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Working-class Americans feel screwed. I heard it across the entire country | US news | The Guardian
Donald Trump has exposed the opportunity gulf between those who make policy and those who live it – turning immigrants into scapegoats in the process [...] The disappointment, although often wrapped in anger over immigration, is at its core about diminished opportunity. It is consistent with the economic reality that has persisted over the last three decades: except for the very rich, Americans haven’t seen their wealth increase. The people I talked to are not entirely wrong; their particular job prospects and their particular wealth have been harmed. [...] The angry are mostly people who work with their hands, who feel stuck in a vise tightening from two sides: there is a greater number of people looking for the same jobs and there are fewer jobs available, since many of these jobs having moved overseas.
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Robert Reich - This mornings New York Times has an oped from Roger...
The deal would strengthen American-based global corporations, to be sure, but those corporations don’t represent the interests of the United States and won’t counterbalance China. They represent the interests of their shareholders. When maximizing profits has required cozying up to China, they’ve done whatever China wants. [...] As labor secretary, I tried to enforce the labor safeguards built into NAFTA and got nowhere. The Trans Pacific Partnership is NAFTA on steroids. // --- Ha-Joo Chang "the system will meet a violent death"
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TTIP - How We're Lied To About Food: Russell Brand The Trews (E179) - YouTube
& // power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely = TTIP, CETA, Montanto Protection Act, exluding accountability and liability for corporate action/doing/products. = two tier justice system = inequality, no fairness, Gerechtigkeit, ... this equals to the Bailouts and TBTF and too big to jail.
TTIP  worldtrade  global  trade  trade  agreeement  trade  treaty  local  farming  food  waste  Industrial  livestock  farming  Factory  profit  maximisation  Wall  Street  sustainability  sustainable  crony  capitalism  Lobbying  lobbyist  lobby  Career  Politicians  Policy  Makers  folly  monoculture  monocrop  unintended  consequences  error  agriculture  macroeconomic  microeconomic  accountability  Political  Governance  corporate  Democratic  Process  democracy  transparency  oversight  Consumer  Protection  Monsanto  Protection  Act  protectionism  Europe  CETA  liability  Black  Swan  trust  trustagent  confidence  No  Representation  Justice  System  Law  &  Justice  Gerechtigkeit  Gini  coefficient  inequality  fairness  TBTF  too  big  to  jail  Bailout  GFC 
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