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Gear6 is company specializing in memcache optimization.
Like Cloudera with hadoop - distributed storage
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april 2010 by asterisk2a
Oracle Makes Concessions in Bid for Sun Microsystems -
Ms. Kroes said Oracle, after it acquired Sun, would extend MySQL’s existing commercial licenses for up to five years. Oracle

In addition, Oracle would spend more than $72 million over the next three years in research and development to improve and refine MySQL, which Oracle said was more money than Sun had been spending on developing the program.

In a statement, Ms. Kroes added that she believed the commission’s review would have “a satisfactory outcome.”

Not everyone was persuaded that the concessions were sufficient. Florian Müller, an open-source programmer in Starnberg, Germany, called them “a good starting point.”

“The real question is whether Oracle is going to continue to develop MySQL in a meaningful way that responds to market needs,” he said. “They have in my opinion an inherent conflict of interest in not innovating a product that would detract from their commercial databases.”
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december 2009 by asterisk2a
Welcome to Apache Hadoop!
twitter uses hadoop + pig instead of mysql.
+ casandra like digg and facebook.
>> bc its scalable
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october 2009 by asterisk2a

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