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Superbugs are on track to kill 10 million people by 2050 if things don’t change—fast
[under reported ] Today, 23,000 Americans die each year from infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Across the world, the estimated annual mortality rate is 700,000. If these trends continue, by 2050, 10 million people globally will die each year, as the potent diseases of previous centuries return to their old force, according to the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance. In 2012, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported an estimated 450,000 new cases of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. The emergence of multiple drug-resistant pneumonia and E. coli bacteria strains are predicted to contribute significantly to increased mortalities due to their ability to spread rapidly through populations.
post-antibiotic  era  antibiotic  resistance  antibiotics  economic  damage  health  care  cost  Food  Politics  industry  Industrial  Farming  Industrial  Meat  Production  Meat  Poultry  livestock  livestock  industry  agriculture  self-regulation  MCR-1  E.  coli  C.  diff  pneumonia  tuberculosis  ESBL  MRSA  Hospital-acquired  infection  born  pathogen  borne  illness  poisining  poisoning  sepsis  septicaemia  gut  bacteria  Flora  microbiome  public  perception  public  awareness  public  opinion  public  debate  Zoonotic  Diseases  zoonosis  regulation  regulators  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  shareholder  capitalism  shareholder  value  Wall  Street  Lobbying  lobby  lobbyist  revolving  door  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  democracy  Super  Rich  1%  plutocracy  oligarchy  pharma  pharmaceutical  industry  big  pharma 
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Is the NHS in England stuck with soaring demand?
service struggling to keep up with demand. [...] ambulance response times, delays in A&E, and treatment for cancer - have been missed. All this against a background of increased attendances, more referrals & GPs being busier than ever. So is the NHS is stuck in a never-ending cycle of soaring demand? The kitchen at Stanborough Lodge care home in Welwyn Garden City is part of the NHS frontline in the fight to ease the strain on hospitals. [...] Staff and residents of care homes are being taught to cook nutritious foods [...] "And I think we're going to have to see the NHS pull its finger out a bit in terms of making those investments." Whatever differences there may be about why the NHS is so stretched, there is no denying that with money so tight and performance slipping on many fronts, time to find a solution is running out. //&! &! [...] system facing both inexorably increasing patient numbers and severe financial strain."
rationing  health  inequality  NHS  NHS  England  NHS  Scotland  NHS  Wales  Jeremy  Hunt  health  care  budget  health  care  cost  health  care  demand  health  care  spending  diet-related  disease  chronic  disease  sick  population  health  crisis  heart  disease  cancer  obesity  overweight  diabetes  self-medication  addiction  substance  abuse  alcohol  abuse  alcoholism  coping  mechanism  food  abuse  Politics  food  poverty  food  borne  illness  food  born  pathogen  food  poisoning  Standard  American  Diet  Western  pattern  lifestyle  tobacco  binge  drinking  OAP  ageing  population  demographic  bubble  babyboomers  fast  food  junk  food  animal  protein  animal  fat  processed  food  food  engineering  bed  blocking  elderly  care  adult  social  care  austerity  public  health  policy  prevention  GP  health  coach  short-termism  waiting  times  A&E  complex  needs  staff  shortage  staff  morale  locum  doctor  locum  staff 
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Investors urge fast food and pub chains to act to reduce farm antibiotics
A group of powerful City investors who together control more than $1tn in assets have written to leading fast food, pub and restaurant chains urging them to take immediate action to reduce antibiotic use in their meat and poultry supply chains. [...] UK human campylobacter infections have become more resistant to antibiotic treatment. Percentage of human campylobacter cases tested that showed some degree of resistance to the antibiotic ciprofloxacin - approaches 50%!!! [...] Of the 17,332 human campylobacter cases tested in 2015 for resistance to ciprofloxacin, 48% had some degree of resistance to the drug. In 2005, this figure was 30%.
post-antibiotic  era  antibiotic  resistance  antibiotics  antibiotic-resistant  gonorrhea  STD  STI  food  industry  Poultry  Meat  livestock  farming  livestock  industry  Industrial  Meat  Production  Industrial  agriculture  economic  damage  Wall  Street  shareholder  capitalism  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  shareholder  value  crony  capitalism  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  USDA  FDA  food  born  pathogen  food  borne  illness  Politics  food  fraud  food  hygiene  kitchen  hygiene  food  poisoning  food  poisining  Colistin  Ciprofloxacin  Campylobacter  MCR-1  public  health  risk  public  health  public  safety  WHO 
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Hospital bug infecting more patients of working age in Scotland
INFECTIONS with the hospital bug clostridium difficile are rising among patients of working age in Scotland - reversing a previous crackdown. New figures show consecutive increases in the number of people under the age of 65 falling ill with C-diff, [...] "Antibiotics can also cause C-diff infections so additional information on this has been shared with our staff to try to reduce the amount antibiotics prescribed routinely in our hospitals.
Hospital-acquired  infection  post-antibiotic  era  C.  diff  antibiotic  resistance  antibiotics  OAP  ageing  population  premature  ageing  premature  death  demographic  bubble  health  care  cost  economic  damage  prevention  microbiome  Gut  Flora  food  poisining  food  born  pathogen  food  borne  illness  Meat  Industry  Poultry  Industry  kitchen  hygiene 
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Government planning to repeal animal welfare codes
Poultry industry to oversee chicken-farming standards as ministers move to create industry-led deregulation. Conservative ministers are planning to repeal an array of official guidance on animal welfare standards, starting with a move to put the code on chicken-farming into the hands of the poultry industry.

Liz Truss, the environment secretary, is overseeing moves to scrap the statutory codes on farm animal welfare and move to an “industry-led” guidance as part of her department’s deregulatory agenda. [ so industry funds its own regulatory body, lol! ] [...] Other sectors that could get control of their own guidance include the cattle, sheep and pig farming industries. //&! Poultry deregulation plans risk bringing back dark days of food scares. History shows problems start when food companies police themselves: think salmonella, BSE, foot and mouth, swine flu - - Privatisation move! Austerity. Self-regulation.
carbon  tax  COP21  meat  tax  Lobbying  lobby  lobbyist  livestock  farming  livestock  industry  Industrial  Industrial  Production  agriculture  agriculture  industry  agriculture  policy  UK  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  trickle-down  economics  free  market  deregulation  regulation  regulators  Privatisation  austerity  ecological  disaster  ecological  damage  ecological  footprint  carbonfootprint  methane  greenhouse  gases  global  warming  climate  change  food  born  pathogen  food  borne  illness  antibiotic  resistance  antibiotics  post-antibiotic  era  shareholder  capitalism  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  shareholder  value  Wall  Street  Campylobacter  animal  welfare  animal  cruelty  humane  slaughter  Poultry  Dairy  Milk  Overfishing  Fish  public  health  public  health  policy  public  safety  sick  population  health  crisis  BSE  swineflu  swine  flu  Zoonotic  Diseases  zoonosis  Salmonella  Salmonella  Poisoning 
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New UK food poisoning figures published | Food Standards Agency
There are more than 500,000 cases of food poisoning a year from known pathogens. This figure would more than double if it included food poisoning cases from unknown pathogens.
Campylobacter was the most common foodborne pathogen, with about 280,000 cases every year. [...] Poultry meat was the food linked to the most cases of food poisoning, with an estimated 244,000 cases every year [... BUT ...] 10 million cases of infectious intestinal disease (IID) a year are not yet attributed to a specific pathogen. [ lack of backtracking, unable to backtrack to source ] &! &! Hidden Death Toll - //&! - 2014 excess of 1m cases.
UK  food  poisoning  food  borne  illness  antibiotics  antibiotic  resistance  post-antibiotic  era  Hospital-acquired  infection  Meat  Industry  livestock  farming  industrial  agriculture  lobby  public  health  public  safety  Campylobacter  kitchen  hygiene  Poultry  Industry  E.  coli  C.  diff  Listeria  Salmonella 
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Michael Greger, M.D. On How Not To Die | Rich Roll
USA - min 37 - 34.000 cancer deaths/y linked to processed meat consumption. same study paper - 840.000 die overall from processed meat (high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart disease) / colon cancer 3rd leading cancer / 'reductionism'
cancer  heart  disease  premature  death  premature  ageing  sick  population  health  crisis  public  health  health  care  spending  health  care  budget  prevention  intervention  USA  UK  diet-related  disease  chronic  disease  Standard  American  Diet  Dietary  Fiber  cholesterol  Western  pattern  lifestyle  food  poisoning  food  borne  illness 
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Ablauf der Traumatherapie - Konfrontation, Inhalte der Therapie, ... - YouTube
7:30 - entwicklungstraumata difference ... there is no difference as in before this X happened (normal, one time traume) world was wonderful, normal, was different person. // man ist verunsichert, weil man sich nicht an alles erinnern kann. weil soviel weg ist. garnischts von der kindheit und jugend und was da ist, tut nur weh. man fuehlt sich wie ein 'Fake.' // &! - 6:00 - emotional removed. abgespalten. [...] need the trust in your doc w therapy. feeling safe.
PTSD  CPTSD  BPD  Borderline  mental  health  mental  illness  well  being  Trauma  DBT  CBT 
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Tory thinktank warns Elliott Johnson's parents against broader inquest | Politics | The Guardian
[ public blackmail and scaremongering fearmongering ] The parents of the Conservative activist Elliott Johnson have been warned by the Tory thinktank where he used to work that their son’s mental health and sexuality would be aired in public if they insisted on broadening the scope of the inquest into his death. [...] George Alliott, the lawyer representing Conservative Way Forward (CWF), the thinktank where Elliott Johnson worked until he was made redundant a month before his death, told the hearing that if the scope of the inquest was broadened it would lead to further questions being asked about Elliott’s sexuality and wellbeing. Addressing the coroner, Tom Osborne, Alliott said: “If this scope is to widen, you are going to have to conclude that it will need to involve references to Elliott’s mental health records and his sexuality.” [ wasn't there just a high court decision that mental health records are not allowed in sexual assault/rape cases (ie to deface victim) ]
fearmongering  fear  scaremongering  blackmail  Career  Politicians  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  Toff  Privileged  Establishment  Westminster  Whitehall  mental  health  mental  illness  stigma  sexualität  sexuality  public  perception  public  sentiment  public  awareness  No  Representation  Daily  Mail  Rupert  Murdoch  leak  newscorp  News  Corp.  News  Corporation  right-wing  far-right  manufactured  consent  corporate  media 
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Vlog vom 18.02.16 aus der Klinik (siehe Infobox) - YouTube
complex ptsd (complex prolonged childhood trauma, entwicklungs traumata) vs ptsd (according to dsm)
PTSD  Borderline  BPD  mental  health  mental  illness  trauma 
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BBC iPlayer - Documentary Picks - Before I Kick the Bucket: The Whole Story
it's about the connections we have w people. ask ppl in old age, on their death bed. // in society that is material and goal orientated. FOMO. // vs reality. of being. being together w people. feelings. relationships. // // min 34 - 1 year on chemo takes its toll on you. it keeps you here. but takes everything out of you to actually enjoy yourself in the here. "it's psychological torture." [...] "I've got most of my strength from not looking ill." RE: her hair lost from new aggressive chemo round. [...] "If I stop chemo, I am gone. Have to go going, because ['I enjoy the rare ok days that I have left.']" //&! New Tumors popping up aggressively; needs now also radiotherapy [as life extension change] - //&! When cancer outwits current new aggressive chemo (last resort), it is game over. Palliative Care Next. -
life  hacker  life  lesson  Selbstfürsorge  Selbstdarstellung  materialism  FOMO  status  anxiety  zombie  consumer  mobile  homescreen  consumerist  consumerism  terminal  illness  cancer  Social  Media  chemotherapy  premature  death  sick  population  health  crisis 
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BBC One - My Baby, Psychosis and Me
post code lottery for proper right suitable treatment
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  austerity  health  inequality  post  code  lottery 
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Dispatches - 999: Where's My Ambulance? - All 4
[ demand resources mismatch ] rising demand, growth over a quarter in some parts. [...] "find innovative ways to deal with demand." [ no mention of more money for the babyboomers and OAP and elderly and adult social care. ]
NHS  austerity  staff  morale  locum  staff  staff  shortage  CQC  public  safety  public  health  policy  public  health  health  crisis  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  OAP  sick  population  premature  ageing  ageing  population  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  babyboomers  heart  disease  diabetes  obesity  metabolic  syndrome  cancer  mental  health  mental  illness  adult  social  care  elderly  care  bed  blocking 
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In the Mind: Calls for more mental health facilities - BBC News
Figures show more than 500 people experiencing a mental health crisis in Wales were held in a police cell last year because there were no hospital beds available. The only crisis house in Wales is the Coed Arian Crisis House run by the charity Gofal, in partnership with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. The Welsh government said spending on mental health services in Wales has risen.
mental  health  mental  illness  NHS  austerity  A&E  GP  stigma  public  awareness  public  sentiment  Police  Council  Services  Social  Services 
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PTSD mentor: Civilians do not understand veterans - BBC News
Change Step was launched by charity Cais after it encountered a disproportionate number of veterans passing through the system.
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  PTSD  austerity 
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The PTSD brains of children and soldiers - BBC News
Scientists have discovered that the brain structures of traumatised soldiers and children change in the same way. The research reveals that coping mechanisms to deal with extreme stress and abuse actually cause physical changes to the brain. Prof Eamon McCrory from University College London explains. // high alert on threat vigilance and threat detection! // need consistent positive experiences and emotional support! (more than talk therapy can give) - DBT, CBT, ... & trauma therapy. & being in a secure and safe, trusting environment. //&! - The children struggling with PTSD [...] Research suggests youngsters can show similar changes in their brain activity as those of soldiers in war zones. But with therapy and good care they can recover. [...] "Constant feeling of fear." //&! - Chronic stress effects on brain //&! - Babies affected too. //&! You can get better if you get the right help -
childhood  childhood  development  parenting  parenthood  CPTSD  PTSD  BPD  mental  health  mental  illness  neurobiology  neurology  neuroscience  child  abuse  physical  abuse  domestic  violence  anxiety  Panic  attacks  neglect  maltreatment  DBT  CBT  NHS  austerity  vulnerable  NHS  Grampian  chronic  stress  child  poverty 
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Politicking: Matt Taibbi on America's 'Injustice System' - YouTube
worship culture of success. [...] jail is for poor people. [...] securities fraud go jail free w fine, and do benefit/welfare fraud, go straight to jail! // For Profit Bail System - on YouTube Vice Channel. //&! Matt Taibbi, "The Divide" - //&! Matt Taibbi: Minding the Wealth Gap - //&! Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Jail: Matt Taibbi, Bernie Sanders Town Hall 2013 - //&! Matt Taibbi: The Conspiracy To Destroy Our Pensions - //&! Matt Taibbi explores US criminal injustice with Bill Maher - //&! The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap (w/ Matt Taibbi) -
white-collar  crime  mandatory  minimum  sentences  Beschaffungskriminalität  post-racial  America  racial  profiling  economic  justice  injustice  System  Law  &  Career  Politicians  War  on  Drugs  Precariat  deprivation  poverty  trap  USA  Gini  coefficient  prison–industrial  complex  inequality  meritocracy  meritocratic  American  Dream  education  policy  social  mobility  income  mobility  health  inequality  mental  health  mental  illness  chronic  stress  poverty  book  compassion  empathy  Greed  welfare  state  stigma  plutocracy  oligarchy  Super  Rich  1%  Fraud  securities-fraud  social  safety  net  Food  Stamps  Food  Bank  public  sentiment  prejudice  bias  downward  mobility  trickle-down  economics  neoliberalism  neoliberal  neoconservatism  neoconservatives  financial  accounting  scandal  corporate  scandal  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  interest  groups  vested  interest  too  big  to  jail  money  laundering  bribery  corruption  DOJ  SEC  presidency  barackobama  GFC  financial  product  economic  history  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  wage  stagnation  libor  rigging  scandal 
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24 & ready to die - YouTube
Allow Me To Die: Euthanasia in Belgium - //&! End Credits — Full documentary on euthanasia in Belgium (2013) - //&! - PBS on Final Exit Network //&! 16x9 - Taking Mercy: Euthanasia debate - //&! 16x9 - The Suicide Tourist: Assisted suicide documentary - //&! Assisted Suicide | Sandy's Trunzer's Story | Last Right Series - //&! BBC Panorama - I Helped My Daughter Die - //&! The right to die in Belgium: An inside look at the world’s most liberal euthanasia law - //&!
assisted  suicide  assisted  dying  mental  health  mental  illness  euthanasia 
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Everything you always wanted to know about sex (and weren’t afraid to ask) | Life and style | The Guardian
However, psychological issues can arise between partners when one, say, becomes a caretaker to the other. Without help and understanding, this can affect their sexual connection. Sometimes there is a simple solution to changes in one partner’s physical status – such as being open to changing their usual pattern and trying new positions or new styles of lovemaking. In many cases, adaption is vital – for example, being sexual at times when pain medication is providing optimum relief or using heat pads in appropriate places. It is most important that the person struggling with illness or disability feels their wishes regarding sexuality are being heard, and that those around them try to be accommodating – even if they believe there are more important priorities. Sexuality – or the lack of it – can truly affect a person’s quality of life, and the right to give and receive sexual pleasure should be upheld.
mental  health  mental  illness  well  being  disability  Disabled  vulnerable 
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Ruby Wax: Mental health problems don't get sympathy cards - BBC News
Mental health care is so poor and underfunded that "lives are being ruined", a review in England has concluded. //&! 'Getting help earlier could have stopped suicide attempts' -
mental  health  mental  illness  stigma  public  sentiment  Suicide  NHS  England  NHS  NHS  Scotland  Simon  Stevens  austerity  NHS  Grampian 
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Mental health care 'failing most people' - BBC News
Inadequate and underfunded mental health care in England is leading to thousands of "tragic and unnecessary deaths" [...] around three-quarters of people with mental health problems received no help at all. It said more needs to be done to tackle rising suicide rates. Ministers agreed with the findings, committing a £1bn extra a year by 2020 to treat a million more people. This is to come out of the £8.4bn the government has promised to the health service during this Parliament and comes on top of extra money already announced for children's services. David Cameron said the plan would help put "mental and physical healthcare on an equal footing". [ would help on the way, but not actually putting it, no targets, nothing to be held accountable to. this is piecemeal, satisfying the headlines, appearing to do something. is minority service. easier to under fund than cancer or neuro. demand resource mismatch @those ] //&!
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  stigma  vulnerable  DWP  Iain  Duncan  Smith  Jeremy  Hunt  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  budget2015  budget2010  austerity  minority  public  sentiment  Simon  Stevens  IVF  cancer  heart  disease  diabetes  obesity 
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NHS mental health funding falls in England - FoI figures - BBC News
[ minority of patients. Can't do that with cancer treatment! Public sentiment would rip you apart. ] Figures obtained through a Freedom of Information request showed the budgets for mental health trusts fell by 2% from 2013/14 to 2014/15. This compares to a rise of 2.6% in hospital trusts' operating budgets, according to analysis by the Health Foundation think-tank. The Department of Health said mental health care funding overall was rising. In the year to April 2016 the budget for mental health trusts was projected to rise just 0.3%. Of the 53 out of 59 mental health trusts in England which responded to the FOI request, 29 said their budget would be lower this year than last. [...] funding is not keeping pace - and many are facing cuts. [...] In Scotland, mental health spending was up just 0.1% last year, and down a projected 0.4% this year. [...] money increasingly is getting sucked in to meet their rising costs, [ diet-related and chronic preventable diseases ] &
NHS  mental  health  austerity  mental  illness  FOI  Freedom  of  Information  Act  minority  public  sentiment  stigma  prejudice  cancer  heart  disease  budget2015  budget2010  David  Cameron  Jeremy  Hunt  George  Osborne  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  Westminster  Council  Services  Social  Services  Child  Protection  poverty  education  policy  Gini  coefficient  health  inequality  post  code  lottery  mobility  poverty  chronic  stress  income  mobility  downward  mobility  vulnerable  Disabled  DWP  Iain  Duncan  Smith  NHS  Grampian  NHS  Scotland  NHS  England  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  diabetes  obesity  sick  population  health  crisis  western  lifestyle  Standard  American  Diet  pattern  dietary  cholesterol  western  Fiber  sedentary  lifestyle  lifestyle  medicine  active  lifestyle 
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The Language of Catastrophe: Why We Need to Stop Saying We're 'Mental' | VICE | United Kingdom
When people say they're having a panic attack when they're just stressed, it points to either a total disconnect between language and meaning or a troubling symptom of self-diagnosis culture, or both.
mental  health  mental  illness  language 
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Heads warn over pupils' untreated mental health issues - BBC News
Children's untreated mental health issues could spiral into psychiatric problems later in life unless more is done in schools, say head teachers. The National Association of Head Teachers says with a fifth of children having a mental health problem before age 11, it is a key concern. A snapshot survey of 1,455 English heads suggests two-thirds of primary schools cannot deal with such issues. The government says it has ring-fenced £1.4bn for children's mental health. //&! A primary school leader has launched a petition asking the education secretary to sit the new KS2 national tests. The reason? So Ms Morgan can understand just how tough they really are - //&! Teachers work more overtime than any other professionals, analysis finds -
education  policy  austerity  NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  childhood  development  prevention  intervention  well  being  chronic  stress  poverty  trap  child  poverty  poverty  food  poverty  nasty  party  Tories  Gini  coefficient  social  mobility  Generationengerechtigkeit  income  mobility  inequality  Conservative  Nicky  Morgan  Jeremy  Hunt  David  Cameron  George  Osborne 
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Obama climate initiative: Supreme Court calls halt - BBC News
this is akin to taking plaster to fix a crumbling high rise: limiting the emissions and putting cost on emissions for one industry, seen as heavies polluter in public eye ... while livestock industry is biggest +50% of them all. // what is needed is a carbon tax that also includes environmental and ecological cost (ie deforestation, water pollution from pig waste - livestock farming) and if we are already there, what about antibiotic-resistance? A Marschall Plan for the future of earth and its occupants. A future for us. // If and import doesn't have a carbon tax, tariffs have to be enacted on imports based on their damage to environment, ecology and carbon emissions. ... // economic damage & public health problems and health inequality in the future is deferred taxation for the next generation // Obama isn't bold enough. Not Utopian enough.
livestock  farming  coal  power  gas  shale  gas  fracking  carbon  tax  COP21  self-regulation  antibiotic  resistance  antibiotics  post-antibiotic  era  public  transportation  gasoline  Petroleum  Industry  fossil  fuel  zombie  consumer  consumerism  materialism  Wegwerfgesellschaft  Generationengerechtigkeit  climate  crisis  climate  change  climate  science  climate  system  extreme  weather  weather  extreme  economic  damage  coastal  erosion  public  health  policy  public  health  air  pollution  public  safety  water  pollution  pollution  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  ocean  warming  acidification  Overfishing  Meat  Industry  food  global  warming  exploitation  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  oversight  revolving  door  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  accountability  food  poisoning  food  borne  illness  presidency  barackobama  economic  history  history 
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Mental health beds search 'a scandal' - BBC News
[ cut bets and cut nurses and other positions ] President of the RCP, Prof Sir Simon Wessely, said: "Everyone agrees that it is a scandal that patients with serious mental disorders who need admission can end up being sent anywhere from Cornwall to Cumbria in a search for a bed. And yet it continues. "The answers lie not in just providing more beds, although there are definitely places where that might help in the short term, but assessing the entire system." The report, led by former chief executive of NHS England, Lord Nigel Crisp, said access to acute care for severely ill adult mental health patients was inadequate nationally and, in some cases, potentially dangerous. [...] 'Breaking point' Minister for Mental Health, Alistair Burt, said the report would help to shape planned changes to build a better mental health service. "NHS England will soon be publishing its independent Mental Health Taskforce report, backed by the £1bn investment announced by the prime minister...
austerity  mental  health  mental  illness  NHS  Jeremy  Hunt  budget2010  budget2015  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  minority  discrimination  health  inequality  post  code  lottery 
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Krebs: So lässt sich das Risiko verringern - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Vor Krebs fürchten sich die Deutschen wie vor keiner anderen Krankheit. Mit dem richtigen Lebensstil lässt sich das Erkrankungsrisiko deutlich verringern - leider aber ohne Garantie. Rocklegende David Bowie, Motörhead-Sänger Lemmy Kilmister oder "Harry-Potter"-Star Alan Rickman: Sie alle sind kürzlich an Krebs gestorben. Auch in Deutschland sind bösartige Tumore die zweithäufigste Todesursache, nur an den Folgen von Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen sterben noch mehr Menschen. Die Erkrankungszahlen liegen noch deutlich höher. Im Laufe des Lebens erhalten jeder zweite Mann und fast jede zweite Frau die gefürchtete Diagnose, rund 500.000 sind es jährlich. [...] "Man kann jedes Fleisch bedenkenlos essen. Es kommt aber auf die Menge an", sagt Heiner Boeing vom Deutschen Institut für Ernährungsforschung Potsdam-Rehbrücke. [ CANCER IN MODERATION ] //&!
cancer  heart  disease  obesity  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  sick  population  Food  Politics  WHO  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Big  Sugar  diabetes  metabolic  syndrome  pre-diabetic  Leaky  gut  autoimmune  disease  Standard  American  Diet  Dietary  Fiber  cholesterol  Western  pattern  lifestyle  Alcohol  abuse  alcoholism  substance  abuse  self-medication  coping  mechanism  abuse  fast  convenience  junk  engineering  processed  industry  Meat  Poultry  poisoning  borne  illness  antibiotics  antibiotic  resistance  post-antibiotic  era  sedentary  lifestyle  lifestyle  medicine  active  lifestyle  smoking  tobacco  HPV  hepatitis  prevention  intervention  GP 
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Dispatches - Kids in Crisis - All 4
Across the UK, children are being moved far from home to receive mental health treatment [...] "you feel impotent" [...] [ 100's of beds have been cut and ~10% of mental health nurses have been lost ]
mental  health  mental  illness  NHS  health  inequality  austerity  UK  fairness  Generationengerechtigkeit  budget2010  budget2015  well  being  GP  prevention  intervention  A&E  Public  Services  Social  Services 
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Plant Based News: Escaped Cow, USDA Lawsuit, New Cowspiracy? - YouTube
the PCRM (Dr Barnard is part of it) lawsuit against the USDA w help of Egg Lobby studies, not limiting dietary cholesterol. // cowspiracy follow-up docu - "what the health!!" //&! Cholesterol = Good! Egg Board Pays Off USDA - // sprinkling in doubt! //&!
Egg  Industry  diet-related  disease  cholesterol  dietary  cholesterol  USDA  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  medical  profession  medical  care  GP  prevention  intervention  USA  revolving  door  Cardiovascular  disease  vascular  disease  heart  disease  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  Wall  Street  Food  Politics  Poultry  Industry  Meat  Industry  Dairy  Industry  Milk  Industry  Fish  Industry  conflict  of  interest  interest  groups  corruption  bribery  vested  interest  crony  capitalism  conglomerate  manufactured  consent  corporate  media  capitalism  Consumer  Protection  public  health  policy  public  health  Standard  American  Diet  Western  pattern  zombie  consumerist  consumerism  status  anxiety  fad  dieting  health  crisis  sick  population  heart  attack  stroke  embolism  aneurysm  multinational  pharmaceutical  pharma  big  pharma  high  blood  pressure  FOI  Freedom  of  Information  Act  tobacco  history  WHO  cancer  safety  borne  illness  PR  spin  doctor  Positioning  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  budget  deficit 
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Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong - YouTube
substance abuse as form of self-medication and coping mechanism - due to their environment they live in. It's the cage you live in. Unhealthy bonds - vs - Healthy bonds. Crisis of disconnection. Social vs Individual recovery!
addiction  neurobiology  neurology  neuroscience  substance  abuse  mental  health  mental  illness  well  being  Perspective  Perspektivlosigkeit  happiness  index  happiness  deprivation  poverty  poverty  trap  child  poverty  Escapeism  Entertainment  work  environment  living  environment  coping  mechanism  self-medication  human  nature  mobile  homescreen  zombie  consumer  War  on  Drugs  Psychiatry  psychology  sociology  working  poor  precarious  work  Precariat  stigma  rat  race  western  world  western  society  status  symbol  status  anxiety  book  consumerist  consumerism  Great  Depression  food  abuse  alcohol  abuse  alcoholism 
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Olly Alexander: 'You start to think you're alone and crazy but help is out there' | Society | The Guardian
(Gay) Years & Years singer speaks about facing mental ill health, reactions from fans and his anger at cuts in mental health services. &! Longer Version of Video - //&! Mental illness is devastating lives. Where is the outrage? There’s less stigma these days, but we still don’t have services that can cope with the demand -
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  stigma  public  awareness  public  perception  public  sentiment  austerity  UK  budget2010  budget2015  LGBT  LGBTQIASP 
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Hundreds of mental health deaths avoidable, inquiry finds - BBC News
2nd class service and austerity on top of it, being cut first vs elderly care or cancer ward -
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  austerity  Public  Services  Social  Services  Council 
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Number of mental health nurses falls 10% | Society | The Guardian
mental health was one of the first line items cut by trusts! service provided to a minority of constituency base.
Tories  nasty  party  budget2010  budget2015  Jeremy  Hunt  austerity  NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  Positioning  general  election  2015  general  election  2010  constituency  stigma 
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Mental illness treatment needs massive investment. The case is overwhelming | Richard Layard | Opinion | The Guardian
Giving greater access to therapies such as CBT is not only the right thing to do – it would save the NHS huge sums
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  austerity 
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Can call centre therapy solve the NHS mental health crisis? | Society | The Guardian
Fast-track treatment aims to ease growing problem in the UK, but critics say it is the clinical equivalent to online dating [...] [ mental health - a mental health crisis ] This is no fringe issue in the health of the nation. The NHS believes people with mental health problems die 15 to 20 years earlier than the average, but the system is struggling to cope. Lord Layard, a government adviser on mental health, identified mental health problems as “the biggest causes of misery in Britain today”, with an estimated 6 million people affected. [ needs massive investment, no call centres ] [...] Meanwhile 40% of mental health trusts saw spending cuts over the past two years and fewer than one in eight people who suffered a mental health crisis said they received appropriate care in 2015, according to the Care Quality Commission. The regulator concluded this was “unsafe and inherently unfair”. [ referring complex cases to call centre is neglect and malpractice ]
mental  health  mental  illness  NHS  austerity  talk  therapy  DBT  CBT  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  Public  Services  Social  Services  Council  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  No  Representation  minority  stigma  sentiment  Career  Politicians  Jeremy  Hunt  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  general  election  2015  budget2010  budget2015  constituency  Funding  babyboomers  election  campaign  promises  Manifesto 
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The secret old age psychiatrist's diary: 'Alcohol has put her on a downward spiral' | Society | The Guardian
A psychiatrist who works with elderly people tells of the problems many patients face – from addiction to depression and dementia
OAP  mental  health  mental  illness  loneliness  Depression  babyboomers  public  health  policy  public  health  health  care  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  sick  population  dementia  chronic  diseases  diet-related  disease  A&E  NHS 
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Stigma of mental illness | Alastair Campbell - YouTube
you can never anticipate when change, social change comes. legislation is usually a response to change. mental health is last big taboo. // >> "Control the Message." << you can not control where the message goes. you can only control what you say and what you do << budget deficit. need to get into surplus. to pay down debt. but not telling not the disabled increased the budget deficit so massively, but the bankers bailout and the pensioners. and the corporate welfare. never was the cause adressed. what is easier? cut minority? or tax your party funders? the city and non-doms and super rich? mega properties? // what is easier to cut? cancer service, child protection service, mental health service?
mental  health  mental  illness  stigma  public  sentiment  public  awareness  public  health  policy  public  health  public  image  racism  prejudice  snap  judgement  public  perception  public  opinion  democracy  public  debate  Makers  gay  rights  gay  marriage  discrimination  transphobia  Transphobic  homophobic  Homophobia  Islamophobia  Ausländerfeindlichkeit  Xenophobia  changing  attitudes  Social  Media  PR  spin  doctor  manufactured  consent  propaganda  Polarisation  populism  Positioning  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  refugee  crisis  HR  human  resources  austerity  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  dogma  ideology  bank  bailout  Funding  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  constituency  non-dom  Super  Rich  1%  corporate  tax  rate 
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10 truths about Britain's health service | Society | The Guardian
The NHS is facing a remarkable surge in numbers of people with mental illness – at the same time as multimillion-pound government cuts in services. In 2014 there were 57.1m prescriptions issued for antidepressants in England – an increase of more than 100% over 10 years. One in five young people experience anxiety or depression. But the government has been accused of cutting £80m from mental health services over the past five years.
NHS  health  inequality  double  standard  mental  health  mental  illness  austerity  budget2015  budget2010  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  constituency  minority  staff  morale  locum  staff  staff  shortage  bed  shortage 
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NHS chief demands political consensus on funding elderly and social care | Society | The Guardian
Stevens believes David Cameron’s administration should look at all the options for finding the billions of pounds needed, including revisiting the “triple lock”, which guarantees Britain’s pensioners generous annual increases in their state pension until 2020. [ ie could tax big pensions! progressive tax on income vs flat income tax/NI and sugar tax, food chain tax, animal products tax, processed food tax, engineered food tax ] In an interview with the Guardian, Stevens suggested ministers should be prepared to risk upsetting Britain’s growing army of senior citizens by looking at whether the benefits they receive are fair to working-age and younger people. [...] Last week, the House of Commons work and pensions select committee launched an inquiry into income inequality between older and younger people. [...] [babyboomers get 118% out of what they've paid] //&! - how much is sick population willing to pay?
NHS  ageing  population  premature  ageing  babyboomers  demographic  bubble  chronic  diseases  diet-related  disease  cancer  diabetes  obesity  heart  disease  UK  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  care  health  crisis  sick  population  staff  morale  locum  staff  staff  shortage  Generationengerechtigkeit  fairness  progressive  tax  code  Sugar  Standard  American  Diet  food  industry  Nudge  theory  intervention  prevention  elderly  care  adult  social  care  Public  Services  Services  austerity  national  insurance  generation  rent  lost  generation  Millennials  GP  mental  health  mental  illness  health  inequality  post  code  lottery  Simon  Stevens 
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Obesity: NHS to introduce 'sugar tax' in England - BBC News
The NHS is looking to impose its own "sugar tax" in hospitals and health centres in England, to help tackle the growing problem of obesity. It says people should be charged more for sweet drinks and snacks in vending machines and cafes. //&! Exclusive: Simon Stevens promises levy on sugary foods and snacks as he urges ministers to force food firms to take action -
NHS  Sugar  Tax  prevention  Nudge  theory  intervention  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  diabetes  pre-diabetic  metabolic  syndrome  obesity  epidemic  obesity  Standard  American  Diet  sedentary  lifestyle  Western  pattern  lifestyle  public  health  policy  public  health  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  sick  population  cancer  heart  disease  food  industry  processed  food  food  engineering  Chain  fast  food  Desert  food  abuse  junk  food  Politics  food  waste  food  poverty  food  borne  illness  Meat  Dairy  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  nanny  state  self-regulation  addiction  substance  abuse  tobacco  War  on  Drugs 
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Mental health: 'One in four adults in England has a condition' - BBC News
One in four adults has been diagnosed with a mental illness at some stage during their lifetime, the annual health survey for England suggests.
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  public  health  policy  public  health 
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Can we have PTSD even if we cant remember all the details of our abuse? Facebook Friday! #KatiFAQ - YouTube
trauma. // ask for therapist w trauma ptsd bpd experience - to do CBT. no just talk therapy.
PTSD  BPD  Borderline  mental  health  mental  illness  CBT  DBT  NHS 
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The UK must invest in mental health help | Letters | Society | The Guardian
the cost of mental ill health in England has been estimated to be £105bn per year. Fortunately, a number of evidence-based psychological therapies exist and are effective. Investment in psychological therapies to date has been a success, but it is a success that could be multiplied. The improving access to psychological therapies programme is only funded to reach “at least 15%” of the people who need it, and retention and recovery rates could be improved. [...] &! Osborne said that the ILF was “such an important fund … that we will be able to include it in the budgets going forwards”. Reality is not living up to the rhetoric. [ 7-day NHS? ]
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  budget2010  budget2015  austerity  demographic  bubble  ageing  population  sick  population  health  care  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  public  health  policy  public  health  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  general  election  2015  election  campaign  promises  constituency  babyboomers  Manifesto  Jeremy  Hunt  Positioning  PR  spin  doctor  fearmongering  Fear  Con  Artist  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  staff  morale  locum  staff  staff  shortage  Services  Social  Services  A&E  GP  Council  vulnerable  disability  Disabled  fairness 
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DWP to apologise to woman whose brother killed himself after his benefits were cut | Society | The Guardian
A woman whose partially sighted brother killed himself after his benefits were cut is to receive an apology from the Department for Work and Pensions, after the health service ombudsman partially upheld her complaint about his case. It marks the end of a two-year battle for Linda Cooksey, 60, who believes her brother Tim Salter, a recluse with undiagnosed mental health problems, should never have been found fit for work by DWP assessors. [...] A report last month linked fit-for-work tests carried out between 2010 and 2013 with extra suicides and mental ill health. The DWP has said it has worked with medical experts and charities to make significant improvements to the work capability assessment (WCA) and give additional support to those with mental health issues.
DWP  austerity  welfare  state  social  safety  net  mental  health  mental  illness  vulnerability  vulnerable  Disabled  disability  UK  stigma  discrimination  social  discrimination  Iain  Duncan  Smith  spin  doctor  PR  Positioning  fairness 
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Michael Mansfield calls for more support over suicides after daughter's death | Law | The Guardian
Human rights lawyer Michael Mansfield QC is calling for major changes to the way suicidal people and their loved ones are supported, on the eve of an inquest into his daughter’s death. Anna Mansfield, 44, killed herself in May after being diagnosed with depression. She visited her GP the day before she died and explained that she was feeling depressed but Mansfield said she was not asked about whether she felt suicidal.
mental  health  Suicide  mental  illness  NHS  GP  health  inequality 
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QBE Insurance 'discriminated' against student with depression, says tribunal | Business | The Guardian
On Friday the tribunal agreed, awarding Ingram nearly $4,300 for economic losses arising from the claim, and a further $15,000 for hurt and humiliation. The tribunal found that QBE had engaged in “unlawful discrimination when it included the mental illness exclusion” in its travel insurance policy, noting that mental illness can be classed as a disability and is therefore covered by anti-discrimination laws. The tribunal found that the policy exclusion was a breach of section 44 of the Equal Opportunity Act, which says that people cannot discriminate against others by refusing them goods and services.
mental  health  mental  illness  discrimination 
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Teach mental health in primary schools, advisory group says | Society | The Guardian
Young people on NHS-affiliated panel say placing subject on national curriculum is key to helping prevent problems in later life
education  policy  NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  well  being  happiness  sex  ed  sex  education  prevention  Mindfulness  bullying  mobbing 
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A&Es hit by children's mental health crisis | UK news | The Guardian
Troubled children add to NHS burden as concern grows over lack of out-of-hours care
NHS  A&E  mental  health  mental  illness  GP 
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