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Rt Hon David Blunkett MP | Where Next for Welfare? - YouTube
helping people to cope w change in the labour market, enabling to succeed in a changing labour market. // instead one is exposed to the downward spiral of long-term unemployment, instead of enabling social mobility and income (and personal) growth // throwing away human capital // we inherit what we seed - you reap what you sow // min 24 - getting corporate entities to pay their fair share of tax // min 30 - honest system // psychology of welfare, the right way // min 55 investing in people, personal advisor // tax credit for on the job training/on-boarding of long-term unemployed, dual system (education & job), apprenticeships paying living wage // corporates get subsidies, why does an employee can't get that - helping to compete in this labour market // &! Welfare: When does the State say no? | 18.06.2013 - // // &! [Labour] Alan Milburn: Education’s role in promoting social mobility - -
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