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(5643) Dicke Kinder - kranke Kinder! | Odysso - YouTube
4:50 - mutter vater bestimmen zum teil den hang zum uebergewicht und diabetes. bei zeugung und im mutterleib und fruehkindheit. junk food babies thus is a fitting name. // thus GP ask for family history.
epigenetics  childhood  parenthood  public  health  obesity  overweight  environment  crisis  sickcare  demand  diabetes  junk  food  fast  NHS  UK  microbiota  hormones  IGF-1  microbiome  addiction  epidemiology 
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(5578) Fettleibigkeit vorprogrammiert - YouTube
see nutritionfacts org - pesticides herbicides fungicides additives PBA etc // umweltgifte // nutritionfacts - also mentiond "Kassenzettel" // BUT see also Valter Longo 'its a complex system, not one thing' // obesogenic compounds disrupting evolutions complex system. // nikotine - children from smoking mothers born underweight, tend to be overweight later // also phalates bisphenol DES TBT PBDE PFOA PCB Dioxin Organophosphat Atrazin DDT Mercury / Blei Benzopyren Nikotin Genistein Glutamat //&! !!! ALL IN PROCESSES FOODS AND ANIMAL FOODS! - - Phalates et al in ready meal processed food mac n cheese!!! its not food its chemical ...
public  health  pollution  obesity  overweight  PBA  endocrine  system  disruption  disruptors  toxicity  environmental  environment  ecological  crisis  fungicide  pesticide  herbicide  plastic  nation  toxicology  hormones  IGF-1  antibiotic  antibiotics  Fructose  epigenetics  processed  food  S.A.D.  western  diet  junk  Cancer  lifestyle  convenience  cost  ready  meal 
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(5499) Kein Stress mit dem Gewicht - Faszination Wissen - ganze Sendung vom 11.5.2015 - YouTube
20:00 "stress esser" //&! - Chronic stress disrupts our sleep and our blood sugar levels. This leads to increased hunger and comfort eating. &! - Escaping The Dietary Pleasure Trap - Alan Goldhamer DC - FULL TALK eg ice cream cold is too sweet. // Book Salt Sugar Fat.
fast  food  self-medication  abuse  junk  western  diet  S.A.D.  public  health  chronic  stress  poverty  trap  hormones  signals  reward  salt  sugar  fat  evolution  CVD  obesity  overweight  Cancer  dopamine  cortisol  metabolism  emotions  sickcare  mental  NHS  prevention  healthcare  exploitation  food–industrial  lobby  complex  vested  interest  weightloss  bariatric  surgery  diabetes  shiftwork  circadian  rhythm  sleep  Hygiene  alcohol  alcoholism  superficial  artificial  pleasure  processed 
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Dr. T. Colin Campbell's Provocations - Casein is a Carcinogen - YouTube
got milk advertising campaign! & //&! Dr. T. Colin Campbell's Provocations - Dairy Protein Causes Cancer - - animal protein far more potent than any other chemical like pesticide ...
Milk  Industry  carcinogen  carcinogenic  cancer  growth  hormone  Dairy  Industry  IGF-1  hormones  endocrine  system  public  safety  public  health  policy  public  health  sick  population  chronic  diseases  diet-related  disease  health  crisis  food  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  pollution  animal  protein 
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Test Grippe-Impfung: Vergleich Männer Frauen bei Erkältungen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Testosteron als Immundämpfer bei Männern könnte in der Entwicklungsgeschichte eventuell Vorteile geboten haben, spekuliert Davis: Es könnte das Immunsystem der häufiger von Verletzungen und Infektionen bedrohten Männer vor Überreaktionen bewahrt haben.
evolution  immune  system  autoimmune  response  hormones  Influenza 
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High fat diet may increase women's risk of breast cancer later in life | Mail Online
... ‘Our findings highlight a striking link between diet, metabolic dysregulation, and.., MG (mammary gland) growth that is independent of oestrogenic stimulation.
'These results lend support to increasing evidence suggesting a relationship between breast cancer risk and early life events that clearly include dietary components and their effects on aspects of metabolic dysregulation.’

Read more:

= Diet influences whole bodily system ... evidence is conclusive; eat vegan. See more et al
hormones  IGF-1  estrogen  obesity  overweight  Cardiovascular  disease  heart  disease  metabolic  syndrome  diabetes  vegan  obesity  epidemic  nutrition  diet  cancer 
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BBC News - The power of intermittent fasting
The IGF-1 hormone (insulin-like growth factor) is one of the drivers which keep our bodies in go-go mode, with cells driven to reproduce. This is fine when you are growing, but not so good later in life.

There is now evidence suggesting that IGF-1 levels can be lowered by what you eat. Studies on calorie restrictors suggest that eating less helps, but it is not enough

As well as cutting calories you have to cut your protein intake. Not entirely - that would be a very bad idea. It's about sticking to recommended guidelines, something most of us fail to do [as does the typical western diet].


Current medical opinion is that the benefits of fasting are unproven and until there are more human studies it's better to eat at least 2000 calories a day.

[ Luckily ... a Vegan Diet does imitate fasting: ]
hormones  Caloric  Restriction  DHEA  health  crisis  growth  hormone  cancer  diet  protein  health  science  health  IGF-1 
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Really? The Claim: Eating Soy Increases the Risk of Breast Cancer -

Soy milk, tofu and other soy products contain phytoestrogens, chemicals that can mimic the behavior of the hormone estrogen. Because estrogen fuels many breast cancers, soy has long been a source of concern: Can it heighten the risk of breast cancer or raise the odds of recurrence?

In the lab, phytoestrogens can stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells. But in human studies, scientists have not found that diets high in soy increase breast cancer risk. In fact, most have found the reverse.


Despite concerns about its phytoestrogen content, eating soy has not been shown to promote breast cancer.


My personal educated take:: reduce refined and fake product (ie products mimicking meat made out of soy)
tofu  diet  health  cancer  estrogen  hormones  phytoestrogen  soy  soya 
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Puberty Before Age 10 - A New ‘Normal’? -
the ties between obesity and puberty start at a very young age. As Emily Walvoord of the Indiana University School of Medicine points out in her paper “The Timing of Puberty: Is It Changing? Does It Matter?” body-mass index and pubertal timing are associated at age 5, age 3, even age 9 months. This fact has shifted pediatric endocrinologists away from what used to be known as the critical-weight theory of puberty — the idea that once a girl’s body reaches a certain mass, puberty inevitably starts — to a critical-fat theory of puberty. Researchers now believe that fat tissue, not poundage, sets off a feedback loop that can cause a body to mature.

In addition, animal studies show that the exposure to some environmental chemicals can cause bodies to mature early. Of particular concern are endocrine-disrupters, like “xeno-estrogens” or estrogen mimics.

Family stress can disrupt puberty timing as well. [Evolution?]
evolution  health  childcare  childhood  parenting  bisphenolA  BPA  obesity  epidemic  obesity  hormones  puberty 
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Birth Control Pills Have Lasting Effects on Relationships: Scientific American
hormonal birth control pill does affect your taste of men.

This relationship stability might be caused by the bias of women on the pill toward low-testosterone men, who tend to be more faithful. Roberts suggests that women who met their mate while taking the pill might want to switch to nonhormonal contraceptives several months before getting married to test whether their feelings for their partner remain the same.
sexual  health  marriage  relationships  relationship  genetics  evolution  hormones  contraception  birth  control 
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8 Ways You Can Avoid Chemicals In A Can | Inspired Bites
Well, in April 2008, the National Toxicology Program raised concerns that exposure to this chemical, bisphenol A (BPA), during pregnancy and childhood could impact the developing breast and prostate, hasten puberty, and affect behavior in American children. In October 2010 in the Journal Reproductive Toxicology, another study demonstrated that in utero exposures to BPA cause precancerous prostate lesions in animals. And a Harvard School of Public Health team found elevated BPA measurements in pregnant women who eat canned vegetables daily, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Days after the 2008 study, the Canadian government decided to label BPA as “toxic.”

So while the French have banned BPA in all food packaging materials, not just in baby bottles, not just in cans of infant formula, but in packaging materials for the “grown ups,” too, the question becomes: “What in the world are we doing eating food that is marinating in this stuff?”
hormones  cancer  bisphenolA  BPA 
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Estrogen Lowers Risk of Heart Attack and Breast Cancer in Some -
In a finding that challenges the conventional wisdom about the risks of some hormones used in menopause, a major government study has found that years after using estrogen-only therapy, certain women had a markedly reduced risk of breast cancer and heart attack.
The research, part of the landmark Women’s Health Initiative study, is likely to surprise women and their doctors, who for years have heard frightening news about the risks of hormone therapy. But most of those fears are related to the use of a combination of two hormones, estrogen and progestin, which are prescribed to relieve hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause, and have been shown to increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer.

The women with hysterectomies who used estrogen alone had a 23 percent lower risk for breast cancer compared with those who had taken a placebo. This is in stark contrast to the higher risk of breast cancer shown in the estrogen-progestin part of the trial.
cancer  hormones  estrogen  progestin  medicine  research  study 
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