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What Next tells us about shopkeepers' woes - BBC News
more online shopping, less high street (high street had to be profitably managed down). More spending on experience.
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"On contact" with Chris Hedges (Episode 14) w Mark Blyth - YouTube
austerity works for those, who impose it. middle class and pood paying for the debt and bailouts they were not responsible for. // [...] when you shut down the casino economy. where is growth coming from? wage growth, productivity, investment, ... to pay those debts ... by the 80% who bailed out the 20%. current authoritarian depotism populism demagoge does not have the policy/answers. to make the economy work for the 80% so they can pay/serve their debt obligations. [...] young ppl in debt like never before, will not achieve life their parents had. [..] public scared of idea if you change fiscal policy ie tax raise and public investment you make it worse. [...] italy has not grown more than 1% since joined the euro.
Mark  Blyth  Austerity  bank  bailout  UK  George  Osborne  inequality  poverty  wage  growth  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  reflate  WallStreet  Mainstreet  Economic  History  USA  European  Union  working  poor  credit  card  household  debt  car  loan  auto  property  bubble  squeezed  middle  class  Brexit  Precariat  1%  10%  20%  plutocracy  Super  Rich  book  welfare  social  security  Triple  Lock  Pension  neoliberalism  neoliberal 
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Die Macht der Finanzkonzerne - Wie Blackrock mittels Geld die Welt regiert - YouTube
extraction of fat. no skin in the game. // Privatisation of housing stock - social and affordable, anglo saxon capitalism style; profit maximisation, dividends. // after Goldman Sachs the new vampiresquid // no skin in game; get money for speculation from pension funds, other investors, mutual funds. << that is the system! // nur wer geld hat, kann es vermehren. // nearly no governance, no guidelines regarding sustainability, ethics, transparency, morals. // no regulation = big profit and exploitation, corruption, bribery.
BlackRock  MBO  LBO  M&A  Private  Equity  financial  product  Hedge  Fund  Black  Swan  blackswan  Nassim  Taleb  self-regulation  Mutual  Fund  Venture  Capital  risk  governance  corporate  governance  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  activist  investor  Main  Street  accountability  transparency  mainstreet  arbitrage  squeezed  middle  class  wage  stagnation  bonuses  bonus  speculation  revolving  door  regulation  regulators  Career  Politicians  CEO  pay  dividends  Heuschrecken  ROI  speculative  sustainability  tax  code  ethics  corporate  scandal  accounting  scandal  oligarchy  plutocracy  Super  Rich  1%  GFC  sovereign  debt  crisis 
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BBC iPlayer - The Town That Took on the Taxman
"fair-play" no fair-play between Wall Street and mainstreet/mom and pop shop/SME/SMB businesses // book the great tax robbery - // big businesses are able to negotiate tax deals. as did google with HMRC how much they pay in backdated tax after 6 years of investigation ... - VIP treatment with high risk and high value clients. // min 52 "reducing you tax liability" as if it is a liability. there again the professional wording, positioning, telling. - liability vs duty - because you use public infrastructure and publicly educated workforce, ... // and the cost for tax avoidance schemes on the whole doesn't make sense for small business shops, because the lawyers representing you in-front of HMRC and tribunals (as HMRC might want to challenge you "tax reduction plan") will eat up the savings you made through the scheme. Which isn't guaranteed in the first place, to pass past an HMRC tribunal.
HMRC  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  Wall  Street  double  standard  fairness  High  Street  mainstreet  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  crony  capitalism  capitalism  loopholes  conglomerate  multinational  budget  deficit  austerity  moral  beliefs  ethics  George  Osborne  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  David  Cameron  constituency  Funding 
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Robert Reich - Timeline Photos
What about all the ballyhoo about manufacturing jobs coming back to America? Well, some have. But they pay lousy wages. The average wages of production and non-supervisory employees in manufacturing are lower today than they were in 1985, when adjusted for inflation. [...] Bottom line: Most Americans have got zilch out of this recovery. In fact, they’re worse off now than they were in 2000. Meanwhile, the top 0.1 percent is doing fabulously well. More and more people are concluding the game is rigged -- which it is. No one should be surprised at the surge in populist anger on the left and the right.
USA  job  creation  recovery  industrial  policy  wage  growth  wage  stagnation  UK  western  society  western  world  secular  stagnation  squeezed  middle  class  Sozialer  Abstieg  income  growth  economic  growth  disposable  income  income  distribution  income  mobility  income  inequality  income  redistribution  social  mobility  Gini  coefficient  Super  Rich  1%  discretionary  spending  zombie  consumer  credit  card  debt  credit  card  car  loan  2015  GFC  reflate  reflation  globalization  globalisation  flat  world  borderless  competitive  competitiveness  competition  low  pay  low  income  labour  market  labour  economics  Service  Sector  Jobs  Niedriglohn  Niedriglohnsektor  precarious  work  Precariat  working  poor  Joseph  Stiglitz  Robert  Reich  poverty  child  poverty  food  poverty  poverty  trap  generationy  babyboomers  participation  rate  manual  labour  Millennials  retirement  mainstreet  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  capital  gains  tax  corporate  tax  rate  dogma  ideology  neoliberalism  neoliberal  republicans  democrats  public  awareness  public  perception  American  Dream  post-racial  America  economic  justice  fairness  bank  bailout  TBTF  too  big  to  jail  too  big  to  bail  Generationengerechtigkeit  budget  deficit  austerity  populism  corporate  corporate  r 
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Robert J. Shiller: "Are We Headed for Another Financial Crisis?" (final edition, as of MAR 8) - YouTube
3rd ed adds bond market. where richard koo explains bond prices are a symptom of the balance sheet recession as is "deflationary." // liquidity trap // predicting turning points is bad business - highlighting fundy skew is easy. // equity bubble BURST? no. bond bubble BURST? no. how abt unreasonable higher interest rates for businesses bc of Taper from Fed long dated bonds into illiquid market. like Koo argues as possibility, which would depress gdp growth further bc of higher capital cost than the economy fundy actually would demand. contributing 2 the secular stagnation. // Other case: Crash of China (too much of a good thing, irrational exuberance) & Western Central Banks have no means 2 ease further & Career Politicians have no guts 2 actually pull out the guns for once 4 intelligent fiscal stimulus w a long-term view (no white elephants & bridges 2 nowhere). // 19:30 status anxiety, Sozialer Abstieg, everyone for himself, austerity, inequality, Software, etc = secular stagnation
Robert  Shiller  financialcrisis  GFC  economic  history  book  recovery  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  credit  bubble  equity  bubble  property  bubble  speculative  bubbles  speculative  speculation  psychology  confidence  irrational  exuberance  animal  spirit  austerity  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  ideology  dogma  economic  model  financial  crisis  housing  market  UK  USA  China  Japan  Richard  Koo  deflationary  hunt  for  yield  sustainable  sustainability  Richardkoo  balance  sheet  recession  deflation  secular  stagnation  negative  real  interest  rate  Taper  BOJ  BOE  Fed  ECB  sovereign  debt  crisis  monetary  policy  monetary  system  monetary  stimulus  unconventional  monetary  policy  monetary  transmission  mechanism  monetary  theory  modern  monetary  theory  policy  stimulus  crony  capitalism  mainstreet  Wall  Street  exploitation  uncertainty  deleveraging  savings  rate  business  investment  Sozialer  Abstieg  inequality  income  inequality  tax  code  capital  gains  fairness  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  consumer  confidence  business  confidence  public  investment  productive  investment  personal  investment  underinvestment  infrastructure  investment  socioeconomic  status  status  anxiety  social  status  zombie  consumer  zombie  corporations  zombie  banks  Gesellschaft  solidarity  society  soziologie  sociology  worry  squeezed  middle  class  precariou 
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In Company Men, Hollywood Gives Hope to Main St. -
Mr. Jones, as the fictional Gene McClary, and Mr. Cooper, as his longtime right-hand man, Phil Woodward, are a couple of suddenly unemployed shipbuilding executives who have been drinking, philandering and otherwise acting out their rage and confusion at having lost jobs in the current economic troubles.
They’re too old to get new jobs, and too proud to stop trying. Along with Ben Affleck, who plays Bobby Walker, a sidelined fellow executive from a rapidly downsizing conglomerate, the company men McClary and Woodward are trying to jump-start new lives, while kicking some life into America’s dreary economy.
They have been quick enough to spot Wall Street gone awry. This year, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” directed by Oliver Stone, and a pair of documentaries, “Inside Job,” directed by Charles Ferguson, and “Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer,” directed by Alex Gibney, all chronicle in one way or another the sins of a financial industry that lost its moorings.
USA  2010  greatrecession  movies  documentation  wallstreet  mainstreet  unemployment 
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Talking Business - Rousing Wall Street From Its State of Denial -
“I represent the Wall Street community,” he began, wearing a suit that was decidedly not polyester. “We have felt like a piñata. Maybe you don’t feel like you’re beating us with a stick but we certainly feel like we’ve been whacked with a stick.” After going on a bit about job growth and the “connection between Wall Street and Main Street,” he returned to his theme. “When are we going to stop whacking Wall Street like a piñata?”

In fact, Mr. Scaramucci had served up a softball question — just not the kind he had intended.

In the span of just a few minutes, Mr. Obama mentioned billion-dollar hedge fund compensation, Mr. Schwarzman’s Hitler remark, the absurdity of a fund manager’s secretary paying a higher tax rate than his or her boss, and the fact that “most people on Main Street feel like they’ve been beat up on.” He was interrupted several times by applause. “He came at me with a baseball bat,” complained Mr. Scaramucci.
rhetoric  Obama  BarackObama  WallStreet  MainStreet  facts  USA  mid-term  election  taxation  goldmansachs  AIG  lehmanbrothers  leadership  representative  financial  industry 
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Blame It On Tiger - Volume Abysmal | zero hedge
broader market now have absolutely no breadth

It seems traders are just waiting for the day when 10 blocks of ES move the market by 10%, and represent all the daily volume. Because at this rate we will get there in less than a year, just in time for the Dow to hit 36,000. At 0.751MM ESM0 volume is 40% below the trendline average by this point in the day. In a week we would be at half; in a year - 99%? The Prime Dealers and Liberty 33 is more than happy with this: it simply means much less capital has to be allocated to push the market in any one direction as moves in the broader market now have absolutely no breadth.

See comment by HarryWanger
-- sideways movement, but crash / plunge ahead.
stockmarket  usa  2010  recession  wallstreet  mainstreet  recovery  greatrecession 
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The Cost Of The Upcoming Second Bailout: Democracy Itself | zero hedge
Mr Strauss-Khan said that the old paradigm of growth generation based on households in the US was dead. The future sources of growth and the recovery will "depend on a new balance between the US and deficit countries on one hand and emerging markets and surplus countries on the other".
deficit  tradedeficit  usa  2009  2010  economy  structure  restructuring  recession  debt  bailout  mainstreet 
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