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Jung & Naiv - Kommissar für Menschenrechte über die Situation in...
[ right to privacy ] [ institutional ingrained problem ] // Der Menschenrechtskommissar des Europarats, Nils Muižnieks, war heute zu Gast in der BPK und hat über die Menschenrechtslage in Deutschland berichtet. Hier sind unsere naiven Fragen an ihn zu Ehe für alle, Totalüberwachung, institutioneller Rassismus und Menschenrechte in der deutschen Außenpolitik... und seine Antworten.
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Are We All Terrorists Now? Russell Brand The Trews (E322) - YouTube
>> if they would do their job properly, they wouldn't have to come up with laws to cover their backs. // double standard between [Christianity] influencing law making & moral/ethical guidelines [manufactured consent] and condemning Islam at large. all while both at some point of their "rules" do break human rights and basic human decency and civility.
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