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The Treasury, the Budget and the NHS - BBC News
[Cost 4 public health care & services are set-up 2 explode bc of sick population. NHS needs 2be funded by Alcohol, Sugar, Tobacco & animal products tax! (phased in) & Subsidize together with companies an employee wellbing-active lifestyle voucher system that also includes family! As well as subsidize fruit & vegetable prices. & a national years long multi-media campaign & PE@School ] The big decisions on financing the NHS over the next few years are likely to come in the autumn with the departmental spending review. Beyond a restatement of the commitment to an extra £8 billion in 2020 [...] detailed analysis of the financial needs of the NHS in England is underway. Department of Health and Treasury officials are poring over projections for health demand. They need to be sure that the £8 billion identified by NHS chiefs is realistic. That figure was reached after assuming highly ambitious efficiency savings of £22 billion by 2020. Ministers want to be assured that figure is achievable.
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