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News Roundtable: [...] deconstructing employment - YouTube
min 34 + "The article doesn't really examine productivity, it is examining wages." - Digital revolution has yet to fulfil its promise of productivity and better jobs ( +!+ - 'It's The Economist making a case for wealth redistribution!' +!+ How computers threaten the jobs of mid-skilled workers ( - 'few benefiters + we need substantial skill upgrading and change in education policy' +!+ Is A.I. the problem or the solution? - Automation, Robotics, mid-skilled jobs, routine jobs, lessons from Industrial Revolution, need investment in practical skills for the future, infrastructure investment, education policy, Universal Basic Income - so that no one is left behind
convenience  service  economy  Uber  HomeJoy  Lyft  Share  sharing  economy  Services  Industry  service  minimum  wage  mindestlohn  workforce  6-hour  work  day  4-day  work  week  leisure  time  Robert  Skidelsky  Google  Apple  Amazon  commoditization  commodity  business  Larry  Page  Future  of  Robotics  AI  algo  algorithm  algorithms  productivity  Mobile  Creative  Postmates  Mobile  Creatives  Washio  GrubHub  Big  Data  Why  Software  Is  Eating  the  World  Software  Is  Eating  World  middleman  self-employment  contractor  marketplace  efficiencies  marketplace  plurality  marketplace  inefficiencies  marketplace  labour  economics  labour  market  education  policy  Public  Year  of  Code  middle  class  squeezed  middle  class  underemployed  structural  unemployment  employment  unemployment  flat  globalization  globalisation  comparative  advantage  competitive  advantage  competitiveness  competitive  Germany  USA  UK  Europe  BRIC  MINT  added  value  self-driving  cars  transportation  transportation  protectionism  population  automation  social  capital  Non-Profit  GDP  happieness  happiness  index  freelance  freelancing  rat  race  differentiation  differentiate  social  entrepreneurship  entrepreneurship  technological  history  economic  history  history  Industrial  Revolution  Software  Revolution  computing  Gini  coefficient  living  wage  living 
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Frohes Schaffen - Ein Film zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral (2012) - IMDb
Future  of  Work  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  6-hour  day  4-day  week  Grundeinkommen  Universal  Basic  Income  sociology  status  anxiety  status  symbol  materialism  retirement  scicology  psychology  ideology  Religion  full  employment  underemployed  workless  worklife  burnout  structural  unemployment  unemployment  social  safety  net  flat  world  globalisation  globalization  comparative  advantage  competitiveness  competitive  Competition  competitive  advantage  humanity  human  progress  Robert  Skidelsky  leisure  time  book  AI  Robotics  Robots  Three  Laws  of  Robotics  workforce  education  policy  Public  democracy  Gini  coefficient  inequality  inequality  social  mobility  mobility  Politics  Career  Politicians  1%  Super  Rich  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  fairness  Spiritual  spirituality  human  resources  human  being  human  capital  human  tragedy  self-respect  self-regulation  Self-esteem  self-awareness  society  parenthood  parenting  childhood  childhood  development  crony  capitalism  corporatism  Wall  Street  GDP  economic  history  history  finite  resources  Year  of  Code  21stcentury  knowledge  worker  working  poor  squeezed  middle  class  White-collar  environment  Blue-collar  working  class  workplace  life  balance  social  beings  social  science  social  society  social  status  happine 
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HOW TO MAXIMIZE PRIDE -- Modern thought and social science are grounded in the objective of maximizing "happiness", "utility", "utility of wealth", "pleasure", "experiences instead of possessions" or similar matters that are both selfish and over which you have little control. They turned out to be both mathematically and morally clumsy. Switch your objective to maximize "pride" and see how different --and more controllable -- things become.
Sportsmanship  lifehacker  happieness  moral  anti-doping  society  ethics  lifehacks  western  lifestyle  social  science  lifelesson  consumer  doping  Pride  work  life  balance  non-profit  psychology  lifestyle  wealth  life  lesson  consumerist  morality  culture 
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Behind the Brand--Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Chef - YouTube
talking about the book
talking about selling in digital age
talking about content creation and attention span
people have to trust the messenger before they send out them self the message
writing is thought on paper
polymath is not dead
talks about haters, blogging,
talks about 80/20, fear, goals,

Tim Ferriss, "The Four-Hour Chef": Authors at Google

Samovar Tea Talks with Tim Ferriss
goals  fear  Pareto  principle  rule  80/20  rule  happieness  internet  culture  hater  blogging  entrepeneurship  lifehacks  lifehacker  life  lesson  polymath  book  writing  elevator  pitch  selling  social  marketing  digitalnatives  digital-content  digital-economy  marketing  attention  span  content  creator  Tim  Ferriss 
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Tim O' Reilly - Renegade Economist Talkshow - YouTube
Tom O' Reilly rocks ...

Post-Modern Economics is about Supply-Demand, artificial economics.
But digital economy and green/renewable energy (future) can be and is to a certain extent abundant. Which changes lots of relationships in-between the economy.
On the same page, the world, people take lots of things for granted, as free, that isn't free - that is actually scarce (clean water, oil (and all by products), time, ...
humanity  economics  of  abundance  scarcity  renewable  energy  green  energy  happieness  start-up  startup101  philosophy  greatrecession  GFC  economics  TimOReilly  entrepreneur  entrepreneurship  value  creation 
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Bagehot: Generation Xhausted | The Economist
Begin with the early 20s, which across the recessionary West, but perhaps especially in Britain, with its high housing costs, are grimmer than in the past: 20-somethings are often indebted, jobless and stuck in an involuntarily protracted adolescence. The Office for National Statistics reckons that nearly 3m people between 20 and 34 were living with their parents last year, almost half a million more than in 1997.

The “sandwich generation”—caught between adolescent children and senescent parents—used to be in their mid-40s. Now the oldies are living and staying healthy for longer, and so requiring care later. Carers UK, a charity, calculates that the number of pensioners who are themselves carers (of either partners or their own ancient parents) is rising fast. Thus 55—an age when, in the past, people were liberated from immediate family obligations to rediscover fun—may soon be the new 45. The sandwich generation is getting stale.

And parents in late 30s; late family + career.
demography  demographics  relationships  well-being  happieness  generational  change  GFC  greatrecession  lostgeneration  lostdecade  babyboomers  generations  change  society  culture 
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Paul Zak: Trust, morality - and oxytocin - YouTube
Where does morality come from -- physically, in the brain? In this talk neuroeconomist Paul Zak shows why he believes oxytocin (he calls it "the moral molecule") is responsible for trust, empathy, and other feelings that help build a stable society.
trust  moral  brain  society  happieness 
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