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Ben Bernanke urges punishment of individual bankers - BBC News
>> Privatisation where and when it is needed. No, only if it suits their ideology and agenda. // regulatory failure. - - Ben Bernanke, John Mack Reflect on 2008 Financial Crisis >> NINJA Loan, homeownership, subprime, ... //&! Ben Bernanke on Lehman Crisis: "We Agreed to Be Vague" (Oct. 6, 2015) | Charlie Rose - - 'lehman brothers was a sink hole. money put in from gov in a saving attempt would have resulted in being pulled out by its counterparties and creditors. and had not enough collateral and assets.'
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▶ Noam Chomsky - The Purpose of Education - YouTube
learning to learn on your own. // against indoctrination, dogma, propaganda, // student debt is a trap // exponential impact of technology, augmented intelligence, robotics, software, automation, ... hockey stick move will come/near. // framework to guide your pursuit << understand what u are looking for. otherwise will go in wrong direction. randomness. // nobel prize winners didn't publish most articles in journals, they knew what to look for. capacity to seek what is significant. (defying other peoples dogma) always willing to question whether you are on the right track or not. // education mostly seen as investment into people that create jobs/economic growth. rather than create better human beings. // taking tests can be of use to some extent. taking tests, score well, but have not interest in it, and understand very little and keep very little long-term. // better to learn to understand and explore than to score insular test questions. IT MATTERS WHAT YOU DISCOVER.
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