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John Whittingdale, the dominatrix, and the papers - BBC Newsnight
more trouble for the Tories, adding to the pile. //&! Should Culture Secretary John Whittingdale go? - BBC Newsnight - //&! Labour calls to curb John Whittingdale's powers after escort relationship - //&! How have we found ourselves in this strange situation where privacy campaigners who have pushed for tighter rules are up in arms because the private life of a single cabinet minister was not reported? - //&! The press are right to tread more warily when deciding whether to publish stories about the private life of public figures -
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BBC News - No long-term future for BBC licence fee, MPs say
[ Germany has similar set-up called GEMA, GenY and Millennials are at crossroads with GEMA in Germany because how it is set-up an how they consume their media on the road and at home, which doesn't reflect GEMA at all and isn't fair. And try watching a music video on YT, GEMA blocks all music on YT. ] // In light of changing technology and audience habits, the committee said "we do not see a long-term future for the licence fee in its current form". Any "profound changes" - such as abolishing the licence fee - should not be rushed, the report said. But it did say the BBC "must prepare for the possibility of a change in the 2020s. "We recommend that as a minimum the licence fee must be amended to cover catch-up television as soon as possible." It should also no longer be a criminal offence to avoid paying the licence fee, the report said.
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