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Homejoy Is Shutting Down At The End Of The Month | TechCrunch / 7:10 $VC subsidized early business. Could not get 2 cash flow even. Lets not speak of cash flow positive. // If u dont have a cash flow even/positive business, u are dependent on $VC 2 keeping it afloat. If u dont have massive growth, VCs like 2 see & not hitting ur milestones & ur still not able 2 turn the business arnd towards cash flow even. Ur dead in the pan. AND 4 digital only consumer & entertainment products, scale is important +10m users. Because then only advertisers might ... might consider placing an add/natively if the conversion & engagement metrics are attractive. Advertisers & brands cant spread resources thin across 1000 apps. Its overhead & waste in ops. That is why BIG like TV (still), Daily Paper/Magazine (still) and FB (owning +70% of Social) are the MAIN HUBS. >> THUS [Freemium] the Free On Phone Version 4 closetphile (wont cost u much except dev) & the Customer paying 4 Cloud Convenience,Security, more features (ie analytics). &!
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For Stanford Class of ’94, a Gender Gap More Powerful Than the Internet -
“If a woman says no, she means yes!” “You’re all [expletive] slaves.” [Sacks] made it clear that he found the graffiti itself deplorable, calling it “sexist and violent,” in his first essay for The Stanford Review, a conservative-libertarian campus newspaper. But he also argued that an earlier round of graffiti — including a crude statement about President George Bush — had been just as offensive. [...] Keith Rabois, another former editor, said in an interview. But there was an ugly side as well; Mr. Rabois left campus in 1992 after yelling “Can’t wait until you die,” punctuating it with a homophobic slur. He said afterward that he had been protesting campus speech codes. Mr. Sacks was almost as abrasive, joking in print about an imaginary course called “Bathroom Self Defense for Heterosexuals.” [...] it was not clear that they recognized the basic concerns of many female and minority students — that they would not have the same opportunities as their white male peers.
insensitive  David  Sacks  Peter  Thiel  Political  Correctness  Keith  Rabois  Silicon  Valley  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  STEM  Female  Founders  Women  in  Tech  offence  Stanford  Univeristy  Misogynie  misogyny  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  discrimination  social  discrimination  minority  LGBTQIASP  Venture  Capital 
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BBC News - Robert Gordon University stops nurse masks training
The RGU spokesman said in a statement: "It was not our intention to add to the stigmatisation of people with mental health problems; in fact we continue to see simulation and role play, which includes the use of volunteer patients and actors, as a useful part of our teaching, particularly in helping students gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of stigma. [...] Mental health awareness organisation See Me welcomed the review. [...] "However, we are very concerned that the visual appearance of the masks has the potential to increase the stigma associated with mental illness by reinforcing negative perceptions, not only in the general public, but also in the next generation of mental health professionals. "There has been a strong negative reaction to the masks and we regret the public's reaction was not fully considered.
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My first and last time at the Crunchies — @ Medium — Medium
At the Crunchies, comedian T.J. Miller, a star of the show “Silicon Valley” (which I watch and love), threw out a bunch of playful zingers in his opening act. But then at one point, he engaged with a woman (Gabi Holzwarth) a few rows in front of me by calling her a “bitch”. She responded increduously, “Did you just call me a bitch?” He then said, “Bitch, Asians aren’t supposed to be this entitled in the U.S. … Is this bitch from Palo Alto?” The audience laughed nervously. I was so uncomfortable I wanted to leave, but of course I couldn’t given that our award was coming up. [...] At Crunchies I saw a woman get called a "bitch" onstage, then I did AOL TV & the host mocked me for being pale and made fun of my purse. [...] [ << Show of insecurity by taking the cheap road. Carlin was the last intellectual(?). ] &! &! &! >> - Reclaiming Critical Analysis: The Social Harms of “Bitch”
insensitive  Comedy  Silicon  Valley  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  Political  Correctness  offensive  jock  culture  brogrammer  Campus  feminism  feminist  STEM  masculinity  Patriarchy  diversity  social  discrimination  racial  discrimination  ethnic  discrimination  prejudice  bias  stereotype  ethical  machine  TechCrunch  Crunchies  status  quo  abuse  of  power  Play  Politics  slur  slut  shaming  hate  speech  hate  crime  white  male  privilege  male  privilege 
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