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At annual narrative conference, storytelling’s power remains as it changes | Poynter.
But at the heart of narrative and the conference “is a concept that informing the public involves telling true stories,” he said. “And stories don’t only involve a sequence of events, but they involve a storyteller.” [...] “Good stories are good stories,” he said, “and we can all learn important lessons in technique from them no matter in what medium they are told.” [...] Journalists now have to be flexible, she said, able to tell strong stories and open to how best those stories work. “When you’re paying attention to what the story is, it will tell you what the right form is,” she said. [...] Narrative endures, he wrote in an email to Poynter, but how it’s delivered has changed.
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Staying Ahead of the Curve — The Entrepreneur’s Journey — Medium
RE: @garyvee @stunwin How do you stay ahead of the game? How do you strategize with your team? Any particular methods you use? [...] RE: Staying Ahead of the Curve Innovation isn’t a tactic. It’s a religion. It’s not a method, it’s a mindset. Everybody’s looking for tactics, but it’s more about religion. So the reason my team and I stay ahead is that we’re built to stay ahead. We value the ROI that comes from the time we spend researching and pondering and debating and playing. [...] We’re in the business of always trying to put ourselves out of business. [...] But when it call comes down to it, nothing trumps execution. When Vine came out, I spent many hours between 11pm and 2am playing and understanding. At the end of the day, those hours were taken out of leisure time, sleep, and preparing for projects. I knew that and I still allocated that time. On paper, that seems very counter-intuitive, but I understand that value, and if you want to stay ahead, you should, too.
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▶ Genius Network® Presents: Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of Vaynermedia, interviewed by Joe Polish - YouTube
click through rate rock bottom. emerging platforms. + social media (work) is a marathon of investment. + attention span. + storytelling + extrovert + love the game (social media, internet - as a business) + legacy over currency + being right over the long-term + haters, hate - don't dismiss criticism. feedback. continue to critically think and keep executing. thus staying relevant. the marathon. + ad targeting + "Social Media is the only substitute for money. But it costs you time and knowledge." + Effort + Social Media is Word of Mouth @internet age + Infographics + have to work, effort / drive. Play xbox when your are well off. "I don't like complaining." + Social Media is sweet science. Marketing is hard, and it got harder. + "Marketing is applied Psychology." is Seduction. is Dating. + Freemium, giving away some content, luring them in. Content Marketing. MicroContent. Jab Jab Jab Ask. + Life gives to the giver and takes from takers.
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Shaking all over: Map of every major earthquake since 1898 reveals stunning image of planet's danger zones | Mail Online
Michigan-based designer John Nelson charted a century's worth of earthquakes (a staggering 203,186 of them) across the globe

61 years of tornado tracks: The map, by John Nelson of IDV Solutions, shows the path of the violent storms, with the brightness of the lines indicating the intensity
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