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FactCheck: Theresa May’s claim about housing doesn’t give the full picture – Channel 4 News
There have been six full financial years since the Tories took office in 2010. In four of those years, the number of new houses being built was lower than it was at any time under Labour.
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British households doing less cleaning, DIY and gardening, says ONS
[80% of 2015 GDP growth was consumer related][home improvement is bell weather signal] [...] Over the past decade British waistlines have expanded with obesity reaching crisis levels. Yet the ONS estimates that, in the home at least, the number of calories consumed has been falling. [...] Another significant change is the value put on “transport services” provided by households. This week record car sales were reported, jumping to more than 500,000 in March alone, yet the number of miles driven by households – to go to work or the shops, collecting children from school, etc – remains significantly below the levels recorded a decade ago. [...] It attributed the fall to petrol costs and pressure on household budgets after the financial crash. [...] . Time spent on DIY is down the most – by 20% since 2005. ...
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BBC News - A history of social housing
Viability assessments are commercially confidential. not even the council can have a look at them. just get yes/no, and something liking to an executive summary. >> - The UK has a serious shortage of affordable homes. Lesley Curwen asks whether the current system - where councils do deals with developers to provide cheaper homes - is working. [...] in transparent, not accountable, no inclusion of community/tax payer. abuse of the system & situation. writing their own rules. knowing they have the leverage/upper hand due to the shortage and pressure put on councils by public due to shortage. the new-smaller bankster! Out come additional/more cost for everyone due all this. This is not a market. This is a one way game, again. Like the bank bailout was. either you bail us out on our conditions or you go down with us. // &! Why can't the UK build 240,000 houses a year? - // &! - The housing crisis in charts &! &!
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Americans Facing More Inequality, More Debt and Now More Trouble? - YouTube
Middle Class, keeping up with the Jonses.

Did America's record-high level of economic inequality in 2007 help cause the financial crisis of 2008? With Americans' borrowing back on the rise and signs that economic inequality is growing, could there be another financial crisis in the near future? Paul Solman continues his series of reports on U.S. economic inequality.
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White House Acknowledges Concern Over HR 3808 | FDL News Desk
For big banks, “there’s a possible nightmare scenario here that no foreclosure is valid,” said Nancy Bush, a banking analyst from NAB Research. If millions of foreclosures past and present were invalidated because of the way the hurried securitization process muddied the chain of ownership, banks could face lawsuits from homeowners and from investors who bought stakes in the mortgage securities – an expensive and potentially crippling proposition.

For the fragile housing market, already clogged with foreclosure cases, it could mean gridlock and confusion for years. And there is concern in Washington that if the real estate market and financial institutions suffer harm, it could force the government to step in again.
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News Analysis - A Bold U.S. Plan to Help Struggling Homeowners -
“The housing market is the Vietnam War of the American financial system,” said Howard Glaser, a housing consultant. “The federal government is in so deep, they have to keep ramping up to find a way out.”

The latest programs, together with foreclosure assistance efforts already in place, are aimed at helping as many as four million embattled owners keep their houses. But the measures, which will take as long as six months to put into practice, might easily fall victim to some of the conflicting interests that have bedeviled efforts to date. None of these programs have the force of law, and lenders have often seen no good reason to participate.
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