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How the Sharing Economy Is Impacting Travel - YouTube
w great app - word of mouth and net promoter score and marketing and advertisement you can, in an age of appification and single-use apps, create a deep trench away from Google Search (customers using desktop search from booking travel, hotel, flight, leisure experience). can only react to Hotel Tonight and Hipmunk being first on the homescreen of phones with a great product/market fit. // min 6:30 - post-Search world (desktop) with limited screen size etc on homescreen we have come back to the portal. Yahoo! was a portal. No we have a new one in our hands in form of Apple iOS iPhone and Google's Android
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Joe Gebbia - The Airbnb Story - YouTube
AirBnB is the ebay for places and experiences. Sharing is caring - you space. This kindness to open up you personal space to strangers ... magical moments can happen. Stories are written. Lives are changed. Still there is the 80/20 - there will always be bad eggs, say bad customers. And because national travel is vry affordable and people want to escape their walls on the weekend if they could afford and its users use it for niche items/services >> providing accommodation for events. Staying in someones place is very different than a hotel. a hotel is generic. every AirBnB is different. It is an experience. not only might you experience a new city, but you also experience someones life, how he or she or they live. Their view. Plus - this is the time of the Airbnb - experience services - because millennials favour experiences of commoditised consumer goods. and babyboomers want that cake too because of the youthification trend. only retrospective u see the pieces of the puzzle.
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The minibar whiskey may be urine and why you don't want to drink from the glasses: staff dish hotel secrets | Mail Online
6. One room, one simple rule
An employee at a top hotel told Reddit that people wanting just one room should avoid online travel sites.
He said third parties often charge more than the hotel's actual rate so people should book directly because if there are vacancies, they're willing to bargain.
'If you are just reserving a room, you're getting the short stick,' he said.
7. Need to cancel without paying a fee? Think ahead
Another useful tip was on how to avoid paying a cancellation fee when you have to ditch a reservation at the last minute.
A receptionist said a clever solution is to call the hotel and push your reservation forward a few weeks. Then, call back later that day and cancel.

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Soho House
Soho House was founded in 1995 as a private members’ club for those in the film and media industries. Located in the heart of Soho, it is a haven away from the bustle of the streets below and a discreet getaway for members to enjoy good food and service.
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Hipmunk: Better Flight (& Hotel) Search
Site with great usability. Searching for Flights and Hotels around the world.
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Europe Without Hotels - with names like and
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