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Forget the Verizon-AOL deal. The big wave in tech M&A is just getting started. | PandoDaily
The all-cash AOL deal may drain Verizon’s cash reserves, but consider that Verizon generated $10 billion in operating cash flows last quarter – on top of $113 billion in total debt. [W]hats another $4.4 billion in loans, especially when interest rates are as cheap as they’ve ever been? // &! S&P 500 Companies Spend Almost All Profits on Buybacks - // &! Companies have been gobbling up their own shares at an exceptional rate. There are good reasons to worry about this [...] The companies in the S&P 500 index bought $500 billion of their own shares in 2013, close to the high reached in the bubble year of 2007, and eating up 33 cents of every dollar of cashflow. [...] [$650 billion of cash overseas] [ leading firms to skimp on long-term investment] [firms are being sensible by restraining investment in the face of economic uncertainty] - //
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