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Tax credit cuts - will the House of Lords stop them? - YouTube
what constitutional crisis? democracy. separation of power. checks and balances. getting the voice of the minority heard who have no voice, nobody, no lobby in Westminster to speak and represent them. // 1:44:00 David Cameron and Osborne lied to win a small majority in the general election, withholding the details of further (12bn) welfare cuts in the next parliament if they were (re-)elected. The British public is fed up. Same with LibDems budging on Student Fees post-election and students went on the street in London and elsewhere. & 1:58-59:00 because of that fact, what the gov is asking us to do to waive this through, is unacceptable. & 2:00:00 no taxation without representation & 2:34:00 Poor have to make even more hard choices that Toff can't even imagine to make. & If you don't create middle-class jobs (job creation/industrial policy), you have to top up pay with tax credit for low income. Period. & 2:47:00 proposed amendments were just soft paced cut style. no principles!
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