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The Tory budget plan to cut tax credits – is it naive or just plain cynical? | Politics | The Guardian
[// If the Toff thinks firms will pay living wage & will not try to skirt around, he is intellectually a fraud & a cynic. //] [...] [P]roclaiming his renewed determination 2 take 12bn more out of the 220bn benefits bill, Osborne is being dishonest in an Alex Salmond sort of way. He & Dave have again ringfenced the £95bn pensioners share of the bill (state pensions plus perks like free TV licences), which is by far the largest component. Why? Pensioners bother to vote. They also retain the quaint old habit of buying newspapers. The Tory newspapers support pensioner perks. [ No Leadership, opportunistic, ... ] &! Greek turmoil offers Osborne justification for his dictum of austerity [...] UK Manufacturing just 10% of Economy, oil capital shrinking, &! We are all in this together ... he pits each against each other for his agenda, ideology, dogma of the small state &free market while bailing out crony capitalism &zombie banks &treating them all same as if nothing happened
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