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The Spark That May Torch Valuations - YouTube
stall in usergrowth. prediction, if MAU # declines q/q this could wreak havoc in Twitters valuation and also trigger a broader Tech dip/fat finger sell across NASDAQ. cutting the tip of the ice berg of lofty tech valuations. // &! Galloway & Damodaran - Twitter: Running on Hope -
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YouTube nervt? Ich bin selbst schuld - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Stille Nutzer wie ich haben vor diesem Hintergrund eigentlich kein Recht, sich über Dinge wie die YouTube-Startseite aufzuregen. Erst einmal müssten wir der Plattform zeigen, was wir überhaupt gut finden und was nicht - etwa unkompliziert per Daumen oder mit einem kostenlosen Abo. Nicht einmal einen YouTube-Account haben, aber über den Erfolg bestimmter Kanäle zu schimpfen, ist ähnlich bekloppt, wie nicht zur Wahl zu gehen und danach über das Ergebnis zu jammern.
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Marketing Is Not a Department
[ seth godin; being remarkable ] [ fix product first, make it remarkable first, otherwise (1) it is an uphill battle and (2) the other third falls through the cracks. ] "Every time someone uses your product, it's marketing. [...] No amount of marketing will save poor products. As I learned working in the music industry, "you can't polish a turd. [...] vanity metrics. You're only as good as the next time a customer uses your product and tells their circle of friends about it. No amount of brand marketing will help in this area. Brand marketing is a linear practice that made sense when communications were one-way. Emerging mobile media and social networks destroyed that outdated model over 8 years ago with the rise of Facebook and Twitter."
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The Future Of Marketing Automation | TechCrunch
A key contributor to the current state of marketing automation is the fact that its roots stem from email blasting. As these systems layered in landing pages and forms, web activity data [tracking ie Chartbeat], triggers, etc. over time, they became bloated from trying to do too much and began to over-promise and under-deliver. [...] A Lack of Automation in Marketing Automation The biggest problem is that these rules are hard-coded to specific user actions based on an aspirational understanding of what constitutes a good lead, versus based on what the data says. [...] Rather than trying to house everything in one monolithic marketing automation system, tomorrow’s platforms will be more intelligent and thinner, plugging in many smaller specialized applications. They’ll use a wealth of data to deliver relevant recommendations across your key customer touchpoints.
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RocketBeansTV. Der YouTube Bankrott. - Videoamt - YouTube
Support Rocket Beans (3min) & Support Rocket Beans - Almost Daily #117 (30min) - Rocket Beans TV financed through Rocket Beans Entertainment production company income out of "Game One" for Viacom/MTV. Rocket Beans TV loss leader 2 years. & - no democracy, beneficial treatment, divide between haves and have nots. & Jason Calacanis - & & "YouTube Star / YouTube als alleinige Einkommensquelle" & Follow-up "Youtube, was passiert gerade mit dir?" & "Don't build your business on other peoples (businesses) platform." & via BeHaind - Was auf YT works & what not & was man machen kann, ie paywall mit homepage, prerolls, werbung (yt freemium bits and pieces); alternative media. &
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Marissa Mayer's Secret Plan For Tumblr - Business Insider
[hip tumblr] [as YTers are dismayed over income outlook on YT alone ... others look into options to sway them away from YT and their million-click-content ... this include companies like; FB, Twitter & Y!] According to several sources, Yahoo executives believe Tumblr should become the company's answer to YouTube. In this vision, Tumblr would become the exclusive distributor of videos from YouTube stars. [<< locked in to Platform] [...] + /+/ business model & plan has to be Multimedia slash HQ destination site* for content creators more important. in order to keep them on their site, their brand, and not hop every 3-4 years onto the next Platform. *With newsletter, with blog, categories like RAW/BTS - unedited, improve style, with feed, merch (limited editions, new items every quarter, up-sell with signed t-shirts and autograph), A/B testing etc. with/as own independent income source.
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