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Inquiry launched into UK gender laws amid fears over Brexit effect | World news | The Guardian
[ one particular NHS already breaking EU overtime work directive ] Areas of equality law to be examined include measures to guarantee equal pay, protection for part-time workers and during pregnancy, and combating so-called intersectional discrimination, where someone faces potential disadvantage for not just their gender but another area, for example race or religion. [...] While the government had promised to protect equality and the rights of workers following departure from the EU, Smethers said, the concern was that some protections could be lost almost inadvertently amid wider changes. [...] “The real worry we’ve got is that those kind of assurances are actually quite superficial, and they are probably a second order commitment compared to the need to secure a competitive economy, and how we compete if we’re outside the trading bloc,” Smethers said. &! Sports Direct, JD Sports -
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How to make it in the new music industry: The long slow ascent of electronic star Tycho | PandoDaily
"Quietly honing his craft for the better part of ten years." like the Beatles in Rostock ... or was it Hannover? But the Beatles played every night in one location for a long time ... honing the craft of playing live as a band. << Far removed from 'Casting Show' type singer-only entertainment. Beatles time and even before them was the emergence of Singer-Songwriter. Rare back then. Rare again today.
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BBC News - Flexible working rights extended to all + "Working 40 hours per week is fairly typical for full time employees in the UK - but an independent think tank has called for that figure to be reduced to 30 hours. The New Economics Foundation said a shorter, more flexible working week would be good for workers, the environment and the economy." - future is ~30-35hrs with productivity time slots - /// Figures from the Office of National Statistics suggest we are actually working on average an hour or two less than we did in 1971 but it does not feel that way, as the internet and email mean we are never off-duty. || - "Compressed hours" - teamTreehouse has a 4 day work week.
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Hört auf zu arbeiten! - News Wirtschaft: Karriere -
«Hört auf zu arbeiten!» Überangebot auf den Arbeitsmärkten >> nicht jeder kann heute einen "guten" job bekommen in then westlichen laendern. punkt. > " Sie setzen auf individuelle Lösungen, greifen zu einem semantischen Trick und ersetzen «gute Arbeit» durch «bedeutsame Tätigkeit». Wenn wir alle unsere Arbeit mit dem gleichen Enthusiasmus und der gleichen Leidenschaft verrichten, wie Bruce Springsteen seine Konzerte absolviert, dann wird alles gut. "
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