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The Shazam Effect - The Atlantic
"“Because the most-popular songs now stay on the charts for months, the relative value of a hit has exploded. The top 1 percent of bands and solo artists now earn 77 percent of all revenue from recorded music, media researchers report. And even though the amount of digital music sold has surged, the 10 best-selling tracks command 82 percent more of the market than they did a decade ago. The advent of do-it-yourself artists in the digital age may have grown music’s long tail, but its fat head keeps getting fatter.”" &! &! &! &!
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Bill Gurley schools NYU professor: Uber will be 25x bigger than you think | PandoDaily
[ + long tail use cases and cases that seem in retrospect obvious but currently are foggy (ie owning a car in the city for ppl a luxury good), car ownership deemed inefficient/waste of money; when car is used only ~5% during the day and there are clearly cheaper and if not even more convenient options of daily transportation on offer. ] Gurley, who is one of the smartest and most articulate figures in all of venture capital (and who just happens to be an early Uber investor and board member) laid out a more than 4,500-word argument for why Damodaran underestimated the Uber opportunity by no less than a factor of 25. The Benchmark Capital partner was diplomatic, apologetic even, but that made his dismantling of the professor’s reasoning no less thorough.
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▶ Genius Network® Presents: Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of Vaynermedia, interviewed by Joe Polish - YouTube
click through rate rock bottom. emerging platforms. + social media (work) is a marathon of investment. + attention span. + storytelling + extrovert + love the game (social media, internet - as a business) + legacy over currency + being right over the long-term + haters, hate - don't dismiss criticism. feedback. continue to critically think and keep executing. thus staying relevant. the marathon. + ad targeting + "Social Media is the only substitute for money. But it costs you time and knowledge." + Effort + Social Media is Word of Mouth @internet age + Infographics + have to work, effort / drive. Play xbox when your are well off. "I don't like complaining." + Social Media is sweet science. Marketing is hard, and it got harder. + "Marketing is applied Psychology." is Seduction. is Dating. + Freemium, giving away some content, luring them in. Content Marketing. MicroContent. Jab Jab Jab Ask. + Life gives to the giver and takes from takers.
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