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David Cay Johnston; How The One Percent Enrich Themselves at Government Expense, part 1 - YouTube
min 10 - gov sets the rules and rule define the civilisation and the quality of lives. // min14 - people don't want you to see and know what they are doing [...[ you need journalist who are sceptical about what the gov is saying and telling you what they do, but what the gov is actually doing >> truth tends to lead to better policy << [...] you publish when you have it, not when its good timing. // 23:40 - moral point of Super Rich and tax evasion/avoidance.Andrew Mellon. Adam Smith and the Bible: taking from the poor and giving it to the rich. is a denounced evil. you society will come to ruins. AND HERE COMES DAVID CAMERON in his christmas/new years message with CHRISTIAN VALUES! What a liar, what a hypocrite. - - David Cameron says Christian values make Britain successful. Why? - &! &! - << DWP Sanctions //32:40 flawed policy by flawed public understanding how the economy works and politics - disconnected from reality! -
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Why 'secular stagnation' matters - BBC News
The question at stake is the issue of "secular stagnation", which is probably the biggest and most important controversy in macroeconomics today. This is not though a debate for the ivory tower, it's an issue with significant real world implications. [...] So what is secular stagnation? It's an idea that originated in the late 1930s with the US Keynesian economist Alvin Hansen. He worried that growth was fundamentally slowing and emphasised demographic factors (such as slowing population growth) as a driver of this. [ western world needs immigration as reproduction level is below 1, capitalism and our economics is fundy based on econ growth, but that is, on the horizon, not possible (excl inflation). what if population is stable!? ] [...] In a nutshell secular stagnation is an attempt to explain the weakness of the global recovery in advanced economies since the 2008 crisis. [ decelerating, debt overhang, balancesheet recession, sov debt crisis ] [...]
secular  stagnation  Europe  Japan  economic  history  lost  decade  global  imbalances  rebalancing  demographic  bubble  demographics  demography  immigration  western  world  economic  growth  deleveraging  balance  sheet  recession  liquidity  trap  sovereign  debt  crisis  Super  Cycle  debt  bubble  bond  bubble  QE  debt  monetization  debt  monetisation  stagflation  deflation  deflationary  zombie  banks  zombie  consumer  austerity  full  employment  Larry  Summers  Paul  Krugman  Ben  Bernanke  savings  glut  complexity  incomplete  information  productivity  output  gap  productive  investment  unintended  consequences  ZIRP  NIRP  hunt  for  yield 
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