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(185) Deutschland, Deine Döner - Was essen wir da eigentlich? | betrifft - YouTube
Phosphate im Essen = langzeit nierenschaden
Fake Doener
&! Die Fleischlüge: Warum Panscher nicht aufzuhalten sind - Frontal 21 | ZDF -
&! horse meat scandal
&! - Beef scare: Polish bad meat spreads to 11 EU states
&! - Die Tricks der Fleischindustrie
Gammelfleisch  Fleisch  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  public  health  profit-maximisation  phosphate  Food  risk  prevention  Zusatzstoffe  panschen  Lebensmittel  transparency  quality  scandal  meat  horsemeat 
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Hawaii may increase legal smoking age to 100 - BBC News
Dr Creagan, who was an emergency room physician before he was elected as state representative in 2014, calls the cigarette "the deadliest artefact in human history" in the bill.

In January 2017, Hawaii became the first US state to raise its smoking age to 21. In other US states the legal age is usually 18 or 19.
tobacco  public  health  prevention  Cancer 
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(4) 'Why I'm no longer vegan' INSANITY - Dr. Davis - YouTube
Ethic vegans are junk food vegans. any junk food diet is long-term bad even if it is vegan (eg only juices).
Not health vegans. Dr Michael Greger and Co.
Vegan  Ethics  whole-food  plant-based  fibre  soy  beans  grains  legumes  B12  prevention  public  health  Iron  folate  Iodine  omega-3  VitaminD 
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Monsanto, der Prozess | Doku | ARTE - YouTube
roundup also classed as antibiotic
roundup affected feed eaten by cows. cows get sick. pigs. etc.
GMO Soya with traces of Roundup, cows pigs microbiota changed, die early and lots of birth defects.
Roundup is in consumer foods!!!
Monsanto  Roundup  Glyphosate  public  health  pollution  carcinogenic  WHO  Europe  fertiliser  herbicide  pesticide  fungicide  antibiotic  antibiotics  superbug  post-antibiotic  Soya 
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Is the NHS's long-term plan workable? - BBC News
Bleak picture
Budgets for public health (including prevention) and training of nurses, doctors and other staff have not yet been set out and, if less generous than the NHS settlement, they could affect the ability of the service to deliver the long-term plan, in the view of the report authors.

And what of the short term? The watchdog paints a bleak picture.

The financial health of some trusts, it says, is getting worse.
NHS  social  care  Council  elderly  adult  long-term  plan  Theresa  May  Conservative  Austerity  chronic  sickcare  sick  population  ageing  demographics  Cancer  Obesity  CVD  diabetes  rationing  mental  health  staff  crisis  hiring  locum  CAMHS  prevention  public  Privatisation 
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How diet is changing - the good and the bad - BBC News
But on other measures, diet has not improved, the report, from the Food Standards Agency and Public Health England, says.

Fruit and vegetable consumption remains largely unchanged and is still under the recommended five-a-day level.
Fibre intake has fallen slightly, while vitamin and mineral consumption is down.

And there has been little change in oily fish intake.
UK  chronic  sick  population  obesity  public  health  prevention  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  NHS  sickcare  demand  premature  ageing  diet  western  S.A.D. 
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Mentally ill people more at risk of losing benefits, study shows | Society | The Guardian
The findings are based on government data about 327,000 people with either type of health condition who switched from receiving DLA to personal independence payments (PIP) between April 2013 and October 2016.

The findings raise fresh questions over whether people who are struggling with mental ill health are at a disadvantage when they have to negotiate the benefits system.
DWP  mental  health  Universal  Credit  Austerity  NHS  DLA  PIP  ESA  JSA  sanction  UK 
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(2185) Der unsichtbare Feind - YouTube
60.000 newborns die from multi-resistance bacteria in India alone
"Wir haben uns entschieden die dreckingen dinge zu exportieren."
Das kommt wieder zurueck.
antibiotic  antibiotics  post-antibiotic  India  China  public  health  multi-resistance  bacteria  Superbug  evolution  big  pharma  pharmaceutical  profit  maximisation  self-regulation  Regulation  regulators  globalisation 
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(2179) Volksdroge Alkohol – warum dürfen wir uns zu Tode trinken? | DokThema | Doku - YouTube
die Kosten des Alkohols:
health economics 10x mehr kosten als steuern und arbeitsplaetze
alkohol steuer + werbeverbot (1mrd eur pro jahr deutschland) + verfuegbarkeitseinschaenkungen
Alcohol  public  health  prevention  Cancer  self-medication  abuse  NAFLD  obesity  economics  nudge  lobby  vested  interest 
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Unfit DWP should be axed, says thinktank | Society | The Guardian
Ministers should consider abolishing the Department for Work and Pensions after its failure to help ill and disabled people out of poverty, a leading thinktank has said. [....] Tom Pollard, the report’s author, spent 18 months at the DWP on secondment from mental health charity Mind. By the end of his time there he concluded that the “DWP is institutionally and culturally incapable of making the reforms needed to achieve such a shift in outcomes for ill and disabled people, or for ‘harder-to-help’ groups more widely”. [...] The report concludes that while the DWP has been able to help people with minor difficulties into employment, the outcomes are “much poorer when it comes to supporting people with more complex needs”, such as the ill, disabled, older people, those with drug and alcohol problems, ex-prisoners and the homeless. [...] It calls for the DWP to be stripped of responsibility for these hard-to-help groups, with the health department and NHS helping the ill find work, local government taking over Jobcentre Plus, and benefits and pensions delivered by HMRC. The charitable sector could also be given a bigger role. [...] It accuses the department of seeing claimants through a “benefits lens”, in which conditions were placed on their payments as a way of forcing them into work. He warns that the department’s reputation among many groups is now so bad that it may prove impossible and expensive to improve. “A bad reputation is far harder to lose than a good one,” he writes.
WCA  ESA  Disabled  mental  health  DWP  Universal  Credit  Council  Austerity  Privatisation  welfare  state 
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Are Andrew Lansley's NHS reforms being binned? - BBC News
But Nigel Edwards, the influential chief executive of the Nuffield Trust think tank, believes a "significant unpicking" of Mr Lansley's reforms are on the cards and in time they will be judged as "one of the most major public policy failures" of all time.

If that is the case, it begs the question: why did the government go to all the trouble of pushing ahead with them in the first place?
NHS  Privatisation  long-term  plan  sickcare  ageing  population  Conservative  Party  premature  chronic  sick  prevention  public  health  CVD  dementia  Cancer  Austerity  social  care  Council  elderly  CCG  GP 
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Too many children 'not being treated for mental health problems' - BBC News
Many are turned away because they are not ill enough, others face long waits and it could be years before that changes, its report found.

Getting the right staff in the right place was a priority, it said.

And it added the group would keep a close eye on whether the government's new 10-year plan was being implemented. //&! Mental health patients who miss two or more GP appointments within the space of a year are eight times more likely to die in the subsequent 18 months than those who miss none, a study suggests.
UK  mental  health  NHS  CAMHS  GP 
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NHS long-term plan: Focus on prevention 'could save 500,000 lives' - BBC News
MISTAKE. PREVENTION SHOULD BE ON TOP OF THE BUDGET, NOT TAKEN AWAY FROM THE BUDGET. That after the conservatives cut prevention (Public Health)
The government and NHS England are publishing the long-waited 10-year plan for healthcare later today. From what we know so far, it aims to reduce reliance on hospitals, giving them a smaller cut of the overall budget, and puts a greater emphasis on preventing ill health. Ahead of the publication, NHS England confirmed that a third of the extra £20bn a year the NHS will receive by 2023 will be spent on GPs, community care and mental health. Its chief executive, Simon Stevens, called the plan a "practical, costed and phased route map". However, senior doctors have complained that hospitals are facing a "near-on impossible" task over the next few years.
__ - Will NHS long-term plan deliver the goods?
Document demands repeal of 2012 legislation on automatic tendering of care contracts
&! NHS considers scrapping four-hour A&E waiting time targets Hospitals are unlikely to recover previous performance levels, health leaders believe
&! Despite extra funding, central idea of plan for NHS England is to do more with less
& Key commitments at a glance, from reducing stillbirths to diagnosing cancers earlier
& NHS long-term plan: Are there enough staff to make it happen?
NHS  prevention  sickcare  demand  Austerity  ageing  premature  population  obesity  CVD  cancer  diabetes  Conservative  Theresa  May  staff  crisis  public  health  Brexit  long-term  plan 
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UK health body calls for Copenhagen-style bike-friendly streets | Society | The Guardian
NICE - National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says cyclists and pedestrians should get priority [...] Physical inactivity is responsible for one in six UK deaths, which is as many as caused by smoking. It is estimated to cost the UK £7.4bn annually, which includes £0.9bn in NHS costs.
UK  public  health  prevention  sedentary  lifestyle  air  pollution  noise  urbanisation  urban  planning 
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Mental health: target to boost staff numbers by 21,000 set to be missed | Society | The Guardian
NHS mental health trusts in England employed just 1,524 extra personnel in past year
NHS  mental  health 
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Lack of NHS mental health services puts under-18s at risk, say GPs | Society | The Guardian
Nearly all GPs worry that young people with mental health problems will come to harm because of difficulties in accessing treatment on the NHS, according to a survey.

The poll of UK family doctors found that 99% said they feared that under-18s would come to harm as a direct result of facing long delays to see a specialist and vital care being rationed.
NHS  mental  health  CAMHS  Austerity 
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Tax junk food high in sugar and salt, says top doctor - BBC News
England's top doctor has accused the food industry of "failing the public" and is calling for taxes on unhealthy food high in sugar and salt.
public  health  prevention  obesity  CVD  cancer  NHS  sickcare  demand  UK  diabetes  nudge 
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Bacon-cancer link: head of UN agency at heart of furore defends its work | Society | The Guardian
Bacon-cancer link: head of UN agency at heart of furore defends its work
IARC’s outgoing director attacks vested interests of critics but admits it could have communicated better [...] Its outgoing director, Christopher Wild, fiercely defended the decisions and transparency of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), attacking the vested interests of its critics, many of whom are from multinational corporations.
meat  cancer  public  health  prevention  lobby  vested  interest  glyphosate 
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(14262) Republicans In Complete Meltdown Mode Over Healthcare, Can Dems Take Advantage? - YouTube
what GOP want to do is slide back on mid-term promise about preexisting conditions, sure you no longer get denied, but still got to pay much more, than the other one with no preexisting condition
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  preexisting  condition  healthcare  Medicare  Medicaid  GOP  health  insurance  Privatisation  for  profit  AHCA  ACA 
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NHS prevention plan aims to boost life expectancy - BBC News
good that Tories have cut public health (prevention) spending.
UK  public  health  prevention  NHS  chronic  sick  population 
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Austerity is the wrong prescription for the world's wellbeing | Larry Elliott | Business | The Guardian
Much of the increase in all-age mortality was concentrated in adults, while the Lancet article notes: “Many of the causes of death that increased in Greece are potentially responsive to care, including HIV, neoplasms, cirrhosis, neurological disorders, chronic kidney disease, and most types of cardiovascular disease. Improvements in child mortality in Greece have also stagnated since 2000, with increases in deaths due to neonatal haemolytic disease and neonatal sepsis since 2010, both of which might also reflect reduced health system performance.”
Austerity  public  health  prevention 
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Families 'can't afford to follow healthy diet guidance' - BBC News
The Food Foundation says the poorest fifth of homes with children would have to spend 42% of their disposable income (after housing costs) to meet guidance set out in the Eatwell Guide.
UK  poverty  child  public  health  prevention  obesity  overweight  food  Brexit  GFC  social  trap  income  mobility  downward  inequality  FoodBank  Austerity  meritocracy  meritocratic  class 
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Weight-loss drug lorcaserin found to be safe in new study - BBC News
Lorcaserin - 'Lorcaserin! For addicts.' You lose some weight, but you are still an addict. See 4k over 40 months. Hilarious. And costs 300$ per month. Ridiculous.
obesity  overweight  bariatric  surgery  Lorcaserin  big  pharma  pharmaceutical  public  health  prevention  CVD  Cancer  addiction  self-medication  addict 
august 2018 by asterisk2a
Air pollution causes ‘huge’ reduction in intelligence, study reveals | Environment | The Guardian
Impact of high levels of toxic air ‘is equivalent to having lost a year of education’
air  pollution  public  health 
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Policing in parts of the UK is 'broken', says Police Federation chief | UK news | The Guardian
John Apter says stretched resources force police to ditch some crime investigations [...] “We can’t do everything – there are going to be situations where we simply can’t deliver the policing we want to deliver,” he said. “In those cases we are failing the public, but that’s not the fault of police officers on the ground, and in some cases it’s not the chief constable’s fault. “You can only slice the financial cake so many ways and you have to prioritise … The public are already suffering and they are going to suffer more and more.” Forces logged 5.5m crimes in the 12 months to March, a rise of 11% on the previous year and the highest tally for an equivalent period since 2005-06. // &! - The Guardian view on legal aid: cuts have caused chaos and must be reversed
UK  Austerity  public  health  safety  patient  NHS  Police  Council  crime  legalaid  legal  aid  Justice  system 
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Cancer detection 'going in wrong direction' says charity boss - BBC News
The figures show early detection rates continuing to fall short of a Scottish government target set six years ago.

They show that just a quarter of people with the most common types of cancer are detected at the earliest stage.

And people living in areas of deprivation were much more likely to have a late diagnosis than those who lived in more affluent areas, according to the figures. In the poorest areas, 30.3% of those with cancer were diagnosed at the most advanced stage of the disease (stage 4), as opposed to 19.9% in the least deprived.
Cancer  public  health  poverty  NHS  Austerity  prevention  deprivation  GP 
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UK children with ADHD wait up to two years for diagnosis, say experts | Society | The Guardian
Postcode lottery chaos and misconceptions of mental health condition lead to delayed treatment, harming chances of education and future prospects
NHS  mental  health  Austerity  CAMHS  public  crisis  patient  safety 
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(10531) Psychologist: Trump Mental Health Urgently Deteriorating - YouTube
- malignant narcissism (narcissism, paranoia, anti-social - the lying, sadism) - the closest you can come to evil.
- DSM - observable behaviour - gold standard, self-reporting always lacks quality.
- how did Hitler affect effect Germany - Gesellschaft, silence over the Holocaust, et al. - Germany had its reset. USA might not have its hard reset, and the GOP will find every 4 years their new Trump-like character who actually know how Washington works, to get his her agenda done and has got the network and is not as self-destructive.
- signs of cognitive decline (dementia, pre-dementia, ageing-related cognitive decline)
- accident waiting to happen!
- an alternative: he follows a strongman's playbook.
- "he bends reality to fit his world." most pleasant politically correct boffin explanation
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  mental  health  dementia  book  alt-right  right-wing  far-right  Brexit 
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Police custody deaths hit 10-year high, with experts citing austerity | UK news | The Guardian
Police custody deaths have hit their highest level in a decade with police, campaigners and experts warning that austerity and a crisis in mental health services have driven the figure up.

A total of 23 people died in or after detention in 2017-18, according to official figures released by the police watchdog, up from 14 people the previous year.

More than half had mental health problems, according to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), who said the conditions included psychosis, depression and self-harm or suicidal tendencies. Eighteen people had drug and or alcohol issues.
A&E  Police  mental  health  NHS  Austerity  rationing  Council  excess  death  patient  safety 
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Dangerous liaisons: why syphilis and gonorrhoea have returned to haunt Britain | Society | The Guardian
Clinic appointments fill up in minutes and babies are once again being born with syphilis – what is behind Britain’s sexual health crisis? [...] What makes STI clinics almost uniquely vulnerable compared with other healthcare is that six years ago, the then health secretary Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Act moved the public health budgets that pay for them from the NHS (shielded from austerity) to local councils (which weren’t). Then, to cap it all, George Osborne cut the public health grant to councils by 7.4% in 2015. Almost half of councils in England and Wales now plan to cut sexual health funding, according to a recent BBC survey.
UK  Austerity  public  health  prevention  Council  STD  STI  crisis  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  AIDS  HIV  GP  NHS  welfare  state 
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Antidepressant prescriptions for children on the rise - BBC News
[GPs prescribing anti-depressants ...] Experts have linked the rise to waits for specialist mental health services. Antidepressants should prescribed to children only under close supervision.
NHS  mental  health  rationing  Austerity  GP  public  prevention  antidepressant  SSRI  NICE  negligence  malpractice  sickcare  demand 
july 2018 by asterisk2a
Millions of families 'worse off' than 15 years ago - BBC News
[ decades of underinvestment across the plane of the economy, infrastructure education skills ] On the "why", research by the Foundation - which was set up to look at the problem of low incomes - reveals that the economy has struggled to create wealth for people in work.
JAM  working  poor  poverty  trap  productivity  output  gap  class  Brexit  skills  education  policy  social  income  mobility  Austerity  downward  UK  recovery  secular  stagnation  stagflation  economic  history  GFC  debt  household  disposable  globalisation  globalization  Competition  competitive  competitiveness  underinvestment  London  child  childhood  Council  public  health 
july 2018 by asterisk2a
Record number of severely obese children - BBC News
Levels of childhood obesity have remained fairly stable in recent years, but the new analysis shows that severe obesity has been on an upward trend over the last decade.
obesity  UK  childhood  public  health  prevention  overweight  chronic  sick  population  sickcare  demand  diabetes  NHS 
july 2018 by asterisk2a
Drugs alone won't fix our epidemic of depression | James S Gordon | Society | The Guardian
To fight a rising tide of depression and suicide, psychiatrists need to do more than just fill patients up with pills // book Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-Stage Journey Out of Depression
mental  health  NHS  Depression  holistic  wellbeing  well-being  self-care  selfcare  criticism  book 
july 2018 by asterisk2a
Asthma deaths rise 25% amid growing air pollution crisis | Environment | The Guardian
Doctors urge ministers to act as 1,320 killed by asthma in England and Wales last year
air  pollution  public  health  prevention  asthma 
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(10162) President Donald Trump Acts Like A Compromised President: Rep. Adam Schiff | Morning Joe | MSNBC - YouTube
Jeffrey Sachs - dangerous and damaging. questioning mental health, psychological health, "signs of dementia", 'we have to stop being an enabler of this danger' (Senate / Congress) ... No Political Courage. .... 'One person wrecking ball.' 'unfit for office' Congress is enabeling. (checks and balances). tariffs. //&! - George Will Slams Mike Pence As ‘Worse Than President Donald Trump’ //&! - Steve Schmidt: By A fluke, Voters Elected An Imbecilic Con Man &! Steve Schmidt: GOP Is "A Threat To Liberal Democracy" - - Steve Schmidt is now a FORMER GOP STRATEGIST! //&! - Trump's Putin Press Conference Just Made Republicans' Lives Way Harder (HBO) //&! - American Scholars Say The Real Threat To The U.S. Is Russophobia (HBO)
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  NATO  Putin  Russia  mental  health  dementia  trade  war  WTO  tariffs  G10  G7  G8  Mike  Pence  GOP 
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Bowel cancer screening could shed light on other conditions - BBC News
The 2,714 patients with a positive result had a 58% higher risk of death from other conditions.

Having a positive result was significantly associated with increased risk of dying from circulatory disease, respiratory disease, digestive diseases excluding bowel cancer, neuropsychological disease, blood and endocrine disease.
chronic  sick  population  sickcare  demand  NHS  Obesity  Cancer  CVD  public  health  demographic  bubble  rationing  diabetes  overweight  inflammation 
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