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E-Commerce is a Bear — Medium
Only two start-ups have properly challenged Amazon over the past decade: Zappos and Diapers. [...] Having spent time with Tony Hsieh and Alfred Lin, the leadership duo who built Zappos, and Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara, the founders of Diapers, I can tell you: these are intense competitors who recognized the best outcome was to join forces with the industry leader. So if Amazon is the low cost winner of selling brands online, if they are acquiring their best competitors, and if their everyday low prices are available to the entire country via a mechanical turk algorithm which is guaranteed to beat you, how do you compete? [...] [ eBay pure p2p marketplace ] [...] This next generation of e-commerce companies is as much about what you exclude as what you include. // &! only up for grabs (Amazon model) is in the developing world & emerging market - for entrepreneurs - & only possible double digit returns for investors. and the battle has already begun ... since like 05/09 China/India ...
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New Online Marketplace Raises $140 Million - WSJ
[ 2nd app for wama is hyper local highstreet/mall shopping assistant and (style) advisor in your pocket ] --- Pre-launch online shopping club raises $140M in convertible debt led by @BainCapVC, w/ participation from @GoogleVentures, @NorwestVP & others; WSJ reports $600M valuation; ___ site matches buyers w/ nearby sellers to lower shipping costs; ___ slated for spring launch, membership is $50/yr & promises prices 10-15% lower than any online shop
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Was Mega-Shoppingcenter mit unseren Städten machen | SWR Kunscht! - YouTube
dying of high street. regeneration has to be done by them living there. re- purposing. gluecksgefuehle beim shoppen. &PRIMARK
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