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Waiters And Bartenders Rise To Record, As Manufacturing Workers Drop Most Since 2009
On the surface, the March jobs reported was better than expected... except for manufacturing workers. As shown in the chart below, in the past month, a disturbing 29,000 manufacturing jobs were lost. This was the single biggest monthly drop in the series going back to December 2009. But not all is lost: as has been the case for virtually every month during the "recovery", virtually every laid off manufacturing worker could find a job as a waiter: in March, the workers in the "Food services and drinking places" category, aka waiters, bartenders and minimum wage line cooks, rose again to a new record high of 11,307,000 workers, an increase of 25K in the month, offsetting virtually all lost manufacturing jobs. This is how the two job series have looked since the start of 2015: 24k manufacturing jobs have been lost in the past 14 months compared to an increas of 365K food service workers.
UK  USA  job  creation  Manufacturing  industrial  policy  competitiveness  competitive  Service  Sector  Jobs  minimum  wage  low  pay  low  income  productivity  productivity  gap  recovery  economic  history  budget  deficit  income  tax  receipts  IRS  HMRC  trade  deficit  current  account  deficit  precarious  work  Precariat  squeezed  middle  class  job  loss  job  security  job  insecurity  working  poor  Contractor  Zero  Hour  Contract  Budget2016  George  Osborne  STEM  skills  gap  apprenticeships  2015  2016  China  BRIC  global  economy  global  trade  globalisation  globalization  outsourcing  self-employment  tax  free  income  tax  credit  social  safety  net  welfare  state  output  gap  participation  rate  babyboomers  western  world  secular  stagnation  Support  income  growth  wage  stagnation  disposable  income  discretionary  spending  household  debt  consumer  debt  credit  card  debt  car  loan  student  debt  Generation  Rent  Generationengerechtigkeit  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  tax  amnesty  crony  capitalism  shareholder  capitalism  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  multiplier-effect  austerity 
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North East England sees highest proportion of weight loss surgery - BBC News
The number of bariatric operations fell in the past three years, Freedom of Information requests reveal. Since 2013, there has been a more targeted approach, NHS England said. However, campaigners are calling for more funding for weight loss surgery. The National Obesity Forum says it would ultimately save the NHS money. And it said the decline of heavy industry and manual work in the North East had contributed to obesity problems, resulting in a greater rate of surgery. [...] An NHS England spokeswoman explained the drop was because bariatric treatment was currently handled as a national policy, rather than separately by each local area. She said it was now only offered to "appropriately selected patients".
Bariatric  Surgery  Weight  Loss  Surgery  NHS  obesity  UK  health  care  budget  spending  diabetes  prevention  intervention  GP  A&E 
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NHS child mental health money 'missing' despite investment - BBC News
[ demand resource mismatch, chronic sick population siphoning off funds more and more ] Last summer ministers said they would invest an additional £143m in the services this financial year. The Mental Health Network suspects the funding has been used to support other NHS services. [...] The additional funding was part of a £1.25bn investment over five years announced by the chancellor in the Budget in March 2015. [ others said, with knowledge, that the 1.25bn is no investment rather than plugging holes, gaps, cracks and crevasses in services ] [...] "It doesn't seem to have turned into posts on the front line. We are not hearing any reports of any significant investment at a local level around children's services. Indeed, some services are still experiencing cuts in services." [...] Some trusts say they have seen additional funding [ TORY CONSTITUENCIES!? as the 300m - & & ]
NHS  NHS  England  austerity  mental  health  CAMHS  sick  population  health  crisis  chronic  diseases  diet-related  disease  minority  Transgender  cancer  heart  disease  obesity  Bariatric  Surgery  Weight  Loss  Surgery  overweight  hypertension  high  blood  pressure  prevention  alcohol  abuse  metabolic  syndrome  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  public  health  policy  public  health  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  Council  Services  Social  Services 
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BBC Radio 4 - Radio 4 in Four, What’s life after weight-loss surgery like?
vitamin deficiency, lost half her hair. got psoriasis. hot flushes. // has to force herself to regularly little. // some people still regain weight after some time because ... // "this is ridiculous why I have done this to myself." // and from the interview, her portions are a lot smaller. but not healthier! focuses on macros ("fat, fiber & protein") // the other side - doctors know that all patients have to take vitamin pills for the rest of their life's. // "every diet known to man I have tried." //
Bariatric  Surgery  Weight  Loss  Surgery  fad  diet  dieting 
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24 Hours in A&E - Series 7 Episode 1 - All 4
women had bariatric surgery, then year later diagnosed with liver disease
Bariatric  Surgery  Weight  Loss  Surgery  liver  disease  non-alcoholic  fatty  liver  disease  obesity  epidemic  obesity  childhood  obesity 
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Weight loss surgery 'cuts risk' of diabetes and heart attacks - BBC News
30% of people "relapse" after 2 years and start to gain weight by cheating (ie making snickers or mars bar smootie). And the majority still don't eat better, just improving their weight, but do not reverse heart disease, or insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, 5 (12) a day, ... // potted mini portions via ready meals. no cooking. no green. no cardiovascular exercise. // and then there is the excess skin eventually. // Is not healthy habit forming // same w fiber. very little fiber intake, continued meat intake will, no anti-inflammatory diet = increase risk of colorectal cancer! also still same risks for heart disease, no reversal (via whole-food plant-based diet) see Dean Ornish // [...] Among those who already had diabetes, their condition improved substantially and many (60%) were able to come off medication altogether. [ << LOL!!! No reversal of type 2? yeah bc they still eat shit and don't move proper. ]
Bariatric  Surgery  Weight  Loss  Surgery  NHS  obesity  epidemic  obesity  childhood  obesity  sick  population  health  crisis  health  care  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  prevention  intervention  diabetes  metabolic  syndrome  insulin  resistance  processed  food  habit  habit  forming  food  engineering  food  abuse  junk  food  fast  food  Politics  Standard  American  Diet  diet-related  disease  Western  pattern  Dietary  Fiber  inflammatory  bowel  disease  bowel  cancer  cancer  colorectal  cancer  anti-inflammatory  inflammation  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  chronic  stress  chronic  diseases  cholesterol  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Diet  fad  dieting  Dean  Ornish  public  health  policy  public  health  sedentary  lifestyle  lifestyle  active  lifestyle  lifestyle  medicine 
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Jenni Murray: 'I had 75% of my stomach removed' - BBC News
NORMALISATION OF THE EXTREME! // Dr Garth Davis reports himself that patients who dont radically change diet & lifestyle will initially lose weight. But will come back 2-3 years having put on weight again (in one of his two interviews/podcast appearance on //&! NICE: Weight loss ops 'good for obesity-linked diabetes' [] 10% of NHS budgets is spent treating diabetes & its complications. Weight loss surgery is "good for patients & cost saving for the NHS", the advisory body said. Obesity had a "huge personal health cost to individuals & an enormous financial cost to the NHS", it said. [] "Obesity [] is a major issue, if not the major issue, for the health service in the coming years." - - LOL AS IF OBESITY ITSELF MAKES U A DIABETIC. & AGAIN, NO TALK ABT PREVENTION: RADICAL DIETARY & LIFESTYLE INTERVENTION ( vs as usual handing out advice and pamphlet following the S.A.D and sending them home ... ) FIRST! //&! The Report podcast saved -
Bariatric  Surgery  Weight  Loss  Surgery  obesity  epidemic  obesity  childhood  obesity  sick  population  pre-diabetic  diabetes  metabolic  syndrome  non-alcoholic  fatty  liver  disease  high  blood  pressure  atherosclerosis  heart  disease  Standard  American  Diet  Western  pattern  dieting  fad  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Diet  lifestyle  medicine  lifestyle  active  lifestyle  sedentary  lifestyle  lifestyle  Speciesism  Carnism  omnivore  animal  cruelty  animal  rights  animal  testing  peer  pressure  peer  group  medical  profession  Positioning  food  industry  Meat  Dairy  Egg  Milk  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  NHS  health  care  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  public  health  policy  public  health  Poultry  Fish  Makers  short-term  quick  fix  chronic  diseases  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  coronary  artery  disease  autoimmune  disease  cancer  Cardiovascular  disease  vascular  disease  inflammation  anti-inflammatory  medical  research  medical  advances  medical  care  prevention  NICE 
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Eine Woche offline - Zurück in die analoge Ahnungslosigkeit
"Generation Kopf unten" // Furchts was zu verpassen. Loss aversion. >> known dopamine kick and serotonin. good feel feeling. emotion. // Funktionaler gebrauch - vs - abuse // Aufmerksamkeit verloren gegangen, dauernde unterbrechung // durchschnittlich 3hr bis zu 5h am handy // benutzen smartphone nicht mehr zum telefonieren // .. auf eine sache konzentrieren. geht nicht mehr. // Wertegesellschaft: Likes? Followers? Comments? // Belohnungssystem //
addiction  Dopamine  Serotonin  mobile  homescreen  Escapeism  Entertainment  distraction  psychology  sociology  communication  abuse  substance  abuse  Smartphone  mobilephone  mobile  phone  24-hour  news  cycle  user  generated  content  The  Wars  click  bait  Clickbait  Linkbait  linkbaiting  Internetsucht  Internetabhängigkeit  chronic  stress  filter  bubble  multitasking  Digital  Detox  burnout  productivity  Gamification  Social  Media  Wertegesellschaft  Gesellschaft  Wegwerfgesellschaft  society  Belohnungssystem  loss  aversion  emotion  Procrastinating  procrastination  anxiety  anxiety  peer  pressure  peer  group 
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Let Food Be Thy Medicine | Garth Davis, M.D. - YouTube
// wrote new book (autumn 2015 release) Proteinaholic // ppl that see me, "They are confused." As are the doctors, even if they have one lesson in nutrition. docs are taught to treat the patients in their field of specialty. ... treating the effects and symptoms of diet and lifestyle. // it took self-education! enlightenment. work. // 'I use socratic method quizzing my patients what they know about nutrition.' --- show calorie density in pictures, fruits and vegetables much more dense. // we live the least # of years as protein obsessed nation. // help people visualise, their success, via collage of inspirational success & put next to it healthy vegan food. // choose life, not death (meat) // make food with love // &! - - "I've been trained in western medicine. [...] nobody asks about diet. [...] money buys science. [...] DENIALISTS." //&! &!
medical  profession  medical  research  medical  care  Whole  Plant  Foods  Bariatric  Surgery  Weight  Loss  Surgery  Vegan  carnism  omnivore  NHS  obesity  epidemic  obesity  diabetes  medical  training  Polarisation  food  industry  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Big  Sugar  diet  dieting  Standard  American  Western  pattern  diet  diet  society  lifestyle  Nutrition  book  Dr.  Garth  Davis  Mindfulness  Enlightenment  self-actualization  self-awareness  self-respect 
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30 stone at 13: meet the obese teenagers going under the knife | Society | The Guardian
More than 8,000 patients had weight-loss surgery in 2012-13, according to NHS figures – a 30-fold increase in just over a decade. They were not only middle-aged and long-term obese, but teenagers and young people, too: 570 under-25s had surgery between 2010 and 2013, according to the UK National Bariatric Surgery Registry, and nearly 40% of these were “super obese”. Despite healthy eating edicts and government campaigns, they had, in their short lives, already advanced through the obesity categories – obese, severely obese, morbidly obese – and now, at super obese, were more than twice the weight they should be.
obesity  epidemic  sick  population  Bariatric  Surgery  weight  loss  NHS  overweight  chronic  diseases  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  Standard  American  Diet  Western  pattern  dieting  lifestyle  sedentary  lifestyle  food  industry  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  crony  capitalism  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  Wall  Street  shared  economic  interest  Big  Sugar  Sugar  Tax  nanny  state  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  public  health  policy  public  health  UK  budget  deficit  diabetes  dementia  Alzheimer  heart  disease  Cardiovascular  disease  non-alcoholic  fatty  liver  disease  coronary  artery  disease  vascular  disease  beauty  sickness  eating  disorder  substance  abuse  addiction  alcohol  abuse  carnism  omnivore  Whole  Plant  Foods  Vegan 
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The SHOCKING Truth about Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric) | World's Worst Diets - YouTube
Dr. Garth Davis talked on 2nd visit/podcast at richroll about more and more people come back after less than handful years gaining back weight! And the field of Bariatric Surgery does not/is not concerned about what their patients eat. Period. -
Weight  Loss  Surgery  Bariatric  Surgery  Dr.  Garth  Davis  western  society  western  world  pattern  diet  Standard  American  diet  western  diet  obesity  epidemic 
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Wenn Kinder sterben - Menschen hautnah - Teil 1 - YouTube
Aus dem Leben gerissen -Wenn die Zeit des Abschieds fehlt- &! Abschied für immer - Wenn die Eltern sterben (Doku) - &! Wenn Kinder vor den Eltern sterben (Gott und die Welt) - &! gesund.: Mit Trauer leben -
Trauer  parenthood  parents  grief  mental  health  loss  Psychiatry  psychology  trauma 
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A society without cash is a society in trouble - Telegraph
[not taking cash out of your purse, different than sliding a plastic card through.] A society without cash is a society in trouble The trouble with contactless payments is they make it all too easy to forget the true value of things, worries Bryony Gordon
credit  card  behavioral  finance  behavioral  economics  psychology  instant  gratification  loss  loss  aversion  sunk  cost  fallacy  deferred  gratification  credit  bubble  creditcrisis  creditcard  consumer  debt  zombie  consumer 
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Can Skinny Models Undermine Your Dieting Goals? : Shots - Health News : NPR
Exposure towards unattainable goals (ie skinny models on your fridge) does sabotage any effort/taken measure (ie weight loss, fitness, etc etc).
public  health  policy  public  health  health  crisis  health  science  health  policy  culture  society  unattainable  goals  goals  social  science  social  study  sociology  psychology  body  image  motivation  role  model  weight  loss  diet  fitness 
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Dieting vs. Exercise for Weight Loss -
The overarching conclusion of that study, which was published last week in the journal PLoS One, is not really new or surprising, says Dr. Timothy Church, who holds the John S. McIlhenny Endowed Chair in Health Wisdom at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana and who has long studied exercise and weight control. >> “It’s been known for some time that, calorie for calorie, it’s easier to lose weight by dieting than by exercise,” << he says.

People stick with low-calorie diets more readily than they continue with exercise to drop pounds. Because human metabolism appears to be less revved by activity than was once believed.
diet  Exercise  health  health  science  weight  loss 
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Dont Bet Big. Little Bets Are The Ones That Turn Into Billion-Dollar Ideas
small bets are affordable and achievable ways to learn about problems and opportunities, while big bets are for capitalizing upon them.

Sarasvathy points to the value of what she calls “affordable losses.”  Seasoned entrepreneurs, she emphasizes, will tend to determine in advance what they are willing to lose, rather than calculating expected gains.  They don’t teach this in business school; just the opposite, in fact.  But the next new billion-dollar idea is virtually impossible to predict, even for a visionary like Mark Zuckerberg for much of Facebook’s early history.
entrepreneurship  business  startup  innovation  lesson  life  entrepreneur  entrepreneurial  loss  losses  learning  curve 
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