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Gay British man avoids extradition to Dubai | Law | The Guardian
Court finds the United Arab Emirates failed to give sufficient assurances that Michael Halliday’s human rights would be respected. A gay man has avoided extradition to Dubai – where homosexuality is outlawed – after a London court ruled there was a risk he would be tortured and was unlikely to receive a fair trial on theft charges. In a strongly worded ruling, a judge at Westminster magistrates court said the United Arab Emirates had not given the court sufficient assurances that Michael Halliday’s human rights would be respected. In district judge Jeremy Coleman’s ruling, which sets a significant precedent, he said: “The trial, treatment and conditions of those accused or convicted of criminal offences in the UAE is still the subject of complaint and is often alleged to fall well below the required standards … Taking into account Mr Halliday’s own circumstances, I cannot be satisfied that he would not be at significant risk.
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Sweden’s feminist foreign minister has dared to tell the truth about Saudi Arabia. What happens now concerns us all » The Spectator
You might think of Swedes as upright social democrats, who have never let worries of appearing tedious stand in the way of their righteousness. But that has never been wholly true, and is certainly not true when there is money at stake. [...] No less a figure than His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf himself hauled Wallström in at the weekend to tell her that he wanted a compromise. Saudi Arabia has successfully turned criticism of its brutal version of Islam into an attack on all Muslims, regardless of whether they are Wahhabis or not, and Wallström and her colleagues are clearly unnerved by accusations of Islamophobia. The signs are that she will fold under the pressure, particularly when the rest of liberal Europe shows no interest in supporting her. [...] Finally, and most revealingly in my opinion, the non-affair shows us that the rights of women always come last. [...] an embarrassed and hugely revealing silence. // via
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