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Will Taxing the Rich Fix the Deficit? - YouTube
The government's budget deficit in 2009 was $1.5 trillion. Many have suggested raising taxes on the rich to cover the difference between what the government collected in revenue and what it spent. Is that a realistic solution? Economics professor Antony Davies uses data to demonstrate why taxing the rich will not be sufficient to make the budget deficit disappear. He says, "The budget deficit is so large that there simply aren't enough rich people to tax to raise enough to balance the budget." Instead, it's time to work on legitimate solutions, like cutting spending.
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Health reform in America: A United front | The Economist
Capitalism (Market Mechanism) is pushing forward better. Not Government ...

"United is changing how it pays hospitals and doctors. America’s existing system suffers from perverse incentives: doctors make more money from treating sick patients than from keeping them well. United already has pilot programmes to reward doctors for providing good, efficient care. But in January it told its customers that such contracts would become the norm.

push America toward better, cheaper care. Many will cringe at the idea that an insurer would be the one doing the pushing. However Dr Ho argues that the shift is “irreversible, with or without reform.”

>> Aim is to keep people healthy, and making them better.
>> 2nd Aim should be prevention care, that people are not going to be sick in the fist place.
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Why Aren’t Banks Lending? They Are Being Rational | The Big Picture
Lending money is a risky business; there is the possibility of loss. Under-capitalized banks cannot take that chance. By not lending, their capital base goes up. IT is the rational thing to do from their perspective.
Rather than engage in traditional money lending, these banks have decided to simply borrow from the Fed at 0%, and make risk free loans to the Treasury at 3%.
... 1 point for keynes to stop the downturn
... 1 point to austrians bc banks dont lend
.... 1 point to austrians because govnt debt is on the verge of failure
.... -1 for keynes bc it gave to wrong impression

to be continued 2010.

Why? They need to rebuild their capital levels after 30 years of declining safeguards and capital ratios.

This is yet another unintended consequence of bailing reckless bankers from their folly. Theior oplace in the economy is so distorted, as to become nearly economically meaningless . . .
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