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Plans to ban leaseholds on new-build homes in England - BBC News
Traditionally houses have nearly always been sold as freehold properties, meaning the buyer owns the building and land it is built on outright. [leasholde enables to 1 artificially lower price w the intention to jack up later bc leasehold enables you to do that. ludicrous to think to actually buy house but not own the land it sits on. this leasehold practice is not even the tip of the iceberg of the housing crisis and bubble territory. the tip of the iceberg has to be regulation and consumer rights/protections. shoddy builds for outrageous amounts of money. anybody remember Grenfell tower? ] MPs have described the situation as a "national scandal" and the "PPI of the housebuilding industry".
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Homebuyers desperate to know who really owns their freehold | Money | The Guardian
[ wild wild west ] A pass-the-parcel nightmare sees freeholds sold by major housebuilders to obscure companies which demand huge sums [... eg ] a fee charged without any material services provided [...] All the leaseholders who contacted Guardian Money are united in their frustration at finding out who is really behind the money extracted from them once their freehold is sold on.
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