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Davos 2015: Nouriel Roubini says Income Inequality Creates U.S. Plutocracy - YouTube
- shown hurting growth. US growth is dependent on consumer spending. stupid. hacking off the only leg one has is not smart. // established economic truth ! Paul Krugman: Inequality Actually Bad for Growth - &! Paul Krugman & Tony Atkinson in Conversation | Inequality and Economic Growth - &! &! What's Really Driving Income Inequality: Orszag - ( only added value jobs STEM - pays for work and shows wage growth, not so in service sector jobs. UK recovery showed it; lots of service sector job creation than any other type of job + Lohnzurueckhalting (no leverage to demand higher wage than just minimum wage or little above bc outside the door waits the one who will replace you) = no wage growth in the first couple of years of recovery and no productivity growth and persistent output gap (below potential) )
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