a cheeseburger, I'll eat more broccoli. You don't lecture to people to get them to change."
Mexico  childhood  obesity  obesity  epidemic  obesity  Sugar  Tax  Positioning  PR  spin  doctor  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Food  Politics  poverty  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  sick  population  health  crisis  USA  revolving  door  Policy  Makers  Career  Politicians  prevention  intervention  public  awareness  public  sentiment  public  health  public  health  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  Greed  crony  capitalism  capitalism 
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Mexico 20% tax on soda is working : worldnews
Is it finally time to tax sugary drinks? - For years the food industry has blocked attempts to tackle Britain’s obesity crisis. Now, with doctors, MPs and Jamie Oliver backing a sugary drinks tax, there’s a real appetite for change -
Big  Sugar  Sugar  Tax  food  industry  processed  food  food  engineering  Soda  food  abuse  junk  food  Politics  food  poverty  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  revolving  door  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  Standard  American  Diet  Western  pattern  UK  USA  Mexico  public  health  policy  public  health  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  sick  population  obesity  epidemic  obesity  childhood  obesity  diabetes  metabolic  syndrome  cancer  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  overweight  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  heart  disease  public  awareness  public  sentiment  public  perception  public  opinion  public  image  public  debate  WHO  Jamie  Oliver  Makers  substance  abuse 
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Mexico grants first marijuana permits for growing and possession | World news | The Guardian
The court ruled that growing and consuming marijuana is covered under the right of ‘free development of personality’, but won’t allow sales of the drug
Mexico  War  on  Terror  drug  cartel  Marijuana  cannabis  Legalisation  decriminalisation  decriminalization 
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„Macht die Grenzen auf!“ | Monitor | Das Erste | WDR - YouTube
Kosovo-Flüchtlinge - - Kosovo, armenhaus Europas. 20-30 Jahre keine Verbesserung. Kein Rechtsstaat, keine politische entwicklung. Korruption. Mafia. // Integration! - Chancen der Zuwanderung - - Fachkraeftemangel, demographic bubble - better education! << more investment, not met, to integrate succesfully! (Syria, Iraq, Eritrea). Current school system is more of a hinderance than a acceleration of integration because of lack of appriate teachers and numbers of teachers.Bildungssystem foerdert nicht, eher diskriminiert! // &! Flüchtlinge auf der Balkanroute - &! //&! Pictures - &! No quick fix - //&! - War or abject misery pushes, opportunity in western countries provides the pull. There are other pulls too. [People you know in Europe.] &! &!
migration  immigration  Europe  Middle  East  Syrien  Syria  Iraq  Eritrea  economic  refugee  refugee  war  refugee  political  refugee  UK  morality  ethics  Career  Politicians  foreign  affairs  foreign  policy  foreign  relations  ISIS  Iraq  Afghanistan  Germany  Leadership  shadow  economy  USA  Mexico  21stcentury  Niedriglohnsektor  manual  labour  East  Europe  war  Kosovo  NATO  poverty  food  poverty  extreme  poverty  democracy  unemployment  corruption  bribery  Aid  Entwicklungshilfe  Mafia  transparency  accountability  humanitarian  crisis  Human  Trafficking  decency  humanity  organised  crime  tragedy  progress  rights  being  dehumanisation  subhuman  Lebensgrundlage  integration  Fachkräftemangel  demographic  bubble  ageing  population  education  policy  Asylbewerber  Asylum  social  discrimination  discrimination  Gesellschaft  Zivilgesellschaft  civic  society  civic  good  civil  courage  civil  society  European  Union  solidarity 
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Mass Abductions in Mexico Reveal a Decaying State - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Most murders don't even make the front page in Mexico anymore. But the recent abduction of 43 students has infuriated the country. The story has exposed the tight relationship between politics, law enforcement and organized crime. And it shows how weak the state has become.
mexico  drug  cartel  War  on  Drugs 
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Grundwasser-Verlust in USA droht Dürre-Folgen zu verschärfen - SPIEGEL ONLINE "New study finds groundwater supply to 40 million people in western states drying up much faster than predicted. Time for them to make the connection to food choice. Over 1 trillion gallons of water are used each year in California alone just to irrigate their 900,000 acres of alfalfa--all going to livestock.
extreme  weather  Colorado  River  Colorado  basin  Colorado  River  Utah  Nevada  California  New  Mexico  Texas  Colorado  Phoenix  agriculture  industry  agriculture  policy  drought  USA  climate  science  climate  system  global  warming  water  security  water  scarcity  water  supply  Aquifer  Lake  Mead  Lake  Powell  inefficiencies  waste  water  waste  food  waste  weather  extreme  weather  system  drinking  water  water  pollution  Dust  Bowl  long-term  thinking  long-term  view  climate  change  San  Francisco  Silicon  Valley  Los  Angeles  San  Diego  Mexico  industrial  agriculture  unintended  consequences  unknown  unknowns  complexity  livestock  farming  Factory  Vegan  omnivore  sustainability  sustainable 
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Here's the Lawless Hellscape Colorado Has Become Six Months After Legalizing Weed - Mic
By removing marijuana penalties, the state saved somewhere between $12 million and $40 million in 2012, according to the Colorado Center on Law and Policy. [...] The DEA is now asking the Food and Drug Administration to remove marijuana from its list of the most dangerous and harmful drugs. This could signal a radical shift in the way our government regulates and enforces weed. Marijuana advocates hail the decision as a necessary policy step towards eventual legalization, removing a critical roadblock that has constrained marijuana legalization on the local and federal levels. It is, of course, the first step of many. [...] D.C. is considered a staging ground for many local policies that get enacted throughout the country, and a victory for pot could open the floodgates elsewhere. + The Potrepreneur Roundtable with SpeedWeed and ArcView Group - || And don't forget the end of "War on Drugs."
Marijuana  weed  Potrepreneur  Colorado  Medical  Marijuana  War  on  Drugs  mexico  drug  cartel  drug  cartel 
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State of Flux
Elephant Butte Reservoir, New Mexico Left: June 1994 - 89% full. Right: July 2013 - only 3% left thanks to drought. Elephant Butte is New Mexico's largest reservoir. It provides water for about 90,000 acres of farmland and nearly half the population of El Paso, Texas. If that doesn’t make you stop and take notice, nothing will.
drought  California  weather  extreme  extreme  weather  climate  change  climate  science  Elephant  Butte  Texas  New  Mexico  Lake  Powell  Lake  Mead  Colorado  River  water  security  water  scarcity  water  supply  global  warming  unintended  consequences  unknown  unknowns  complexity  food  security  food  prices  food  poverty 
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Dürre im Westen der USA: Stausee Lake Powell trocknet aus - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die aktuelle Dürre sei "beispiellos seit dem Beginn der verlässlichen Aufzeichnungen im Jahr 1895", heißt es im National Climate Assessment, dem offiziellen Klimabericht der US-Regierung, den Präsident Barack Obama Anfang Mai vorstellte. Er verheißt dem Südwesten Ungemach: Das Wasser schwinde weiter, es fehle in Städten, Agrarlandschaften, Ökosystemen, Waldbrände häuften sich. Und das könnte erst der Anfang sein: Wissenschaftler befürchten, dass die Region in frühere Zeiten zurückfallen könnte. Baumring-Analysen haben ergeben, dass das 20. Jahrhundert die niederschlagreichste Periode der vergangenen 1200 Jahre war. Zuvor war es im Westen der USA deutlich trockener als heute. Eine Studie etwa hat gezeigt, dass zwischen den Jahren 850 und 1300 gleich zwei Megadürren herrschten - jede für sich fast 200 Jahre lang. Die größte Befürchtung der Experten ist, das Klima könne nun wieder zu derartigen Verhältnissen zurückkehren.
California  Nevada  Arizona  New  Mexico  Pheonix  Texas  Las  Vegas  drought  weather  extreme  extreme  weather  climate  change  climate  science  weather  system  global  warming  Lake  Mead  Colorado  River  Lake  Powell  USA  agriculture  industry  agriculture  policy  Public  water  security  drinking  water  water  scarcity  water  supply  2014  Wildfire  Los  Angeles  San  Francisco  Silicon  Valley  food  security  food  prices  food  poverty  San  Diego 
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Report: Polluted farm runoff linked to toxic green algae slime in U.S. waters - The Washington Post
At least one drinking-water provider, Des Moines Water Works, is struggling to clean nitrates from water it supplies to a half-million customers as a result of polluted runoff from farms. a growing toxic danger that threatens human health and has claimed the life of at least one person, more than 20 pets since 2001 and a multitude of marine life.
Chesapeake  Bay  lobby  lobbyist  globalwarming  complexity  livestock  farming  ecosystem  Phosphorus  unintended  consequences  algae  drinking  water  climate  change  gulfofmexico  Gulf  of  Mexico  nitrogen  water  security  Lobbying  urban  planning  organic  agriculture  agriculture  industry  watersupply  monoculture  water  pollution  global  warming  livestock  industry  climate  science  agriculture  sewage  urbanisation  agriculture  policy  water  scarcity  climatechange  EPA  USA  unknown  unkown  monocrop  Clean  Act  mono  agriculture  food  industry  ecological  disaster 
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Guest Post: The Coming Water Wars | Zero Hedge
Way before people run out of drinking water, something else happens: When Lake Mead falls below 1,050 feet, the Hoover Dam's turbines shut down – less than four years from now, if the current trend holds – and in Vegas the lights start going out. What Doesn't Stay in Vegas Ominously, these water woes are not confined to Las Vegas. Under contracts signed by President Obama in December 2011, Nevada gets only 23.37% of the electricity generated by the Hoover Dam. The other top recipients: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (28.53%); state of Arizona (18.95%); city of Los Angeles (15.42%); and Southern California Edison (5.54%). [...] Industrial cultivation is extremely water intensive, with 80% of most US states' water usage going to agriculture – and in some, it's as high as 90%.
Las  Vegas  Water  Wars  globalwarming  agriculture  pollution  desertification  weather  extreme  New  Mexico  scarcity  drinking  climatechange  climate  change  Colorado  River  California  Lake  Mead  Pheonix  USA  water-purification  machine  watersupply  Arizona  Lobby  food  industry  Colorado  extreme  weather 
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Acapulco: Bewaffnete vergewaltigen Touristinnen in Strandressort - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Der Hintergrund der Tat ist noch unklar. Der Sender Milenio Televisión berichtete, die Urlauber seien auch ausgeraubt worden. Es könnte aber auch eine Eskalation des mexikanischen Drogenkriegs sein. Der Bürgermeister versuchte, den Fall herunterzuspielen. "Was passiert ist, ist sehr bedauerlich, aber so etwas geschieht überall auf der Welt", sagte Bürgermeister Walton.

>> Avoid Mexico!? Avoid countries with unstable social frame?
holiday  vacation  mexico  drug  cartel  mexico  tourism  drug  cartel 
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Mexiko: Schönheitskönigin Flores Gámez in Mexiko von Militärs erschossen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Interesting side of the drug cartel. women @ the top

María Susana Flores Gámez, 20 und Woman of Sinaloa 2012, starb nun bei einer Schießerei im Nordwesten Mexikos. Es war zu einer Auseinandersetzung zwischen Soldaten und mutmaßlichen Mitgliedern eine Drogenbande gekommen. Die bewaffnete Gruppe hatte offenbar Verbindungen zu dem mächtigen Sinaloa-Drogenkartell.

Schon öfter gab es Verbindungen zwischen Gangstern und Schönheitsköniginnen. Im Dezember 2008 wurde die damalige Trägerin des Titels Our Sinaloa Beauty, Laura Zuniga, zusammen mit sieben Männern festgenommen.

Sogenannte Narcoqueens geraten zunehmend ins Visier der Fahnder: Sandra Ávila Beltrán war in Mexiko eine Größe im Drogen-Business. Sie gilt als Mitbegründerin des Kartells von Sinaloa, der mächtigsten Mafia Mexikos und ist als "Königin des Pazifiks" bekannt. Mittlerweile sitzt sie in einem US-Gefängnis und wartet auf ihren Prozess.

- Angie Sanclemente, Unterwäschemodel und Ex-Schönheitskönigin,
- Virginia Vallejo
narcotics  drug  cartel  Narcoqueens  inequality  equality  women  quota  glass  ceiling  mexico  drug  cartel 
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Goldman Sachs’s MIST Topping BRICs as Smaller Markets Outperform - Bloomberg
MIST is beating BRIC: Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey; Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia especially are markets with rising domestic demand, young population share very high, relying on less on external demand (exports), as well as ongoing liberal economic and political democratic reforms. < (broad brush).

“You’ve seen a rotation in the leadership based on rate of economic growth,” “If you go back as far as just 2009, you’ll find people buying the BRIC story in a big way, and probably over-buying the BRIC story.”

MIST nations haven’t been immune from global growth concern. The MIST nations each account for at least 1 percent of global GDP and are likely to see that share increase this decade, O’Neill said. Of the four countries, O’Neill said Mexico and Turkey are the most attractive at the moment.

Open Economies
With the exception of China, all the MIST nations ranked higher on the Geneva-based World Economic Forum’s 2012 trade openness index than the BRIC countries.
competitiveness  liberal  economic  reform  greatrecession  Turkey  Mexico  MIST  emergingmarkets  BRIC  frontiermarkets 
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Cabo San Lucas Vacation Villas, Resorts
Cabo, Pedregal. 
"Villa Turquesa" - drug lord compound to rent out for a week.
travel  mexico  vacation  villas  party  holiday  idea  holidays 
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