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Can we really trust judges to protect reporters' confidential sources? | Media | The Guardian
Journalists won’t even be safe to talk email whistleblowers from a coffee shop [...] In stressing that the powers would not be used for mass surveillance, May said the onus would be on the home office to show necessity and proportionality. And who would decide whether that was justified? Judicial commissioners, she said. They would operate a “double-lock” authorisation process on intercept and bulk interception warrants in order to prevent intrusive snooping. [ old boys club with career interests? titles, pensions? ] But will this judicial oversight provide enough protection? That’s the key worry for journalists who now know that there is nowhere for them to conceal their communications with confidential sources. [...] We already know from instances of the police use of the regulation of investigatory powers act (Ripa) //&! Police spying row officers decline Holyrood invitation -
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