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Are We All Terrorists Now? Russell Brand The Trews (E322) - YouTube
>> if they would do their job properly, they wouldn't have to come up with laws to cover their backs. // double standard between [Christianity] influencing law making & moral/ethical guidelines [manufactured consent] and condemning Islam at large. all while both at some point of their "rules" do break human rights and basic human decency and civility.
Career  Politicians  No  Representation  democracy  free  speech  Protest  Kultur  Europe  UK  austerity  legitemacy  ISIS  Rechtsextremismus  extremism  Neonazi  Neo-Nazi  Protest  Partei  Protest  Party  Protest  islamic  radicalism  State  Law  Religion  Religious  freedom  Sharia  Law  War  on  Terror  double  standard  gay  marriage  manufactured  consent  LGBTQIASP  Germany  history  freedom  of  expression  human  rights  political  economy  Conservative  Party  David  Cameron  globalisation  globalization  social  tension  social  cohesion  social  construct 
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The Fight for the Muslim Vote: The British Election - YouTube
free speech and freedom of expression (headscrarf, burka,) yes, but make it a felony to practice it (forced marriage, child marriage, FGM, circumcision, forcing to wear the full burka, disowning your <18y child bc she had consentual premarital sex, forcing Islam on your child if they clearly can think for themselves ... )
Sharia  Law  general  election  2015  UK  free  speech  Islamic  Law  radicalism  extremism  FGM  human  rights  Child  Marriage  Forced  Marriage  Burka  headscarf  Islamophobia  Muslim  Islam  Quran  democracy  Western  World  LGBTQIASP  Europe 
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Ideas at the House: Panel - The War on Whistleblowers and Their Publishers - YouTube
warrentless spying on journalists, including wiretapping, espionage, and hacking into accounts. -//- &! Glenn Greenwald's Infamous Battle with NPR's Dina Temple-Raston - &! &!
Whistleblower  investigative  journalism  journalism  journalismus  barackobama  presidency  surveillance  state  Orwellian  NSA  CIA  White  House  Washington  freedom  of  press  of  Information  Act  FISA  Court  FISAAA  First  Amendment  Information  wants  to  be  free  cyber  war  Separation  of  powers  abuse  of  power  Career  Politicians  Law  &  Justice  Justice  System  Judiciary  on  Terror  Drone  Warfare  on  Drugs  organised  crime  human  rights  Privacy  Internet  Privacy  Secret  Courts 
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Interview: Jenny Nordberg, Author Of 'The Underground Girls Of Kabul' : NPR
oppression, gender-based discrimination, ... " "I see how women are treated here. Why would I want to be one of them?" So she goes to great lengths to disguise herself as a boy, and she has constant daily arguments with her parents, who beg of her, "Can you become more feminine? Can you grow out your hair?" And she refuses. She will walk in a hunched-over way, in an exaggerated male fashion, and very much take on the attitude of a young man. This is how she's grown up, and this is what feels natural to her. So, there are a few who actually are able to resist, but most of the time, you don't go against your parents."
Afghanistan  Religion  Theology  LGBTQIA  gender  queer  history  extremism  radicalism  book  equality  Middle  East  Islamic  Law  Islam  feminism  arranged  marriage  child  marriage  Free  Will  human  rights  human  tragedy 
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