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Annual Planning is Killing Your Growth – Try This Plan Instead - First Round Review
use quarterly OKR for people, team wide, department wide, business/company wide // no SWAT analysis. gain advantage and move from a higher level awareness and perspective // [ SAAS ] Especially if you work in the enterprise space where sales cycles can sometimes be very long, it’s tempting to make decisions that make sense within the span of one year but not in the broader context of your business. [...] “If you're wrong about anything in your annual plan, you're probably already too late to fix it.” [...] “Everyone wants to know about the year. It's become the basic unit of comparison across companies. But it shouldn't be.” [...] [ CONTEXT, aspiration, Big Picture for Company and Product (in 3-5 years), a sketch, but also have to be flexible in your approach and the way. stubbornly flexible (balance) ] “It's vital to know what great looks like for your company in the context of your field.”
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Joseph Stiglitz talks about going beyond GDP - YouTube
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Discussion continues about improving traditional assessments of economic progress. Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz talked about the new means of measuring progress well-being and sustainability during a recent visit to the OECD. For more info visit:
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Griechisches Sanierungspaket: Sparen, kassieren, kämpfen - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Politik
Also redet jetzt Papakonstantinou 45 Minuten lang im dritten Stock seines Ministeriums. "Harte Verhandlungen" mit dem IWF, der Europäischen Zentralbank (EZB) und der EU seien gewesen, sagt er. Und verkündet dann die Pläne:

acht Prozent weniger Lohn für Beamte,
Streichung des 13. und 14. Monatsgehalts für Staatsbedienstete mit Bruttolöhnen ab 3000 Euro,
Einstellungsstopp im staatlichen Sektor,
Kürzung der Beihilfen für den öffentlichen Dienst um weitere acht Prozent,
Erhöhung des Rentenalters - bis 2015 soll die Lebensarbeitszeit, die zum Bezug der vollen Rente berechtigt, schrittweise von 37 auf 40 Jahre angehoben werden,
Streichung des Weihnachtsgeldes und der 14. Monatszahlung für Renten ab 2500 Euro,
Erhöhung der Mehrwertsteuer von 21 auf 23 Prozent - sie wurde in diesem Jahr schon einmal um zwei Punkte erhöht,
Erhöhung der Steuern auf Tabak, Spirituosen und Kraftstoff um zehn Prozent,
in der Privatwirtschaft soll der Kündigungsschutz gelockert werden.
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CFO in focus: Looking forward | The Economist
Mr Stiglitz's main beef with the GDP metric was that it fails to take into account factors such as disparity in the distribution of wealth, depletion of natural resources, underground economies and the quality of goods and services. Consequently, as the credit crisis bubbled up from below, the GDP of America and other industrialised countries looked relatively benign.

One particular problem, said Mr Stiglitz, was that faux profits were factored into GDP calculations. He noted that 41% of all corporate profits in 2007 were generated in the financial sector and tied to debt. The massive subprime-related losses that financial institutions then booked in 2008 wiped out not only the 2007 “profits”, but also those from the preceding five years. “They were not really profits, but we recorded them as fantastic years.”
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