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Revealed: Tory donors who paid £7m to socialise with May | Politics | The Guardian
The party of for by big (financial) business. // The party spent £18.5m on last year’s snap election, when the Conservatives lost their working majority. Labour spent £11m. Sources told the Guardian the Tories were aiming for a 40% annual increase in the party’s budget – money that would be spent on up to 100 local campaign coordinators.
Lobby  revolving  door  UK  Brexit  election  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  donations  donors  Theresa  May  hypocrisy  JAM  Lobbying  lobbyist 
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If Donald Trump wants civility, why does he trash political correctness? | Nesrine Malik | Opinion | The Guardian
The president’s supporters demand the right to insult others. Yet when people take a stand against this, they get upset // - The Snowflake Generation? A Response to Thoughty2 //&! - Here Come The Civility Police...
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  alt-right  far-right  right-wing  fascism  Conservatism  hypocrisy  Snowflake  hypocrite  Internet  Brexit  AfD  SJW  Feminism  transphobia  transphobic  Racism  LGBT  political  correctness  Islamophobia  antisemitism  civility  pronouns 
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Environment Agency chairman Philip Dilley resigns over job demands | Environment | The Guardian
Dilley quits weeks after coming under fire when it emerged he was on holiday in Barbados as floods hit northern England. [...] In a statement, Dilley said he was resigning in part because expectations of the role had expanded, to require him to be available at short notice throughout the year, which he found “inappropriate”. [ like Zero Hour Contract? ... We are all in this Together, right. ] He denied giving any untrue or misleading impression about his whereabouts during the floods, after the EA initially said he was at home with his family.
hypocrisy  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  austerity  fairness  Toff  Privileged  Establishment  Westminster  No  Representation  flash  floods  flooding  COP21  revolving  door  EPA  flood  defences  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  Zero  Hour  Contract  Iain  Duncan  Smith  DWP 
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UK Floods: Stories from the devastation in Cumbria - BBC News
Storm Desmond. // people can't seem to make the long-term connection or even imagine that it will get worse and worse and worse. their actions. and what is happening again and again and again. it's like an addict who take it as granted sleeping rough, beschaffungskirminalitaet, ... and what comes with it. //&! //&! Floods bring people together, but they also wash away trust. - If I were David Cameron, I would fast-track flood defences ahead of HS2, and say: ‘These are the people’s priorities – I get it’ -
climate  change  global  warming  climate  crisis  extreme  weather  weather  extreme  flash  floods  flooding  UK  economic  damage  COP21  hypocrisy  energy  policy  carbon  tax  carbonfootprint  carbon  trading  scheme  carbonemission  methane  food  industry  Wall  Street  crony  capitalism  capitalism  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  Meat  livestock  farming  COP15  Generationengerechtigkeit  insurance  premium  insurance 
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Ignoring watersheds, ignoring climate change: flooded by our ignorance | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian
Storm Desmond’s floods expose the utter madness of government policies, both in the hills and at the Paris talks. It’s as if it had come to remind us of what’s at stake. While the climate negotiations in Paris trudge their dreary road, Storm Desmond takes a great boot to our backsides. Yet still we fail to make the connection. The news records the spectacle and ignores the implications. //&! On Monday, experts called for new measures to be implemented –such as raising new buildings a metre above ground – to help cope with global warming-induced flooding. - //&! Flood defences failed; //&! Labour attacks £115m fall in flood management spending - //&! - 45k homes without power. //&! Pictures w Cameron visiting flooded homes; //&! Guardian Editorial - &! &! &! &! - Vegan as Long-term investment against extreme weather, duh. makes men cry.
COP21  flash  floods  flooding  extreme  weather  weather  extreme  climate  crisis  climate  change  recycling  carbonfootprint  carbon  tax  carbon  trading  scheme  carbonemission  economic  damage  Generationengerechtigkeit  constituency  babyboomers  Meat  Industry  livestock  farming  methane  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  economic  growth  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  crony  capitalism  capitalism  underinvestment  renewable  energy  energy  policy  fossil  fuel  Makers  austerity  solar  energy  wind  energy  Smart  Grid  zombie  consumer  consumerist  consumerism  sustainability  sustainable  materialism  status  anxiety  status  symbol  sick  population  health  crisis  hypocrisy  budget2015  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  nasty  party  Conservative  Tories  short-termism  macroeconomic  policy  microeconomic  policy  taxation 
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Surge-hit Hemsby worried about winter - BBC News
The campaign group Save Hemsby Coastline raised funds to pay for a trial sea defence, but it only covers a short stretch of coastline. Norfolk County Council said sea defences were not its responsibility. [...] An Environment Agency spokesman said it was spending £2.3bn over the next six years to protect 15,000 properties from coastal erosion, but it had not received an application for funding from Hemsby. [[[ >> // taking money away for renewables, and will have to put it and 10x more into extreme weather defences and repairs. does not include economic damage. - Re first big strom this winter Strom Desmond breaches several once-in-100 years flood devences. and winter is supposed be harsh with el ninio powering it and exceptionally cold atalantic bc of greenland iceshield cooling gulf stream ]]] //&!
climate  change  global  warming  economic  damage  coastal  erosion  UK  extreme  weather  weather  extreme  climate  crisis  budget2015  renewable  energy  Amber  Rudd  budget  deficit  Generationengerechtigkeit  austerity  COP21  hypocrisy  George  Osborne  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  flash  floods  flooding  El  Nino  greenland  iceshield  Gulf  Stream  constituency  babyboomers  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  short-termism 
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COP21: UK under fire on climate policy - BBC News
Allegations of hypocrisy will be levelled at the UK when the Climate Secretary Amber Rudd appears at the Paris climate summit on Monday. [...] Most recently Mr Osborne scrapped a £1bn fund for a demonstration plant to capture CO2 from a power station and store it underground. It was a major pillar of UK climate policy. Craig Bennett from Friends of the Earth said: "The government is totally hypocritical on climate change. "George Osborne's anti-environmental policy decisions on energy fly the opposite way to the low-carbon route the vast majority of other countries are pursuing. // also hypocrisy to cut renewable's and investment (increase future energy price, see Steel industry; wholesale price 1/3 higher than Germany, in Germany steel companies did not close shop. They complained too. but did not close shop.) and on the other hand say only austerity will strengthen economy and a strong economy guarantees a strong NHS.
COP21  Amber  Rudd  energy  price  energy  policy  austerity  climate  change  global  warming  renewable  energy  UK  budget2015  underinvestment  Smart  Grid  infrastructure  investment  competitiveness  competitive  competition  industrial  policy  marginal  cost  solar  energy  wind  energy  energy  security  hypocrisy  Tories  nasty  party  Generationengerechtigkeit  NHS  dogma  ideology  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  constituency  babyboomers  general  election  2015  election  campaign  promises  EEG  Umlage  Germany  trickle-down  economics  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  recovery 
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No mention of climate change in the TPP: Sierra Club report shows “dirty deal” means environmental disaster -
The Trans-Pacific Partnership will "fuel the climate crisis" warns the environmental organization in a new report [...] Environmental and labor organizations have warned for years that the TPP, which has been characterized as “NAFTA on steroids,” will mean disaster for the climate and for the economy. “A Dirty Deal: How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Threatens Our Climate,” the Sierra Club’s new report, details just how disastrous it could be. [...] The Sierra Club’s report finds that the TPP will do the following: “Empower fossil fuel corporations to challenge climate policies in private tribunals” [...] he deal will give foreign corporations the ability to sue governments for implementing environmental policies that do not meet companies’ “expectations” or that could make their investments less profitable.
climate  change  climate  crisis  TPP  trade  agreement  crony  capitalism  capitalism  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  global  warming  TTIP  fossil  fuel  vested  interest  Hegemony  USA  interest  groups  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  democracy  social  democracy  manufactured  consent  populism  propaganda  corporate  state  corporate  media  Polarisation  economic  growth  trickle-down  economics  dogma  ideology  barackobama  presidency  double  standard  hypocrisy  neoliberalism  neoliberal 
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Paris Klimagipfel: Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma investieren Milliarden in saubere Energie - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Ratan Tata, Jack Ma: Einige weltbekannte Superreiche und 20 Staaten setzen den Ton für die Klimaverhandlungen in Paris. Sie wollen Milliarden in saubere Energie für Entwicklungsländer investieren. // Wenn Gates und Bezos es ernst meinen, heatten sie schon lange ihre Unternehmen auf "CARBON NEUTRAL" strategie geschickt. //&!
Positioning  capitalism  Opportunism  opportunist  COP21  crony  capitalism  climate  change  global  warming  corporate  governance  Jeff  Bezos  Bill  Gates  carbonfootprint  carbon  tax  carbon  trading  scheme  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  short-termism  underinvestment  renewable  energy  fossil  fuel  hypocrisy  corporate  strategy  corporate  media  corporate  welfare  corporate  scandal  corporate  social  responsibility  corporate  culture  corporate  values 
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Klimagipfel in Paris: Ausschreitungen bei Demonstration -Video - SPIEGEL ONLINE
29.11.2015 - Steinwürfe und Festnahmen in Paris: Nachdem eine Großdemonstration zum Weltklimagipfel abgesagt wurde, randalierten Vermummte in der Innenstadt. // as Mad Cowboy author said in Cowspricacy, you can't be an environmentalist and eat meat.
COP21  War  on  Terror  activists  activism  Carnism  omnivore  food  industry  carbonfootprint  livestock  farming  western  diet  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Standard  American  pattern  diet  hypocrisy  Environmental  Movement  disaster  ecological  disaster  air  pollution  pollution  water  pollution 
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Paris Lees: On Germaine Greer and the Hypocrisy of the 'Left' | VICE | United Kingdom
the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, pointed out that freedom of expression is not absolute and words can lead to violence: "History has shown us time and again the dangers of demonising foreigners and minorities." [...] People can and do change. Bigots don't. That is what makes them bigots. Germaine Greer has been shitting on trans people for over 40 years. Germaine Greer is a bigot. [...] The way people think about trans people and the way people treat trans people are clearly completely unrelated. // via //&! apperently Richard Dawkins blocked her on Twitter after that article;
Transgender  minority  hate  speech  hate  crime  Germaine  Greer  transphobia  Transphobic  homophobic  Homophobia  refugee  crisis  free  speech  freedom  of  speech  freedom  of  expression  freedom  of  press  Polarisation  propaganda  corporate  media  corporate  state  Positioning  reframing  framing  spin  doctor  ethnic  minority  black  minority  post-racial  America  Gini  coefficient  inequality  Islamophobia  prejudice  bias  label  boxes  labels  white  male  privilege  straight  white  male  male  privilege  gender-based  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  LGBTQIASP  LGBT  manufactured  consent  Antisemitismus  antisemitism  bigotry  racism  discrimination  ethnic  discrimination  social  discrimination  racial  discrimination  snap  judgement  stigma  double  standard  hypocrisy  MLK  injustice  economic  justice 
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Why the phrase ‘first world problem’ is condescending to everyone | Books | The Guardian
first world problem [...] To pre-emptively concede that my problem is just a first world one is to ostentatiously check my privilege before anyone else tells me to do so. At the same time, I remind myself and everyone in earshot that we are indeed living in the “first world”. So it is also a humblebrag. [...] For a start, it patronises those outside the “first world” by implying that hunger, disease and war are not only prevalent among the global poor but in some way the sole conditions of their lives. It implicitly characterises the less fortunate majority of the world’s population as saintly idiots who would never dream of complaining about anything more trivial. In the guise of right-on sympathy, we condescendingly picture others as living lives of homogeneous horror while rhetorically rendering them invisible as people, denying the individuality of everyone’s various joys and sorrows. [...] As is well known, we all compare ourselves to others close by, and feel bad if we are ...
first  world  problem  public  awareness  public  perception  public  opinion  public  image  materialism  zombie  consumer  Entitlement  privilege  Privileged  western  world  western  society  status  symbol  status  anxiety  Gesellschaft  Wegwerfgesellschaft  civic  society  civil  courage  civic  life  civic  good  Social  Media  24-hour  news  cycle  hypocrisy  empathy  Carnism  psychology  sociology  self-regulation  self-actualization  self-awareness  judgement  snap  judgement  prejudice  socioeconomic  status  status  judgemental  Vegan  activists  activism  global  warming  Positioning  climate  change  gratitude  happiness  index  happiness  well  being 
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"Who does control the world?" - Noam Chomsky - BBC interview 2003 - YouTube
"Masters of the Universe" >> Wall Street. Hubris. // manufactured consent. // intellectuals write history //
Western  World  Iraq  War  Noam  Chomsky  Middle  East  hypocrisy  World  Police  War  on  Terror  military–industrial  complex  history  book  Wall  Street  British  Empire  WW2  IMF  World  Bank  9/11  society 
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BBC News - Lord Fink accuses Ed Miliband of climbdown over tax claims
"In an interview Lord Fink gave to the Evening Standard, in which the former Conservative Party treasurer says the definition of avoiding tax is so broad that "everyone does it"." ... Yeah right! As much as every grown man on a children's playground is a paedophile. ( ) // Remember "we are all in this together." &! &! "HSBC Tax Dodgers - Why Are MPs In Bed With Them? Russell Brand The Trews (E255)" - HRMC/Inland Revenue negotiates deals with tax dodgers / - no criminal prosecution vs. benefit cheat prosecution that makes headlines across all papers. // we are not all in it together &! &! Tax inspectors failed to prosecute a wealthy tax cheat who did not submit returns or pay any tax for 24 years, documents seen by BBC Panorama show. - &! &! 1 prosecution out of 1100 cases
No  Representation  UK  toff  Establishment  Privileged  tax  avoidance  Career  Politicians  Super  Rich  1%  austerity  tax  evasion  offshore  banking  class  warfare  Labour  Party  Conservative  Party  Tories  GFC  Gini  coefficient  social  mobility  income  mobility  downward  mobility  democracy  inequality  income  inequality  ethical  machine  Political  Governance  economic  history  history  general  election  2015  Inland  Revenue  HMCR  hypocrisy  fairness  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  Ed  Milliband  election  campaign  promises 
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The World’s Biggest Popstars are Walking Contradictions | NOISEY &! "However, what's most telling, is that Lorde has become a bit of an icon for the materialists that she set out to criticise. Kanye loves her; "Royals" soundtracked an advert for a $700 Samsung phone; she's collaborated with MAC cosmetics. It's this exact contradiction - I'm this and I'm also this - which is part of a wider social trend that's fucking around with the definition of authenticity and counter-culture. This stems from what, if you want to get academic about it, is called hyperreality - a phenomenon first observed in the eighties by French sociologist Jean Baudrillard. Shows like The Only Way is Essex are the pinnacle of hyperreality, where even though it clearly states that it's been scripted for your pleasure, the programme relies on the viewer buying into the idea of the characters being completely genuine. [...] we don't want to reject consumer culture at all. We want to buy into the idea of rejecting it. [...] We suck it up and go along with it.
Music  Industry  Pop  Culture  frictionless  attention  span  Lorde  socioeconomic  status  status  symbol  social  status  status  anxiety  sociology  psychology  materialism  society  superficial  Entertainment  Industry  Personal  Brand  lifestyle  western  lifestyle  counter  Amanda  Palmer  YouTube  capitalism  aspirational  product  marketing  PR  Celebrity  of  You  celeb  counter-culture  authentic  authenticity  paradox  hyperreality  hypocrisy  Indie  Music  counterculture  Umberto  Eco  book 
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Snapchat and Spiegel’s Interesting Call on the Hong Kong Demonstrations | TechCrunch
@EvanSpiegel on why @Snapchat chose not to make an 'Our Story' for the Hong Kong protests: 'One of my pet peeves over time is how the technology industry has tried to sell counterculture. It’s tried to sell the revolution. We’ve been really resistant to doing this' || WRONG. Hypocrisy. Selling a pro-democracy movement as counterculture is wrong. it's deceitful. Snapchat and it's investors only hold open the door for China. As long as they don't upset the Chinese regime, they can operate in the future in China. Apps that went "against the China's regiem politics" were shut out of this country, +1bn potential users. It wouldn't be in line with the fiduciary responsibility (to its investors) that Evan Spiegel/Snapchat has to operate along.
Umbrella  Revolution  pro-democracy  movement  Hong  Kong  Occupy  Central  China  censorship  Snapchat  Evan  Spiegel  Venture  Capital  Silicon  Valley  hypocrisy  fiduciary  responsibility  double  standard  crony  capitalism  corporatism  shareholder  shareholder  value  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation 
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Beyoncé - Flawless (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj - YouTube
50k screaming youths read, maybe for the first tiem, the word feminist (feminism) and its basic basic basic meaning. ... this coming from the music industry (symbol of sexism and misogyny) vets ... this song doesn't even. it's hypocrisy. it changes nothing. it is forgotten in days by the youths in this arena.
feminism  feminist  Music  Industry  Hollywood  Entertainment  Industry  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  Misogynie  misogyny  hypocrisy  straight  white  male  white  male  privilege  beauty  beauty  sickness  beauty  standard  celebrity  culture  gossip  culture  Tabloid  double  standard 
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r/TheFappening has been banned. : SubredditDrama
see comments +++ Blog Entry from Reddit +++ r/ShitRedditSays - << Fappers perpetualy downvote every comment!? (lol) +++ r/FemmeThoughts - +++ r/Theory of Reddit - +++ +++ !!! The Verge - "Reddit feels really bad that your stolen nude photos are being shared all over its website, but won't do anything about it unless you're privileged enough to understand the copyright system or able to afford a lawyer who does. And unlike (many) governments, Reddit has profit motives ..." +++ Pando +++ - "Hypocrisy Exemplified: Media Outraged At Hack Of Celebrities They’ve Been Sexualizing For Years"
Reddit  DMCA  copyright  infringement  The  Fappening  TheFappening  Celebgate  n00d  Celeb  Trading  Ring  iCloud  rippers  AnonIB  4chan  imgur  community  moot  Christopher  Poole  hypocrisy  double  standard  Politics  feminist  feminism  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  Misogynie  misogyny  revenge  porn  corporate  culture  corporate  values  ethical  machine  personal  values  moral  beliefs  ethical  beliefs  Celebrity  of  You  culture  Gossip  culture  Tabloid  pageviews  business  model  journalism  journalismus  content  News  Corp.  News  Corporation  Daily  Mail  Huffington  Post 
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Men Blaming Jennifer Lawrence & Kate Upon for Nude Pics Leak, Hate NSA Spying - YouTube - "Samsung Gear, iCloud Hacks And Sarah Goes To Burning Man - September 5, 2014" +++ !!! >>> >> via "No one complained about the release of Pam Anderson's wedding sex tape. No one complained about the relase of Scarlett Johansson's pics. People mocked Anthony Weiner, people mocked Hulk Hogan. I mean honestly, mocking? You are not offended for them? You are not hurt, you are really honestly mocking them? But if it suddenly happens to some one you happen to like then its awful and horrible and no good." +++ WORLD NEEDS MORE FEMALE HACKERS - +++ +++ +++ !!! !!!
n00d  Celeb  Trading  Ring  Celebgate  AnonIB  4chan  Reddit  Apple  user  experience  imgur  Celebrity  of  You  culture  gossip  culture  gossip  status  anxiety  status  symbol  social  status  The  Fappening  TheFappening  Sexual  objectification  objectification  darknet  iCloud  rippers  Misogynie  misogyny  feminism  feminist  revenge  porn  society  consent  Privacy  Internet  Privacy  DAU  victim  blame  blamegame  cyber  crime  cyber  attack  cyber  security  cyber  mobbing  cyber  bullying  cyber  espionage  security  online  security  password  security  two  factor  authentication  two  factor  verification  engineering  phishing  brute  force  attack  slut  shaming  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  sexualität  Intimate  relationship  hypocrisy  Daily  Mail  News  Corp.  Gawker  Tabloid 
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization (HBO) - YouTube
'The Spark of simmering tensions for decades.' || Jesse Jackson and Bernard Kerik on Ferguson - Newsnight ( ) + Cornel West on Missouri: "Obama reeks of political calculation not moral conviction" - Newsnight + NEWSNIGHT: Why is race such a problem in Ferguson? "St. Louis is a powder keg" & NO REPRESENTATION PROOF, marginalized population. No Short Cut possible as solution. + Rassismus-Debatte nach Ferguson: "Ich kämpfe bis zum Ende" || & "Nun müssten die politischen Entscheidungsträger aktiv werden, um das Rassismusproblem Amerikas ernsthaft anzugehen." + + Ferguson Justice System Is Discriminatory: Report || "moths" = defamation +++
Michael  Brown  racial  discrimination  racial  profiling  ethnic  minority  black  minority  discrimination  USA  society  Gini  coefficient  inequality  social  mobility  income  mobility  Police  Militarization  income  inequality  civic  society  civil  society  Zivilcourage  Zivilgesellschaft  diversity  democracy  trust  trustagent  confidence  Democratic  Process  Politics  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  Police  Brutality  accountability  oversight  governance  military–industrial  complex  Lobbying  lobbyist  lobby  de-escalation  ethical  machine  personal  values  history  1992  Los  Angeles  Riots  Justice  System  excessive  force  presidency  barackobama  class  warfare  social  safety  net  Patriarchy  white  male  privilege  Supremacy  white  supremacism  culture  hypocrisy  morality  moral  beliefs  morals  Policy  Makers  distrust  Food  Stamps  child  poverty  poverty  poverty  Leadership  education  Public  Policy  integrity  Trayvon  Martin  marginalized  marginalised  social  exclusion  Religion  Kajieme  Powell  prejudice  stereotype  bias  judgement  labels  label  boxes  tippingpoint  Tipping  Point  racism  empathy  compassion  sociology  socioeconomics  underemployed  under-representation  corruption  bribery  opp 
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Rassistische Beleidigungen gegen Yaya Touré im Spiel gegen ZSKA Moskau -Video - SPIEGEL ONLINE
>> UEFA / FIFA muss Italien und Russland in die zange nehemen. Keine Zuschauer mehr bei Spielen. + >> No Charta, No Campaign changes people. Action and people itself change people. Positive peer pressure. And soccer is an Olympic sport. so it is a thing that the I.O.C. doesn't pressure FIFA ...
FIFA  Politics  racial  discrimination  hypocrisy  I.O.C.  hate  speech  Soccer  UEFA  Russia  racism  Italy  hate  crime 
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Doping im Fußball: "Mafiöse Methoden von mafiösen Systemen" - NZ-Sport -
Bei der vorletzten WM 2011 in Daegu / Südkorea gaben in einer anonymen Befragung 29 Prozent der Athleten zu, in der Vorbereitung gedopt zu haben. [...] Man muss sich nur mal die Liste der fast 300 weltweit Gesperrten in der Leichtathletik anschauen, dann weiß man, was los ist. Der Rest der Athleten weiß, wie sie positive Dopingtests vermeiden können, oder hat einfach Glück, im richtigen Moment für sie die Tester an der Haustüre ohne Sorgen empfangen zu können. Wettkampf-Dopingtests während einer WM oder Olympischer Spiele darf man natürlich nicht überbewerten. Nur die ganz Dummen dopen nahe am Wettkampf oder gar Wettkampf selbst! [ + elite sport is celebration of genetic advantage ]
Book  DFB  David  Epstein  Doping-System  West  DOSB  Usain  Bolt  FIFA  Politics  Anti-Doping-Law  I.O.C.  Power  Play  accountability  doping  transparency  Anti-Doping  conflict  of  interest  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  Machtspiele  hypocrisy  Machtgehabe  IAAF  elite  sports  NADA  trust  Soccer  confidence  Jamaica  evolution  trustagent  genetics  USADA  gene  doping  WADA 
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Die Doping-Studie und ihre Folgen -
Systematisches Doping und Doping Forschung. Einige Koepfe sind immer noch aktiv und decken sich gegenseitig und die die ihre Rente geniessen. + + >> Privat muss man ueber das Zivilrecht gehen. Schadensersatzklagen. + Pound - "Der Sport wird bald in eine Krise geraten" [...] "Schwer zu sagen, was das Fass zum überlaufen bringen wird. Meine Vermutung ist, dass der Sport bald in eine Art Krise geraten wird. Ich denke, wenn die Sponsoren aussteigen, ist es vorbei." + + +
Society  DFB  DLV  Doping-System  West  moral  DOSB  FIFA  groupthink  Politics  Anti-Doping-Law  ethics  cycling  I.O.C.  accountability  doping  Thomas  Bach  transparency  Anti-Doping  Tour  de  France  Doping-System  Ost  Robert  Harting  TdF  UCI  reputation  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  hypocrisy  Sponsoring  morality  Pat  McQuaid  Group  behaviour  stakeholder  Marion  Jones  image  Willi  Daume  Mafia  Jan  Ullrich  corruption  lancearmstrong  Sport  Germany  governance 
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+ "The White House was given advance notice of the British government’s plans to detain the partner of the Guardian reporter who has written a series of high-profile stories about U.S. surveillance practices, a spokesman said Monday." BUT BUT UK Government had Mr Miranda on it's list via US Foreign Affairs / NSA / FBI advice I guess. + "Law firm Bindmans have written to the home secretary and Met Police commissioner for assurances "there will be no inspection, copying, disclosure, transfer, distribution or interference, in any way, with our client's data pending determination of our client's claim".
NSA  human  rights  Politics  humanrights  UK  GCHQ  Glenn  Greenwald  surveillance  state  USA  davidcameron  barackobama  hypocrisy  Edward  Snowden  War  on  Terror  presidency 
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▶ Spitzer: "Doping - ohne Rücksicht auf Gesundheit" - YouTube
In den 70ern und 80ern ist in der BRD offenbar ohne Rücksicht auf die Gesundheit gedopt worden. "Die Gefährlicheit der Anabolika ist nicht kommuniziert worden", sagt Sporthistoriker Giselher Spitzer. + + + /watch?v=twNtAPOpiXk + /watch?v=3SPOFQ23d0Q "Wer einmal aussagt ist bei der Mafia durch."
NADA  DFB  moral  Doping-System  West  anti-doping  DOSB  Politics  ethics  I.O.C.  accountability  doping  Thomas  Bach  Olympics  history  Willi  Daume  transparency  USADA  UCI  hypocrisy  Sport  Germany  WADA  soccer 
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Russia and the IOC agree: Athletes and spectators shouldn’t be openly gay at the Olympics.
Russian Interior Ministry confirmed: Openly gay people attending the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, including athletes, will be arrested under the country’s draconian new anti-gay law. The International Olympic Committee’s response to gay people? We mean it: Stay in the closet. + >> IOC is writing on thing in its charter. And doing the opposite. Value comes from action, not from words & charters. I.O.C. is the latest example. Same with FIFA and the World Cup in Qatar. Sport is a image of Society. How this plays out is a not just a step backwards it's a display of 'looking away' because it doesn't affect me. The word coward doesn't even encompass what is happening. Germany talks Zivilcourage. It's hypocrisy on all sides of the table. Politicians have no guts to take a stand. To boycott what is wrong. To make a dent in the universe.
DFB  angelamerkel  human  rights  vladimirputin  FIFA  Transphobic  Politics  racial  discrimination  Transgender  I.O.C.  Europe  Homophobia  accountability  barackobama  Machtspiele  political  folly  hypocrisy  Machtgehabe  LGBT  transphobia  homophobic  discrimination  society  Putin  Zivilcourage  domestic  affairs  Religion  political  error  foreignaffairs  Olympics  hate  crime  history  USA  civil  rights  bigotry  hate  speech  Sport  Russia  Germany  presidency  inequality 
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Doping: Im Westen wie im Osten - YouTube
Jetzt scheint es amtlich: Auch der Westen hat im Kampf um Medaillen nicht sauber gespielt. In den 70er Jahren ist offenbar flächendeckend gedopt worden. Das Know How ist von der Uni Freiburg gekommen. "Duldung vom inneren." +
DFB  Doping-System  West  DOSB  Politics  cycling  domestic  affairs  Franz  Beckenbauer  I.O.C.  Manfred  Ommer  doping  Thomas  Bach  Joseph  Keul  Willi  Daume  Doping-System  Ost  UCI  hypocrisy  Sport  Germany  EPO  soccer 
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US-Geheimdienst NSA: Assange nennt Obamas Reformpläne Sieg für Snowden - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Assange wirft der US-Regierung in ihrer Haltung zu Snowdens Asyl in Russland Scheinheiligkeit vor: "Amerika bietet Dissidenten, Whistleblowern und politischen Flüchtlingen Asyl an, ohne den Widerstand anderer Regierungen jederzeit zu berücksichtigen."
NSA  Politics  domestic  affairs  foreign  policy  Orwellian  State  UK  GCHQ  foreignaffairs  PRISM  Asylum  surveillance  USA  barackobama  hypocrisy  Edward  Snowden  Whisteblower  Russia  BND  Germany  Julian  Assange  presidency 
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"Die Dopingkontrollen sind lächerlich" - ARD-Doping-Experte DFB bekämpft Doping nur | Sport | Deutschlandfunk
ARD-Doping-Experte: DFB bekämpft Doping nur halbherzig Hajo Seppelt im Gespräch mit Bastian Rudde. >> Hypocrisy to say you are clean - when only less than 2 players per club will be blood tested in 2013/14. ++ >> "Der deutsche Fußball-Bund steht im Zwielicht. Er soll die Arbeit der Berliner Forscher zum Doping in der Bundesrepublik massiv behindert haben." Westen verhindert aufklaerung. Westen hat es im Osten voran getrieben. Doppel Standard.
NADA  DFB  Doping-System  West  biological  passport  FIFA  anti-doping  society  Franz  Beckenbauer  Power  Play  Manfred  Ommer  doping  Doping-System  Ost  Machtspiele  hypocrisy  Sport  Machtgehabe  Germany  WADA  soccer 
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BBC Sport - Athletics drug-testing report a wake-up call, says Wada boss
Only 1% of the athletes tested each year are found to be taking banned substances - the same percentage as in 1985 - and last year Wada set up a special working group to investigate why more cheats are not being detected. The group's damning report points out multiple failures including a lack of independence among national anti-doping organisations, and doping officers being offered bribes, being harassed and even threatened. It also said instead of Wada being recognised "as the leader in the fight against doping in sport and supported by the stakeholders, it is viewed as an irritant". [...] And Pound added there was evidence of "potential interference of the governments in the operations of national anti-doping organisations to make sure domestic athletes are not caught". ... >> money is missing in anti-doping. Posted Solution on Blog/email. All put money in one pot - distribute it through NADA's worldwide. Independence & Integrity has to be ensured.
transparency  NADA  anti-doping  hypocrisy  accountability  Germany  doping  WADA 
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Interview mit Snowdens russischem Anwalt Kutcherena - SPIEGEL ONLINE
SPIEGEL ONLINE: Haben die Amerikaner Kontakt zu Ihnen aufgenommen? Kutscherena: Die Botschaft hat mich angerufen, sie wollen ein Treffen. Was mich verwundert: Es gibt bis heute kein offizielles Auslieferungsgesuch von Seiten der USA. Ich wiederhole: Amerika hat kein Auslieferungsgesuch gestellt! Und Amerika hat nicht verlautbart, dass Snowdens Vorwürfe nicht stimmen. Snowden hat der Welt die Augen geöffnet. SPIEGEL ONLINE: Russland hat einen riesigen Geheimdienstapparat. Abgehörte Telefonate Oppositioneller tauchen schon mal in der Kreml-nahen Presse auf. Ist der demonstrative Einsatz für Snowden nicht scheinheilig? Kutscherena: Ich bin für Ehrlichkeit. Die Amerikaner predigen von der Kanzel, dass sie die Verfassung schützen. Der Mensch steht dort an erster Stelle, seine Rechte und Freiheiten sind unantastbar. Natürlich erlauben die Gesetze auch Spezialoperationen und Einschränkungen, etwa im Kampf gegen Terroristen. Aber doch nicht in solcher Masse!
NSA  Wikileaks  Tempora  Ecuador  domestic  affairs  feigned  innocence  foreignaffairs  United  States  Constitution  PRISM  Asylum  Glenn  Greenwald  USA  barackobama  hypocrisy  Edward  Snowden  Whisteblower  Julian  Assange  presidency  diplomacy 
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BBC News - MPs urge UK to eat less meat to help global food supplies
The International Development Committee said increased growing of grain to feed cattle was reducing the resources for nourishing people. And food production companies that wasted too much should face "clear sanctions", the MPs said. >> Omnivores tackling food security issues with advertising to donations for the third world. if they only would change their unhealthy and catastrophic diet. Hypocrisy. +
food-security  omnivore  hypocrisy  vegetarian  food  security  Vegan 
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Are Vocal Homophobes Really Just Homosexuals in the Closet? | Skeptikai
" our research suggests that some who oppose homosexuality do tacitly harbor same-sex attraction." [...] Is it possible that the link between vocal homophobia and homosexuality is the same as the link between the homophobic rhetoric and the porn consumption of a taboo population (e.g., racists searching for black people, homophobes searching for gay people)? I think it’s possible, but it’s very hard to say. Sexuality is a fundamentally natural part of one’s existence, whereas something like racism is totally environmentally learnt. Therefore, while one may feel guilty about hiding their sexuality, there may be no inherent reason to feel guilty about being a racist. But still, it’s something to consider.
transphobia  discrimination  minority  society  sociology  Homophobia  transgender  hate  crime  LGBTQ  gender  role  hatecrime  environment  psychology  hate  speech  gender  hypocrisy  culture  LGBT 
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Europe's bank stress tests as bad as 1979 Irish driving test - Telegraph
Take one of the more pertinent “stressed” assumptions the European authorities have used to test the 90 banks in the latest tests.Greek bonds are currently trading in the market at half their face value, yet the EBA seriously asks sophisticated investors to believe that they have properly tested the banks by applying a “haircut” of just 15pc to Greek debt.Or look at the €2.5bn (£2.2bn) of new capital the EBA says the eight banks that failed the tests will have to raise.Analysts at Credit Suisse, just three hours and 25 minutes after the EBA announced its results, have concluded that the actual amount needed would be more like €45bn and that 14 banks should have failed.

 honesty really is the best policy.
EBA  stresstest  europe  2011  banking  sovereign  debt  PIIGS  default  fraud  hypocrisy  policy  politics 
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Rede zum Arabischen Frühling Viel Pathos, wenig Pläne
Klare Unterstützung für Reformer im Nahen Osten - aber eine allzu vage Agenda für eine neue US-Außenpolitik: Die arabische Welt wird US-Präsident Barack Obamas Grundsatzrede zur Kenntnis nehmen, Jubel dürfte sie kaum auslösen. Nicht zuletzt wegen der deutlichen Unterstützung für Israel.

Dieser Auftritt war von vornherein ein Risiko. Niemand zwischen Casablanca und Bagdad hatte darauf gewartet, dass Barack Obama eine Grundsatzrede zum Arabischen Frühling hält. Der US-Präsident hat sich trotzdem dafür entschieden - und erläuterte am Donnerstag seine Einschätzungen zu den Umwälzungen in der Region. Obama erklärte, warum diese ein "neues Kapitel" in der Geschichte der amerikanischen Diplomatie nötig machen.
presidency  barackobama  pakistan  foreignaffairs  arab  israel  politics  middle-east  jasminrevolution  2011  Bahrain  lybia  double-standard  hypocrisy 
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Bundesbank-Hilfe bei lgeschft: Das Rtsel um dendeutschen Iran-Deal - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Politik
Berlin - Das umstrittene Engagement der Bundesbank bei einem Ölgeschäft zwischen Iran und Indien hat womöglich eine größere politische Brisanz als bisher bekannt. Wie es in Regierungskreisen in Berlin heißt, soll der Deal im Zusammenhang mit der Freilassung zweier Reporter der "Bild am Sonntag" aus iranischer Haft im Februar dieses Jahres stehen. Demnach soll die Bundesregierung die Hilfe der deutschen Zentralbank bei der iranisch-indischen Transaktion im Gegenzug für die Freilassung der beiden Deutschen gebilligt haben.
hypocrisy  germany  westerwelle  2011  Iran  politics  money  west  sanctions  Libya 
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Japan Crisis Isn't Yet Grasped by the Markets -
Such “what if” scripts are the stuff of modern Wall Street. Everyone runs them. Entire schools of financial analysis are devoted to examining historical market patterns in the belief that those patterns can predict the future.
Such analysis, of course, depends on — and perhaps even encourages — our belief that tomorrow will be much like today. And all that despite the fine-print caveat on your 401(k) statement that reads, “Past performance is no guarantee of future success.”

 we rely on history for guidance - and that is a fallacy 

Big economic questions remain unanswered.
wallstreet  japan  2011  earthquake  nuclear  fallout  model  financial  performance  hypocrisy  finance  investment  blackswan  history  economics  unintended  consequences 
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Former Goldmanite And Head Of New York Fed Bill Dudley: "Let Them Eat iPad" | zero hedge
So, Dudley sought an everyday example of a price that is falling.
"Today you can buy an iPad 2 that costs the same as an iPad 1 that is twice as powerful," he said referring to Apple Inc's (AAPL.O) latest handheld tablet computer hitting stories on Friday.
"You have to look at the prices of all things," he said.
This prompted guffaws and widespread murmuring from the audience, with one audience member calling the comment "tone deaf."
inflation  USA  CPI  Fed  hypocrisy  fraud  2011 
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Blaming Rubin | Analysis & Opinion |
When he was in the Clinton administration, Rubin thought that absent a crisis, it would be politically impossible to pass new rules because of the intensity of the opposition from his former colleagues on Wall Street. He also faced disagreement from Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, who believed that markets were essentially self-regulating, and some skepticism from his own deputy at Treasury, Larry Summers. Rubin goes into this at length in his book, noting that Summers later ridiculed the kind of comprehensive margin requirements Rubin favored as “playing tennis with wooden rackets.” The three did agree, however, that a legally ambiguous effort by the Commodity Futures Trading Corp., then led by Brooksley Born, to regulate over-the-counter derivatives could have created dangerous market uncertainty.
robertrubin  hypocrisy  hypocrite  alangreenspan  larrysummers  regulation  reform  derivatives  billclinton 
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The psychology of power: Absolutely | The Economist
However, an intriguing characteristic emerged among participants in high-power states who felt they did not deserve their elevated positions. These people showed a similar tendency to that found in low-power individuals—to be harsh on themselves and less harsh on others—but the effect was considerably more dramatic. They felt that others warranted a lenient 6.0 on the morality scale when stealing a bike but assigned a highly immoral 3.9 if they took it themselves. Dr Lammers and Dr Galinsky call this reversal “hypercrisy”.
power  psychology  behaviour  politics  sociology  competition  hypocrisy  corruption 
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