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Robert Greene: How to Master Anything and Achieve Greatness by Lewis Howes | Free Listening on SoundCloud
craft a career path that suits ur interest. what are u getting excited abt every day. helps with learning, deep learning! the more passion. the more knee deep u are in. increases ability to learn. // go through apprenticeship, and tour of duty. its skills skills skills. 3, 4, 5, 6, ... live in hyper competitive world (globalisation) // information has to become accumulated, stored, put into action again and again (retrieval). // social intelligence, EQ, forging your own path, // let your work speak for itself, for you. // social intelligence // 10000 hours // you become the product of your education (environment). // Napoleon // we life in a complex world, master your complex field, ideas come to you. philosophers stone. // its about problem solving. its not sexy and glamorous // entrepreneurship is about character, worth more than an ivy league degree // go where you learn most, start-up // u dont want people 2 love u, u have no control over it, it is not needed. its abt skills.
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Mentors Are the Secret Weapons of Successful Startups | Hacker News
Alternate headline: Very successful people seek out mentors to enhance their own capabilities. --- "Correlation does not imply causation". [...] One type is the "been there done that" type with decades of experience in one particular area, and they simply share with you lots of anecdotes about how things have played out in the past as empirical evidence of how they may play out in the future. The other type is the kind of mentor who provides you with an analytical framework to be able to prioritize and evaluate decisions on your own. This person often helps you see the forest from the trees, or helps you recognize blindspots you might not be aware of. Both are valuable, but it's important to know the difference.
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The Long Game Part 1: Why Leonardo DaVinci was no genius on Vimeo
honing your craft, put the work in, grind it out, ... sort of the 10k hour rule by gladwell - sort of. // Part 2: // ++ THE GAP by Ira Glass - - hone your skill your craft by putting stuff out. period. // ++ “The most important possible thing you can do is do a lot of work.” [...] The question of what makes someone successful has occupied some of history’s greatest minds. For Alexander Graham Bell, success was bound to befall the person “who carefully advances step by step, with his mind becoming wider and wider.” [... prolonged exposure ... grit ... personal growth and professional growth mindset ... there is no overnight success. ]
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Macht lernen dumm? Richard David Precht 31.08.2012 - die Bananenrepublik - YouTube
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In seiner ersten Sendung spricht Richard David Precht mit dem Hirnforscher und Schulkritiker Gerald Hüther über den "Skandal Schule". Was läuft warum falsch in unserem Bildungssystem?
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