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Molecule link to diabetic kidney disease - BBC News
The protein, called P2X7R, plays an important role in inflammation and the immune system and has previously been linked to kidney diseases not associated with diabetes. // inflammation? CVD? no kidding. - // Pritikin w rice diet! need to add sugar, bc of too much protein for people w kidney disease.
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James Brown's Funky Drummer Clyde Stubblefield dies at 73 | Music | The Guardian
His wife, Jody Hannon, said Stubblefield died of kidney failure at a Madison, Wisconsin, hospital around noon. He had been suffering from kidney disease for 10 years, and had been hospitalised for a few days, she said.
CVD  kidney  failure 
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Tribe Called Quest star Phife Dawg dies aged 45
The musician had been struggling with ill health and diabetes for several years, and received a kidney transplant from his wife in 2008. [...] News of Phife Dawg's death emerged on Twitter, where producer and broadcaster DJ Chuck Chillout posted an RIP message in the early hours of Wednesday morning.
Rolling Stone magazine later confirmed his death, although an official statement has yet to be released. [...] Following the group's dissolution, Phife continued to battle diabetes, reuniting with the group for occasional live shows - partly to help cover the medical costs of his type 2 diabetes (often mis-reported as type 1).
He suffered renal failure in 2008 and received a transplant from his wife - but was back on the waiting list for a kidney four years later. [...] "It's really a sickness," [...] "Like straight-up drugs. I'm just addicted to sugar."
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Rice Diet CURES Most Diseases - McDougall - YouTube
kidney disease = rice diet, rice diet for the nearly dead. //&! Starch/Sugar Don't Make You Fat - Fat Does! Dr. McDougall - - HCLV - ~ 80/10/10 ~ [...] excess protein does not get stored, gets dumped through urine. body stores fat in liver and fat stores. (excess calories). carbs, excess carbs/sugar get converted into fat through liver (excess calories, overeating) - although this process very inefficient. thus you can overeat on engineered food (fat/carb) easier than just carbs! irrespective of protein. fat/carb 50/50 combo is addictive! science has this shown, and food companies know this and named it bliss point.
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Here is Where Low Carb Diets Ultimately Fail
The REAL Results of Low-Carb not sustainable. // &! >> Vegan Whole Plant Based Foods only << = the forever diet. // &! The Paleo Diet is Not What you Think // &! // book: Carbophobia: The Scary Truth about America's Low-Carb Craze: The Scary Truth About America's Low-carb Craze! - Michael Greger // &! The Only Diet Proven to Reduce Heart Disease Is... - &! __>> Heart Disease is a choice <
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