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(4387) How the opioid crisis decimated the American workforce - YouTube
direct link between out of work (injury) and opioid addiction and dropping out of workforce. // &! - Neuroscientist Dr. Carl Hart: People Are Dying in Opioid Crisis Because of Politicians’ Ignorance - needle exchange and free drug purity checks is a step to reducing overdose deaths and first foot in door for rehab (liberal) //&! - American Epidemic: The Nation's Struggle With Opioid Addiction WSJ &! - The Opioid Effect: An Ohio Family Rebuilds After Addiction VICE //&! AMERICA ADDICTED - - A community overwhelmed by opioids &! - Who Profits from the Opioid Crisis? Meet the Secretive Sackler Family Making Billions from OxyContin - watering down regulation and oversight. &! - How Big Pharma & Cartels Got America Addicted to Heroin with Jason Smith &! - US Addiction Epidemic Fuelled By Pharma Corporations (2015) "pill mill" &! - Why Portsmouth, Ohio Became The Epicentre of America's Opioid Crisis &! - Opioid Crisis in Maine &! - Narcan On The Rise &! - Heroin's Children: Inside the US opioid crisis - Fault Lines
addiction  coping  chronic  stress  abuse  opioid  dopamine  crisis  epidemic  narcotics  war  on  drugs  USA  painkillers  economic  damage  workforce  Precariat  working  poor  structural  unemployment  food  S.A.D.  western  diet  lifestyle  insecurity  trap  poverty  inequality  American  Dream  secular  stagnation  wage  income  growth  Productivity  output  gap  GFC  history  Super  Rich  1%  trickle-down  Sociology  socioeconomic  Society  Gesellschaft  Xanax  fentanyl  alcohol  heroin  overdose  Consumerism  mental  health  well-being  wellbeing  Capitalism  Consumer  Selbstdarstellung  consumption  Austerity  welfare  state  neoliberalism  OxyContin  lobby  pharma  pharmaceutical  BigPharma  revolving  door  vested  interest  Regulation  regulators  self-regulation  substance 
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Can drug courts stop overdose deaths in heroin epidemic? - BBC News
[ symptom of wider society and it's characteristics ] - Unlikely face of heroin epidemic in small town America - Drug-related deaths have soared in New Hampshire, where an influx of cheap heroin has claimed victims from every section of society. The state is facing an epidemic of addiction and overdoses. Voters in the state, which holds the first-in-the-nation presidential primary in February, say drugs are now their biggest concern. - [ there is demand for numbing, escapism, thrill ride, distraction ] - - [ not being enough X ] [ symptom of the rat race ]
USA  Justice  System  drug  abuse  substance  abuse  Heroin  Rehabilitation  prison–industrial  complex  Escapeism  Entertainment  numbing  chronic  stress  burnout  Wertegesellschaft  zombie  consumer  society  Wegwerfgesellschaft  Gesellschaft  Zivilgesellschaft  sociology  psychology  status  anxiety  rat  race  status  symbol  socioeconomic  status  mental  health  happiness  index  happiness  well  being  western  society  western  world  western  lifestyle  western  diet  pattern  diet  Standard  American  processed  food  food  engineering  addiction  sick  population  health  crisis  public  health  policy  public  health  public  safety  crony  capitalism  capitalism  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value 
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Weed is not more dangerous than alcohol - YouTube
Drugs are bad, but the drug war is worse. It's possible that legalizing marijuana could be a huge public-health win. // ~88.000 if alcohol related deaths in USA
War  on  Drugs  Alcohol  abuse  substance  abuse  Heroin  Marijuana  cannabis  public  health  policy  Legalisation  decriminalisation  decriminalization  Cocaine  addiction  public  perception  public  awareness  public  image  public  interest  CDC  public  debate  public  discourse  public  opinion  public  health 
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BBC News - The horrific toll of America's heroin 'epidemic'
"The number of heroin users in the US has doubled in the last five years and one reason is thought to be the rise in prescription drugs, because heavy users of pain relievers are more likely to start using heroin" [...] Research suggests that nearly 34,000 12-17 year olds are now trying heroin for the first time each year, as the drug becomes cheaper and more readily available than ever.
heroin  USA  War  on  Drugs  addiction 
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