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Jürgen Klopp is a modernising force in the mould of Arsène Wenger | Barney Ronay | Football | The Guardian
Welcome, Jürgen! Just don’t bother talking to the natives. Because the fact is for all its commercial triumphs the Premier League remains robustly anti-intellectual, a product with plenty of sound and fury but little in the way of innovation. No significant tactical model has ever emerged here, no way of playing beyond the successfully reeled-in power football of the years 2005-2011. Not that Klopp comes across as a notable pointy-head. An article by James Corbett in the Blizzard magazine recently identified him as part of a group of coaches from the south-west of Germany with “a highly innovative philosophy” based on the ideas of one Helmut Gross, a man who once spent so long holed up with Ralf Rangnick watching Sacchi videos the VCR machine wore out. [...] Either way somebody take some notes. Give him time. Let’s not blow this one, eh? &! "Soccer is about the fans. We have to entertain them." &! missed in translation "Ordinary one." &!
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Author And YouTuber John Green Tells Advertisers To Stop Worrying About Eyeballs | TechCrunch
John Green talked about how he and his brother Hank built a devoted following of “nerdfighters” on YouTube, contributing to the enormous success of his book. In fact, they’ve built an online video business with 30 employees. But Green’s ad revenue is outweighed by things like crowdfunding and merchandise — and that ad revenue is falling by 5 percent every year. He acknowledged that’s not true for everyone on YouTube. Nonetheless, he argued, “Many of the strongest communities are dramatically undervalued by advertisers, forcing YouTubers to find other paths.” [...] And sure, distraction is fine, but Green doesn’t see himself and other “passionate YouTubers” as being in “the distraction business.” Instead, the best shows are in “the community business,” and he watches them because they help him “grapple with and consider the problems and questions way down deep there in the darkness. [...] focusing on eyeballs is a crummy way to measure the success and value [...] eyeball biz shrinking!
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