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Goldman Sachs’s MIST Topping BRICs as Smaller Markets Outperform - Bloomberg
MIST is beating BRIC: Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey; Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia especially are markets with rising domestic demand, young population share very high, relying on less on external demand (exports), as well as ongoing liberal economic and political democratic reforms. < (broad brush).

“You’ve seen a rotation in the leadership based on rate of economic growth,” “If you go back as far as just 2009, you’ll find people buying the BRIC story in a big way, and probably over-buying the BRIC story.”

MIST nations haven’t been immune from global growth concern. The MIST nations each account for at least 1 percent of global GDP and are likely to see that share increase this decade, O’Neill said. Of the four countries, O’Neill said Mexico and Turkey are the most attractive at the moment.

Open Economies
With the exception of China, all the MIST nations ranked higher on the Geneva-based World Economic Forum’s 2012 trade openness index than the BRIC countries.
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