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Richard Spencer speech at Florida campus sparks mass protest - BBC News
The Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors US hate groups, said Mr Spencer is "a radical white separatist whose goal is the establishment of a white ethno-state in North America".
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More than politics, Theresa May’s true strength is her grasp of British culture | Rafael Behr | Opinion | The Guardian
While John Major and Tony Blair struggle with their Brexit defeat, the prime minister has read the national mood and is successfully navigating it // SHE IS NAVIGATING IT? OTHERS WOULD SAY like Blair SHE SITS THERE AS PASSENGER. // Culture and identity tend to be treated as peripheral expressions of whatever is happening in the economy, which is sometimes true but not always. May understands that. She is a more astute culture warrior than economist, and for now that is serving her well. // HAPPY TO DO HARD BREXIT EVEN IF IT HURTS THE ECONOMY "make the best of it" // To win power from New Labour, Cameron adapted to Blairish mode: self-consciously modern, socially liberal, metropolitan and relaxed about Europe. [...] There was always something absurd about “anti-establishment” language in the plummy tones of Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage. But their campaign did capture a rebellious spirit. Partly it was generalised frustration at the state of everything; partly it was counter-revolution – the backlash by people who sensed that their lives, interests and anxieties were the punchline to a joke at a fancy London dinner party. [...] liberals haven’t grasped the scale of their defeat. That is good for May, who navigates through the middle.
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WikiLeaks - Espionnage Élysée - Angela Merkel on Greece and Europe (actions speak louder than words).
Earlier reporting reveals that following talks last week in Berlin with Merkel, Hollande complained that nothing of substance was achieved; it was purely for show. Hollande had found the chancellor fixated on the Fiscal Pact and above all on Greece, on which he claimed she had given up and was unwilling to budge. // Angela (Germany) put(s) national and personal political interests first second third and last .... // symptoms of our time, even politicians jump on "everybody for himself" //
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