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Das tödliche Erbe der NATO | Panorama - die Reporter | NDR - YouTube
Lands strewn with UXOs. And NATO does not help one bit with organisation / enable Afghan gov to clear wide areas pro-actively. Currently they only know of areas to be cleaned, when people die, because of exploding UXOs. UN put's pressure on NATO, but NATO doesn't budge. The whole thing, % of UXO's/UXB's, during its missions and trainings, seems to be secret. Top secret. One to shield the withdrawal process of troops etc, ending ISAF presence in Afghanistan ( ) and on the other hand, shielding the military-industrial complex's % of UXO's/UXB's, the tax payers pays for, and people in Afghanistan pay for with their lives and constant fear. || Q can a freedom of information act reveal the % of UXO's/UXB's?
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