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Joe Rogan Experience #761 - Bas Rutten - YouTube
1h32m45s - like it and be obsessed about. willing to do the grind. to do the stuff other people don't like to do. the stuff nobody cheers you on. nobody will see you do.
life  hacker  life  hack  life  lesson  career  advice  Gary  Vaynerchuk  Passion  Motivation 
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Health warning over using radiators as clothes dryers - BBC News
// communal space to air dry clothes in well ventilated room. or extra room for it!
public  health  policy  public  health  urban  planning  energy  efficiency  architecture  life  hacker  life  lesson 
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Whiners vs. Winners: 2 Emerging Millennial Mindsets in the Workplace |
- Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. - How successful you are depends on how much s--- you're willing to put up with. [...] Today, the current economic situation is testing Millennials' grit. Unfortunately, some are making critical mistakes that are costing them opportunities for advancement. In other cases, like the woman from Yelp, they're even getting fired.
Millennials  job  creation  Service  Sector  Jobs  customer  Precariat  career  advice  career  ladder  working  poor  life  hacker  life  lesson  Casey  Neistat  minimum  wage  disposable  income  discretionary  spending  squeezed  middle  class  San  Francisco  cost  of  living  American  Dream  meritocracy  meritocratic 
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BBC iPlayer - Documentary Picks - Before I Kick the Bucket: The Whole Story
it's about the connections we have w people. ask ppl in old age, on their death bed. // in society that is material and goal orientated. FOMO. // vs reality. of being. being together w people. feelings. relationships. // // min 34 - 1 year on chemo takes its toll on you. it keeps you here. but takes everything out of you to actually enjoy yourself in the here. "it's psychological torture." [...] "I've got most of my strength from not looking ill." RE: her hair lost from new aggressive chemo round. [...] "If I stop chemo, I am gone. Have to go going, because ['I enjoy the rare ok days that I have left.']" //&! New Tumors popping up aggressively; needs now also radiotherapy [as life extension change] - //&! When cancer outwits current new aggressive chemo (last resort), it is game over. Palliative Care Next. -
life  hacker  life  lesson  Selbstfürsorge  Selbstdarstellung  materialism  FOMO  status  anxiety  zombie  consumer  mobile  homescreen  consumerist  consumerism  terminal  illness  cancer  Social  Media  chemotherapy  premature  death  sick  population  health  crisis 
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Portable home delivered as furniture, tailored as smartphone - YouTube
[~75-90k maybe all together ] + Family wraps home in greenhouse to warm up Stockholm weather - // Both together could reduce energy bill in winter. And work outside - in the summer, spring, autumn - in the green house. Put washing machine outside and also washing in green house. Should be ok in mild UK weather.
architecture  design  tiny  house  Frugal  life  hacker  life  lesson  simplicity  status  symbol  status  anxiety  zombie  consumer  Housing  Crisis  affordable  social 
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Insatiability, and the 15-hour week - YouTube
// book wealth of nations //&! Prof Lord Robert Skidelsky - How Much is Enough? The Economics of the Good Life - //&! Guaranteed Employment & Basic Income - //&! Why the precariat requires a basic income (Prof. Guy Standing) (ENG) - //&! The Precariat: The new dangerous class - Sydney Ideas -
book  Robert  Skidelsky  income  distribution  GDP  nominal  GDP  targeting  macroeconomic  policy  happiness  index  microeconomic  policy  4-day  work  week  6-hour  work  day  economic  history  well  being  public  health  policy  public  health  leisure  time  work  life  balance  burnout  western  society  western  world  secular  stagnation  life  hacker  life  lesson  inequality  Gini  coefficient  wealth  distribution  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  social  democracy  No  Representation  democracy  welfare  state  social  safety  net  minimum  wage  Universal  Basic  Thomas  Piketty  precarious  work  Precariat  working  poor  poverty  in  old  age  poverty  UK  USA  Europe  transferring-wealth  wealth-distribution  trickle-down  economics  neoliberalism  neoliberal  Super  Rich  1%  plutocracy  oligarchy  Greed  zombie  consumer  consumerism  consumerist  status  anxiety  Selbstdarstellung  Selbstfürsorge  sociology  philosophy  Aristotle  low  income  tax  free  income  income  redistribution  income  inequality 
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Pando: Political strategist Steve Hilton dumps his cellphone, says he’s creeped out by constant tracking
Or as he puts it: I do not own a cellphone; I do not use a cellphone. I do not have a phone. No. Phone. Not even an old-fashioned dumb one. Nothing.
life  hacker  life  lesson  productivity 
january 2016 by asterisk2a
BBC Radio 4 - Radio 4 in Four, What can we learn from the Danish concept of cosiness?
[ british color in books in 2015, danes hygge which has a priority in life, have your you time - consciously, appreciating it, and the people you are with. Presentness. Presenteeism. ] Emma Barnett talks to some experts about hygge - a Danish word which is often explained as cosiness. How can we all get more hygge in our lives?
well  being  life  hacker  life  lesson  burnout  mental  health  happiness  retreat  culture  work  life  balance  lifestyle  lifestyle  medicine  Mindfulness 
january 2016 by asterisk2a
3sat - Kunst und Revolution
Nur wer seine Komfortzone verlässt und sich Gefahren aussetzt, kann neue Erfahrungen machen. So sieht das jedenfalls die Performance-Ikone Marina Abramović via >> //&! Jeder Mensch ist ein Künstler (1/3) -
life  hacker  life  lesson 
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Leslie Jamison: confessional writing is not self-indulgent | Books | The Guardian
[ no judgement. empathy. compassion. see Dr Gabor Mate Rich Roll Podcast #189 ] When they confessed things to me, these strangers were offering something but they were also asking for something. They were asking for the subject of the book itself: empathy. They wanted an enactment of its central principle, its primary call: to pay attention. Even when they didn't say they wanted this, I felt I owed it to them. The professor struggling with chronic headaches wasn't asking for anything, she was just offering a response: "I find the thing that wears you down the most is pain. To wake up and as you gain consciousness to feel the pain again, and wanting it to not be so, but yet it is, and having to face that reality hundreds, in my case thousands, of days in a row. It transforms you and disconnects you from everyone, even those who want to understand."
writing  mental  health  well  being  sociology  empathy  compassion  prejudice  snap  judgement  bias  labels  label  Depression  stigma  happiness  society  loneliness  Social  Media  community  life  lesson  life  hacker  parenthood  childhood  childhood  development  parenting  book  boxes 
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Udacity Marks 1,000 Graduates from Online Education ‘Nanodegrees’ | Re/code
“I direct my work not towards what I’m best at, but where there’s impact,” Thrun said. “If you can build a self-driving car, that’s great. But if you can teach people to build a self-driving car, that’s even better.” // along the lines of great minds with small ideas (yet another consumer-entertainment-escapism product).
MOOC  Udacity  life  hacker  life  lesson  Purpose  intrinsic  motivation  missionary  vision  visionary  e-learning  online  learning  elearning  career  advice  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  impact  career  ladder  consumer  product  disruption  disrupting  markets  Silicon  Valley  counter  culture 
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Addiction and Depression - Have You Considered This? - YouTube
What are you running from? // the tip of the iceberg is off-label use of prescription drugs (Modafinil) for narcolepsy, ADHD and other conditions that give you the kick to focus ... on work. // Work to keep up with the Jonse's. // taking is time consuming. vs giving // commodification of human as resource, exchangable resource via capitalism // Love & Community // Do what ever it takes to get you through the day. // Good for the collective. // Coffee as gateway drug. // give everything up for success, use every thing for success // honor your needs! //
food  addiction  substance  abuse  food  engineering  orthorexia  psychology  Psychiatry  food  industry  junk  food  mental  health  well  being  happiness  index  chronic  stress  environment  tobacco  drug  abuse  binge  drinking  Legal  Highs  stress  Oxidative  stress  fast  food  Alain  de  Botton  Politics  Positioning  marketing  advertising  messaging  food  poverty  Escapeism  Dopamine  self-medication  distraction  anxiety  Precariat  WHO  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  public  health  policy  public  health  sick  population  productivity  health  crisis  burnout  Coffee  4-day  work  week  6-hour  work  day  status  symbol  status  anxiety  materialism  zombie  consumer  consumerist  consumerism  capitalism  crony  capitalism  shared  economic  interest  Shift  intellectual  self-actualization  self-awareness  self-regulation  self-respect  Self-esteem  child  abuse  pre-diabetic  metabolic  syndrome  diabetes  endocrine  system  addiction  alcohol  abuse  processed  food  community  Social  Media  Selbstdarstellung  Selbstfürsorge  empathy  compassion  Porn  pornography  Selfie  selfish  gene  vulnerability  radical  honesty  feminism  feminist  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  commuting  mobile  phone  mobile  homescreen  Big  Society  celebrity  culture  of  You  celebrity  Succes 
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Popular Food Blogger Commits Suicide - YouTube
Comparison is the thief of life. especially to something edited like Facebook and Social Media in general. And photoshop and good flattering angles. // dwelling on negatives you can't change, bad. think about the things you can control. // liking yourself. // everyone is in your show as well, you are not the only freak you think you are. // self-esteem through being a force for good. purpose. autonomy. mastery. SELF-WORTH. You deserve to be happy. // living through the screen only. in safety. //
Social  Media  comparison  Alain  de  Botton  Depression  well  being  well-being  hopelessness  Perspektivlosigkeit  deprivation  helplessness  happiness  index  happiness  Instagram  Twitter  status  symbol  status  anxiety  socioeconomic  status  zombie  consumer  materialism  consumerist  consumerism  paradox  of  choice  FOMO  consumer  choice  mental  health  mental  illness  life  hacker  life  lesson  Pinterest  YouTube  mobile  homescreen  Dopamine  Serotonin  sociology  psychology  self-respect  self-regulation  Self-esteem  intrinsic  motivation  Autonomy  Mastery  Purpose  self-love  self-worth  Suicide  Wertegesellschaft  Gesellschaft  Wegwerfgesellschaft  Zivilgesellschaft  Zivilcourage  civil  courage  courage  Selbstdarstellung  Selbstfürsorge  instant  gratification  superficial 
october 2015 by asterisk2a
Russell Brand on Porn: How It Relates To Everything - YouTube
instant gratification robs you of happiness, that results from putting in the work, being considered, mindful, thoughtful. effort can be the most rewarding thing in life. the pleasure of work. reward comes from hard work. --- a selfless life can bring much more pleasure than selfish life. we are social creatures. the only thing you've got to keep are your thoughts, emotions and health (well being, fitness)
happiness  happiness  index  instant  gratification  attention  span  attention  distraction  selfishness  selfish  effort  convenience  life  hacker  life  lesson  Alain  de  Botton  self-actualization  self-respect  self-regulation  philosophy  sociology  western  society  western  world  western  lifestyle  capitalism  advertisement  advertising  marketing  zombie  consumer  consumerist  consumerism  Dopamine  Serotonin  substance  abuse  sick  population  public  health  public  health  policy  Mindfulness  meditation  Self-esteem  status  anxiety  status  symbol  shopping  Intimate  relationship  partnerships  Escapeism  mobile  homescreen  Perspective  chronic  stress  consumer  choice  paradox  of  choice  Depression  Entitlement  Privileged  psychology  junk  food  processed  food  fast  food  Chain  loneliness  well-being  well  being  social  cohesion  Greed  social  tension  social  change  Buddhism  minimalismus  minimalism  rat  race 
october 2015 by asterisk2a
The Art of Taking Action by Gregg Krech - YouTube
shwoing up and working hard even while seemingly on the platau. AN OBJECT AT REST TENDS TO STAY AT REST. AN OBJECT IN MOTION TENDS TO STAY IN MOTION.
habit  habit  forming  book  life  hacker  life  lesson 
october 2015 by asterisk2a
Digitaler Burnout: "Zu viel Smartphone macht unglücklich" - SPIEGEL ONLINE
[ portion USE time! 3x1hr? ] Study: Wir beschäftigen uns bis zu drei Stunden am Tag mit dem Smartphone. Der Leiter der Studie zieht daraus bedenkliche Schlüsse - und fordert eine digitale Diät. [...] Der Experte geht davon aus, dass beim Scrollen über den Handyscreen die gleichen Stoffwechselvorgänge im Gehirn aktiviert werden wie bei Drogensüchtigen. Die ständige Kommunikation mit Freunden oder Arbeitskollegen über soziale Medien wie Facebook scheine dabei das größte Suchtpotenzial auszumachen. "Denn dort erhalten wir Aufmerksamkeit und Anerkennung", so te Wildt. [...] "Das Gehirn ist durch den Überfluss an Informationen und Kommunikation komplett überlastet", sagt Markowetz. Im schlimmsten Fall führt das schließlich zum Burnout, wie ihn Miriam Meckel, Chefredakteurin der "Wirtschaftswoche" oder die "Huffington Post"-Gründerin Arianna Huffington erlebt haben. Die beiden Karrierefrauen machten die Kommunikationsüberlastung mitverantwortlich für ihren Zusammenbruch.
Smartphone  mobile  homescreen  mobile  first  mobile  phone  user  behaviour  snacking  Entertainment  Escapeism  attention  span  attention  graph  distraction  Focus  Depression  well  being  happiness  Social  Network  Social  Media  digital  natives  noise  pollution  noise  Signal  vs.  sociology  Selbstdarstellung  Selbstfürsorge  psychology  Psychiatry  burnout  chronic  stress  Friendship  status  anxiety  status  symbol  consumerist  consumer  choice  consumerism  zombie  consumer  Alain  de  Botton  materialism  Dopamine  book  The  Information  Diet  Leistungsgesellschaft  Gesellschaft  Wegwerfgesellschaft  meme  society  Age  digital  economy  The  Content  Wars  user  generated  Platform  life  hacker  life  lesson  Tim  Ferriss  productivity  Procrastinating  procrastination 
october 2015 by asterisk2a
Casey Neistat's Guide to Filmmaking - YouTube
learning by doing. practical skills. semi-instant feedback. // tim ferriss and other writers; its about bleeding. putting yourself out ther naked and raw. // storytelling, relating! RELATING! Interestingness. And share it in a way that is interesting (time limit <10min, cut/edit, graphics, mobile friendly (lenght 10min, no fluff, red line from start to finish, IMMER AUF DEM ROTEN FADEN.) // &! here comes everybody // Story is Golden. << The King. Everything else serves the king. //&! EXPERIMENT, TRY, TINKER AROUND WITH THE EDIT. MARGINAL GAINS - - 5:40 - experience and good judgement does come with practice, practice and practice. And being open to mistakes and failure. They are part of practicing a craft. &! << WALK YOUR OWN PATH TO DISCOVER AND YIELD >YOUR OWN< STYLE *casey neistat - - thus become unique. average comes from taking a given path others plotted to teach; 'The Dummies Guide' to editing. storytelling. lighting. cinematography.
storytelling  Casey  Neistat  Vlogging  Vlog  cinematography  editing  YouTube  content  creator  digital  artist  digital  economy  digital  content  meritocracy  meritocratic  The  Wars  noise  noise  pollution  barriers  to  entry  cost  of  entry  digital  natives  content  discovery  content  distribution  Moore's  Law  Age  Tumblr  Blogging  Blogger  writers  writer  Tim  Ferriss  radical  honesty  bullshit  detector  Instagram  Selbstdarstellung  Celebrity  of  You  Selbstfürsorge  culture  status  symbol  status  anxiety  social  status  Patriarchy  Hollywood  Entertainment  Industry  ProAm  amateur  Vine  Beme  Periscope  Meerkat  Multimedia  writing  publishing  2.0  self-publishing  digital  publishing  narrative  career  advice  creating  creative  destruction  life  lesson  life  hacker  career  ladder  Failure 
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More patients in Scotland given antidepressants - BBC News
814,181 patients in 2014/15. Since 2009/10, use of antidepressants has increased by 28.5%. Two-thirds of the patients given the drugs were women, with use peaking in the 50-54 age group. The figures indicated antidepressant use was associated with deprivation. They recorded 225,969 patients in the poorest parts of Scotland receiving the drugs, compared with 110,507 in the least deprived areas. The total cost of antidepressants to the NHS in Scotland was £40.8m. The use of lower-cost drugs means this figure has fallen by one-third over the past 10 years. [...] "We are now looking at the flabbergasting statistic of more than one in seven people in Scotland being prescribed antidepressants this year. [...] "The fact that we have seen such substantial increases in prescriptions raises real concerns over whether this reflects shortages in other services, //&! - doubling in 10 years from 10 to 20 million daily doses for NHS Grampian [...] without other forms of treatment.
mental  health  elderly  care  mental  illness  NHS  NHS  Scotland  society  Gesellschaft  Zivilgesellschaft  Wegwerfgesellschaft  psychology  Psychiatry  lifestyle  medicine  active  lifestyle  sedentary  lifestyle  western  lifestyle  lifestyle  Standard  American  Diet  pattern  western  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Diet  Vegan  Carnism  omnivore  Serotonin  Tryptophan  Personal  Budget  austerity  sick  population  health  care  health  care  health  care  spending  health  crisis  public  health  policy  public  health  well  being  happiness  index  meaningful  life  self-actualization  life  hacker  life  lesson  volunteering  volunteer  NHS  Grampian  patient  care  poverty  in  old  age  community  poverty  chronic  diseases  chronic  stress  well-being  local  hyperlocal  GP 
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Abenteuer Wohnmobil | Die Reportage | NDR - YouTube
Freiheit leben. Nicht die Geldanlage als Betongold. Aber Leben als ... Lebensanlage. //&! BIG ONES - Mega-Mobil-Manufaktur Morelo | Abenteuer Auto - - zum preis einer eigentumswohnung. Kannst aber dann darin auch leben 365 days.
Vagabonding  travel  advice  life  hacker  life  lesson  citybreak  Vacation  travel  traveling  Wohnmobil  society 
october 2015 by asterisk2a
The lost art of getting lost - BBC News
Technology means maps and directions are constantly at hand, and getting lost is more unlikely than ever before. While for many this is a thing of joy, Stephen Smith asks if we may be missing out.
life  hacker  life  lesson  Smartphone  mobile  homescreen  mobile  phone 
october 2015 by asterisk2a
Filming in a First Class Lounge - YouTube
5:30 >> Frustrating that people copy your way of story telling, while you worked so hard to be original and new and your own thing and style. i don;t encourage it. There is nothing i can do when people copy it. Thus you have to evolve and try new things. "I just keep trying to do more and better work."
Vlogging  Vlog  storytelling  editing  cinematography  YouTube  creative  destruction  creativity  Remix  Culture  Casey  Neistat  copycat  life  hacker  life  lesson 
october 2015 by asterisk2a
FIT shaming SKINNY shaming Maria Kang facebook post - YouTube
PBS Weight of a Nation Documentary is on YT! // being comfortable being unfit, overweight, obese, unhealthy, addicted to processed food ... 'it is not my fault.' ... inconvenient truth (comfortably unaware) (carnism, melanie joy - author) about bad habits, change is hard, only possible w intrinsic motivation. be your own advocate. not a nanny states/consumer protection. // Ashley Graham: 'Plus size fashion week is necessary' - [...] [M]odels of her size "are not included" in high end fashion weeks. 28-year-old size 16 model [...] "I think women are really just wanting to see what they look like on the runway," - - "We need to get rid of labels [...] you are hurting women [...] measure success by their number in their pants [...] I promote healthy at every size. [ << oxymoron! ] //&! FAT Acceptance FAT Shaming - &!
fat  shaming  Plus  Size  Fashion  Industry  public  discourse  public  debate  public  awareness  chronic  diseases  sick  population  public  health  policy  health  care  spending  health  care  budget  health  policy  health  crisis  public  health  public  perception  public  opinion  public  interest  obesity  epidemic  obesity  overweight  western  lifestyle  sedentary  lifestyle  western  diet  carnism  omnivore  beauty  sickness  Whole  Plant  Foods  food  fit  shaming  society  Gesellschaft  snap  judgement  bias  sociology  psychology  Alain  de  Botton  status  anxiety  materialism  zombie  consumer  intrinsic  motivation  Enlightenment  life  hacker  life  lesson 
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Alexander Markowetz: "Digitaler Burnout" | Kulturjournal | NDR - YouTube
- Notifications = are Dopamine rush. ... Addiction. //&! - Can teens cope without their smartphones? --- talk about wanting to be in the know, being notified as it happens << express for need of Dopamine rush! //&! Book The Information Diet
productivity  multitasking  efficient  efficiency  learning  Smartphone  mobile  homescreen  mobile  phone  mobilephone  Millennials  distraction  Focus  focused  Appification  generationy  Social  Media  addiction  Dopamine  Notification  burnout  book  chronic  stress  communication  digital  economy  digital  natives  Age  norm  abuse  knowledge  worker  Creatives  Future  of  Work  life  hacker  life  lesson  Airplane  Mode  Detox  The  Information  Diet 
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How to Cure Anxiety — One Workaholic’s Story, Six Techniques That Work | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
// possible for those who are not working poor/precarious working conditions/minimum wage or below - ie working 7 days a week 2-3 jobs.
work  life  balance  life  hacker  life  lesson  work  environment  burnout  workaholic  western  lifestyle  sedentary  lifestyle  happiness  index  workplace  Future  of  4-day  work  week 
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Best way to spread veganism - Gary Yourofsky - YouTube
intrinsic motivation - autonomy, purpose, master // &! identity! group, group pressure, peer group. nobody likes 2 stick out like a clown, especially if one isnt a true clown that cant debate & argue & is activist 4 clownism // &! like boogie, people dont want 2 change because they gave up on themselves & are in a comfortable position (change is moving out of ur comfort zone & staying out of comfort zone till u get 2 a new normal & the discomfort becomes the new comfort, the new u) - - even prospects of ur certain death or pain of other beings is not enough 4 people to change. so lazy got society. so addicted 2 quick fix, no effort changes PR Spin 'it just melts ur fat way' messages selling u pills, dvds, trips, seminars, books. minimal 2 no effort messages inundated. not just "Dieting." also get rich thing, passive income, entrepreneur, marketing & affiliate & social media thing, love thing, self-help books. //&! &!
intrinsic  motivation  Vegan  omnivore  carnism  social  change  bottom  up  nanny  state  public  awareness  public  perception  PR  spin  doctor  reframing  framing  public  discourse  public  debate  generational  change  climate  change  global  warming  Politics  activists  activism  sick  population  chronic  diseases  cancer  diabetes  high  blood  pressure  Cardiovascular  disease  premature  ageing  heart  attack  heart  disease  vascular  disease  medical  research  medical  profession  Wall  Street  shared  economic  interest  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  crony  capitalism  identity  identification  life  hacker  life  lesson 
september 2015 by asterisk2a
The more you pursue happiness, the faster it runs from you | Zach Stafford | Comment is free | The Guardian
Psychologist Iris Mauss at the University of California, Berkley found that the pursuit of happiness might just leave you worse off. “Wanting to be happy can make you less happy,” said Mauss in an interview with “If you explicitly and purposely focus on happiness, that appears to have a self-defeating quality.” [...] In her studies, participants who were not happy would begin blaming themselves for feeling sad. They thought it was an immediate flag for their failure, making these negative feelings even more counter-productive. The people who accepted these negative feelings as normal, however, were much happier in the long run. So, accepting your sadness could actually make you feel good. [...] For Darwin, emotions were very much tied to surviving, which requires more than just happiness. [...] Be open about how you’re feeling, don’t try to hide behind it or conceal it. // &! keeping a diary talking to and about yourself compassionately.
happiness  index  well  being  Purpose  intrinsic  motivation  work  environment  Autonomy  vision  mission  Start-up  of  You  lesson  advice  HR  human  resources  4-day  work  week  people  management  team  management  chronic  stress  burnout  workplace  beyond  workplace  drama  Mastery  impact  social  entrepreneurship  volunteering  volunteer  Descape  honesty  radical  honesty  Failure  communication  Alain  de  Botton  compassion  empathy  society  culture  zombie  consumer  sociology  selfish  gene  Selbstdarstellung  Selbstfürsorge  perfectionism  Psychology  philosophy  life  hacker  life  lesson  emotion  evolution  community  character  personal  values  long-term  view  long-term  thinking  consumerist  Dopamine  consumerism  materialism 
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Mike Ueberroth - Mobile Uploads
Malala Yousafzai & Kylie Jenner. Both turned 18 recently. One was given a Ferrari and spent thousands on facial modification. The other was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, survived a gun shot to the face by the Taliban due to corruption in her country, and opened a school for Syrian refugees to combat the lack of education for youth around the world. What's upsetting is the media is only covering one of these stories as "breaking news." Share the post to spread real love and inspiration across the youth of the world. Last thing to note, Malala is infinitely more beautiful! **re-posted // hard things are hard for a reason! // what happens to the cognitive surplus what everyone talked about at the turn of the century? its being eaten by consumption pattern - on the mobile homescreen (Entertainment, utility, Gaming, Escapeism, snacking).
Social  Media  Celebrity  of  You  culture  status  anxiety  status  symbol  socioeconomic  status  status  Selbstdarstellung  Selbstfürsorge  Selfie  Millennials  Dopamine  Persistence  instant  gratification  work  career  advice  career  ladder  intrinsic  motivation  Purpose  happiness  index  well  being  Mastery  Autonomy  life  hacker  life  lesson  Process  Gary  Vaynerchuk  Casey  Neistat  Perspective  change  entrepreneurship  generationy  Start-up  of  You  cognitive  surplus  mobile  homescreen  zombie  consumer  distraction  attention  span  21stcentury 
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Apple's “Special Event” was underwhelming, but that's a good thing
I felt less bad for my younger, archiving self than I did for Apple. The parts of our lives we wanted instinctively to endure became ink leaked onto pulp, not files housed in silicon. Paper volumes we still house on oft-dusted bookshelves. It was the technology that Apple designed to usher us into the great, digital future that got thrown out – or, if the technology was lucky, encased inside a dust cover and forgotten about for decades. Apple, in time, learned not only to live with the disposability of digital architecture, but to profit from it... // [ the pendulum will swing back again, on a personal level, but for distribution, digital is so much better! And remember the possibility of data apocalypse ]
Retro  Vinyl  Polaroid  Photo  Album  physical  world  digital  economy  digital  content  digital  natives  Age  Diaries  life  hacker  life  lesson  content  distribution  Social  Network  technological  history  technological  progress  counter  culture  Silicon  Valley  Selbstdarstellung  Selbstfürsorge  Psychology  ephemeral  Data  Apocalypse 
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The Weight | The Players' Tribune
via - --- ie Storytelling, like what Fish has done here, is certainly changing the world and it is this incremental progress which we should all celebrate. His beautiful story, among others like his, will inspire people to be more open about their mental health and hopefully in the process inspire a better future.
vulnerability  Brene  Brown  mental  health  mental  illness  Failure  Success  sociology  philosophy  Alain  de  Botton  storytelling  Perspective  stigma  meditation  competitive  competition  competitiveness  rat  race  corporate  culture  4-day  work  week  Descape  chronic  stress  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  well  being  happiness  index  work  environment  workplace  beyond  workplace  drama  crony  capitalism  capitalism  status  anxiety  label  prejudice  judgement  snap  judgement  life  hacker  life  lesson 
september 2015 by asterisk2a
Robert Greene: How to Master Anything and Achieve Greatness by Lewis Howes | Free Listening on SoundCloud
craft a career path that suits ur interest. what are u getting excited abt every day. helps with learning, deep learning! the more passion. the more knee deep u are in. increases ability to learn. // go through apprenticeship, and tour of duty. its skills skills skills. 3, 4, 5, 6, ... live in hyper competitive world (globalisation) // information has to become accumulated, stored, put into action again and again (retrieval). // social intelligence, EQ, forging your own path, // let your work speak for itself, for you. // social intelligence // 10000 hours // you become the product of your education (environment). // Napoleon // we life in a complex world, master your complex field, ideas come to you. philosophers stone. // its about problem solving. its not sexy and glamorous // entrepreneurship is about character, worth more than an ivy league degree // go where you learn most, start-up // u dont want people 2 love u, u have no control over it, it is not needed. its abt skills.
Robert  Greene  book  Start-up  of  You  Success  Failure  self-actualization  self-awareness  passion  long-term  view  differentiate  differentiation  capital  skills  skill-biased  technological  change  practical  skill  set  skills  gap  career  advice  career  ladder  competitiveness  competitive  Future  of  Work  Mobile  Creatives  mentoring  mentor  life  hacker  life  lesson  Problem  Solving  Personal  Brand  practical  skills  softskills  skills  discipline 
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Episode 30: Felix Salmon by Product Hunt
Everyone should be doing something lefty. The internet was abt that. Now its everyone wants 2 be big. Optimised. Cool things come out of waste, wasting times, free time, ... eureka effect. Lefty things are not optimised. // "We build a fucking great bridge." Nobody did back then seismic modeling. They just build a fucking great bridge that actually can carry twice the lanes/traffic, you can just put a 2nd deck on it with another 6 lanes. << build 4 prosperity. not optimised. THUS lesson, build ur business that way, 4 prosperity, pay money if u want 2 used it. Dont optimise 4 anything specifically. // Oldest Companies are still family owned. Not pressures by Wall Street 4 growth & profit. "No one is happy being profitable." "You wind up taking risks, eventually falling on your face." #growth-fetish // Venture Capital wants an exit. U put urself in that corner & have fiduciary responsibility. // If u own category/vertical u can sort of set price! & 46 oh hi there world, own platform!!!
Silicon  Valley  closetphile  social  entrepreneurship  Internet  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  of  You  life  hacker  life  lesson  philosophy  Felix  Salmon  Wall  Street  crony  capitalism  post-capitalism  capitalism  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  David  Heinemeier  Hansson  bootstraped  bootstrapping  bootstrapped  native  advertising  friction  frictionless  value  creation  Core  Product  Proposition  values  corporate  values  corporate  culture  Proposition  intangible  value  added  value  personal  values  counter  culture  advertisement  advertising  pre-roll  ad  micropayment  micropayments  Bitcoin  Dogecoin  brand  awareness  branded  content  e-mail  marketing  referral  marketing  attention  span  attention  graph  Twitter  oh  hi  there  world  Facebook  Instant  Articles  Apple  Newsstand  Apple  News  Google  Search  Newsfeed  Facebook  RSS  Platform  TOS  EULA  24-hour  cycle  business  model  pageviews  BuzzFeed 
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Jia Jiang, "Why Rejection is Awesome" | Talks at Google - YouTube
We will learn: - Master your own fear of rejection and how to make it your advantage - Customer Service: How to Turn Rejections Into Opportunities - You Can Say 'NO' and Make Me a Fan -- what my 100 crazy requests taught me about great customer service - Sales and Life: Why Rejection Is Your Best Friend
rejection  life  lesson  life  hacker  Failure  Start-up  of  You  advice  lesson  Fear  anxiety  status  anxiety 
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Hey, Advertisers. It's Serena Time! - Bloomberg View
In sports marketing, no one ever got fired for hiring a cute blond female athlete. It is the default choice. This can be, let’s just say it, racist. It’s definitely lookist. But it’s mainly conservative. In advertising, in television, in movies, the tendency is to look backward. Hiring only people who fit past models of success may often not work, but it comes with fewer consequences when it fails than trying something new does. To get all Keynesian about it, “Worldly wisdom teaches that it is better for reputation to fail conventionally than to succeed unconventionally.” [ risking looking like a fool ... vs playing it safe. incrementalism a to b - vs - dreamer/imagination ---- Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you anywhere. Albert Einstein. ---- first break all the rules (book) ---- thus take into account ppls background where they came from/come from. are they trying to play it safe? with their advise? ]
Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  of  You  risk  risk  taking  Gary  Vaynerchuk  career  ladder  career  advice  life  hacker  life  lesson  self-awareness  self-actualization  entrepreneurship  creative  destruction  disruption  innovator  innovation  Rebel  counter  culture  antithesis  Blue  Ocean 
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Descape: Ein Praktikum, das Geld kostet, bietet ein Berliner Start-Up - Videos - DIE WELT
Angeblich möchte die "Generation Y" keine Karriere, sondern Sinn im Job finden. Genau das aber verweigert ihr oft die moderne Arbeitswelt. Ein Berliner Startup will dafür einen Ausweg gefunden haben. Descape. // // need outside influence, change of environment, scenery, downtime, exposure, intense learning/reading for a day. for eureka moments!
4-day  work  week  identity  work  life  balance  life  hacker  life  lesson  corporate  culture  corporate  values  HR  human  resources  recruiting  recruitment  self-awareness  Millennials  generationy  self-actualization  Maslow  well  being  happiness  index  creative  creativity  work  environment  environment  eureka 
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Survivors | Bothsides of the Table
Failure. To most people it smells. People are afraid of it. It’s like cancer or divorce. When you have it you find you who your true friends are because they’re the ones who double down on helping, on being available, on listening, on understanding. Most people run from failure or disease because they’re hard to handle. Hard to know how to deal with. Awkward. But I am attracted to those who have had severe set-backs in life because it tells you something about the mettle of the person with whom you’re dealing. It reminds me of a famous quote in one of my favorite novel’s “Damage” by Josephine Hart “Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.” [...] closed up shop at the very first hurdle. I wouldn’t work with him again. [...] Honor is what I’m looking for. How you failed is significantly more important than if you failed. [play the long-game = relationships, trust, network [ character, live life 4 ur eulogy, not CV, not bank account - & ]
Failure  entrepreneurship  Hustle  culture  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  life  hacker  life  lesson  philosophy  adversity  pattern  matching  pattern  recognition  bias  confirmation  bias  Venture  Capital  selection  bias  perseverance  of  You  career  advice  career  ladder  courage  character  book  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  entrepreneur  long-term  Networking  Gary  Vaynerchuk  ecosystem  community 
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What to Make of Amazon's Work Practices? | Bothsides of the Table
It’s best encapsulated in a famous Jeff Bezos quote, “You can work long, hard or smart, but at you can’t choose two out of three,” [...] Try working at Goldman Sachs, [...] You think it’s different at any of the top consulting firms? [...] You see organizations like these thrive on large pools of some of the country’s best and brightest graduates that trade off 2-5 years of work experience under extreme pressure in exchange for skills, experiences & relationships that will last a lifetime. [Accelerated Learning] [...] Think its a cake walk working @ any of the countries top law firms? [...] Should we do an article on what it’s like to be a medical resident? How abt working in the US military? Chief of Staff for a major political figure? What abt a top athlete in the NFL or NBA or even part of the coaching staff. Think they dont have work/life balance challenges in a field theyve chosen to work in? [#Top 100 of X vs avg white- or blue-collar worker ] [what u optimize for?]
Silicon  Valley  Amazon  Jeff  Bezos  HR  human  resources  hiring  recruiting  recruitment  people  management  team  management  corporate  culture  corporate  values  Start-up  Start-up  of  You  career  advice  career  ladder  accelerated  learning  White-collar  Worker  average  Failure  Blue-collar  Worker  Workers  Union  benefits  perks  Google  Microsoft  beyond  workplace  drama  workplace  work  environment  environment  SME  SMB  Germany  culture  work  life  balance  well  being  chronic  stress  happiness  index  elite  athlete  elite  sports  war  for  talent  ID  Tour  of  Duty  Reed  Hastings  Netflix  Reid  Hoffman  linkedin  Intel  Apple  life  lesson  life  hacker  Gary  Vaynerchuk  Hustle  advice  lesson  4-day  work  week  TeamTreehouse  Ryan  Carson  Facebook  Twitter  Dick  Costolo  productivity  focused  Focus  execution  entrepreneurship  Founders  Success  competitive  competition  competitiveness  knowledge 
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Zufall: Ein Plädoyer für das Unvorhersehbare, Kulturplatz vom 12.8.2015 - YouTube
- google - pessimism and lain de botton. advice: in morning, make list of the worst things that can happen! go on with life. yt channel - school of life.
Psychology  Alain  de  Botton  pessimism  life  hacker  life  lesson  serendipity 
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Reinvention As A Life Skill — BIF Speak — Medium
via - Reinvention is a life skill, it's a life long journey we’re all embarked on whether we like it or not.
Start-up  of  You  life  hacker  life  lesson  Mobile  Creatives  Mobile  Creative  destruction  career  ladder  career  advice  Future  of  Work  philosophy  self-awareness  discovery  Alain  de  Botton  Psychology 
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What Google’s Alphabet Really Spells for Silicon Valley: “I” Is for Innovation (And Also Irrelevance) | Re/code
Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive. // To my mind, Google needn’t agonize about staying current to what the kids are up to quite as much as it seems. I know former Intel star Andy Grove once said that “only the paranoid survive,” but everyone from my vantage point seems have taken that to extremes. In fact, aging probably shouldn’t be so much a worry anywhere in Silicon Valley, given the most powerful companies are run by these same ever-aging execs, and most of the money funding the startups is controlled by another cadre of mature — almost always — former dudes. The olds run the place more than it looks. [...] To modify the famed “Godfather II” quote from Hyman Roth: This is the life you have chosen (to always change). Plato once noted that “nothing is real, because everything is always changing or becoming something else.” It’s an old saying, for sure, but it still works for me and maybe realizing that is not such a bad thing.
Google  Google  Inc.  Alphabet  Inc.  Larry  Page  Sergey  Brin  Silicon  Valley  Intel  book  life  hacker  life  lesson  Start-up  of  You  creative  destruction  competitive  competitiveness  competition 
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BBC iWonder - Can you learn to be happy?
Most of the criteria used to measure happiness aren’t things you necessarily have personal control over, like income or crime levels. But Action for Happiness says 40% of our happiness is down to the conscious choices we make. They say there are 10 steps you can take which “consistently tend to make people's lives happier and more fulfilling”. Do things for others. Connect with people. Take care of your body. Notice the world around you. Keep learning new things. Have goals to look forward to. Find ways to bounce back from difficulties. Take a positive approach. Become comfortable with who you are. Be part of something bigger that gives you purpose and meaning in life.
happiness  index  well  being  sociology  Psychology  life  hacker  life  lesson 
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Adulthood Made Easy: Embracing Failure by Panoply Media
Jessica Bacal // everything is learn able ! // writing about your career, failure, life - forms, you own your story, ...
Failure  book  career  ladder  growth  mindset  career  advice  life  hacker  life  lesson  self-publishing  Blogging 
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BBC iWonder - Are you getting enough sleep?
In many cultures an afternoon nap or siesta is a way of life and the health benefits are impressive with increased stamina, reduced heart disease, improved mental ability and better moods. Studies have shown that a one hour nap can actually improve our mental alertness by up to 10 hours. So the next time you're being chastised for nodding off, remember this – some of the world's greatest minds have been advocates of the power nap – including Leonardo da Vinci who is said to have taken a 20 minute nap every four hours. Lots of mammals sleep irregularly throughout the day too, it's just us humans that choose to sleep in large chunks throughout the night. We're actually pre-programmed to sleep twice a day with our perfect nap zones around 2am and 2pm which explains why we're often tired after lunch, especially after eating carbohydrates which contain tryptophan that can make us drowsy.
sleep  hygiene  napping  life  hacker  life  lesson  public  health  policy  public  health  sleep  deprivation  productivity  creative  destruction  sick  population 
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Base your self-esteem on your rationality - Less Wrong
Rather than insisting that you are worthy because of characteristic X, try thinking of yourself as worthy because you are as rational as can be, checking your facts, steelmanning arguments and so on.
life  hacker  life  lesson  philosophy 
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Jessica Lahey’s ‘The Gift of Failure’: A Fear of Risk-Taking Has Destroyed Kids’ Love of Learning - The Atlantic
When Success Leads to Failure. The pressure to achieve academically is a crime against learning. [...] Above all else, we taught her to fear failure. That fear is what has destroyed her love of learning. [...] Is that what we want? Kids who get straight As but hate learning?
education  policy  Failure  life  lesson  life  hacker  professional  education  vocational  education  Alain  de  Botton  philosophy  sociology  culture  society  stigma  risk  aversion  risk  taking  risk-taking  riskaversion  social  safety  net  Fear  anxiety  status  anxiety  intrinsic  motivation  learning  learning  curve  Start-up  of  You 
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Maren Kate on Twitter: "Every entrepreneur should memorize this:"
The Stockdale Paradox: Retain faith that you will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties. And at the same time. Confront the most brutal fact of your current reality, whatever they might be.
Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  of  You  life  lesson  life  hacker 
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The Solitary Billionaire: J. Paul Getty
first self-made dollar billionaire. (1) have to be lucky! and exploit your luck, others can be as hard or more hard working but without luck and will not make it. (2) intelligent gambling, knowing when the odds are in your favor, knowing the downside, mitigating risk (the downside). intelligent risk taking. when knowing the odds are against you, don't do it. // See Book - How to be Rich (2000) by J. Paul Getty. Chapters on sense of values, millionaire mentality. Preview here &! // &! Adoption for SV?
Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  life  lesson  life  hacker 
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The Traction Book: 5 Steps To Traction & Business Growth
product distribution is part of start-up failure, find and focus 2-3 great distribution channels - test hypothesis what channels should work - evaluate (measure), why or why not, ... figure out what works, [keep moving. if you stop moving, you will fail]. double down on what works. test, test, test. spend time - 50/50 - marketing/product early on. find a great distribution strategy! traction. have goals determin your action. without a goal you cant score. focus on activities that move you forward towards the goal. // Justin Mares, Co-Author, Traction, Startup Grind Ottawa - &! Startup Metrics Toronto December 2014 - Justin Mares on User Onboarding -
book  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  traction  growth  hacking  growth  hacker  viral  coefficient  Net  Promoter  Score  Product/Market  Fit  MVP  Core  Product  Value  Proposition  Value  Proposition  Minimal  Viable  Product  marketing  advertisement  affiliate  marketing  content  marketing  Lean  Start-Up  A/B  Testing  marketing  channel  distribution  strategy  conversion  user  acquisition  PR  public  relations  brand  awareness  user  engagement  user  generated  content  user  churn  customer  retention  customer  acquisition 
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Spam might not clog your inbox any longer. But what about your life? | Oliver Burkeman | Comment is free | The Guardian
But this raises a question. If spamming is about abusing the resource of other people’s attention, the ethos of spam is everywhere: in clickbait headlines that promise far more than they deliver; in tweets that exploit the “curiosity gap” by tantalizingly omitting key information; in the daily email I now receive – it isn’t spam, technically, because I agreed to it – from a clothing store where I once bought one shirt. Scroll to the fetid lower reaches of many a reputable site and you’ll find links (provided, most often, by Outbrain or Taboola) to the products of content farms, or, as Brunton describes them: “vast algal blooms of linked content with catchy titles, top-10 lists about trending topics, wild claims and needlessly contrarian stances.” None of these were written because a journalist thought the topic mattered; they’re created in response to what’s trending, to exploit the attention already gathered. // Your attention/focus is a limited resource. see book Information Diet
Spam  attention  span  Linkbait  linkbaiting  Clickbait  click  bait  copywriting  phishing  book  Listicle  BuzzFeed  productivity  user  behaviour  finite  resources  life  hacker  life  lesson  focus  e-mail 
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Psychologie: Stärken der Introvertierten - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Ein gutes Drittel der Bevölkerung gilt als introvertiert, doch unseren Alltag bestimmen vor allem die Lauten. Zu Unrecht, sagen Psychologen und Ökonomen. Denn die Stärken der Stillen sind für die Gesellschaft unverzichtbar. [...] Tatsächlich aber hat sich in den vergangenen Jahrzehnten ein großer kultureller Vorbehalt gegen die Leisen entwickelt. Vor allem in der Wirtschaft wird das Ideal des extrovertierten Menschen gefördert. Die New Yorker Anwältin Cain hat das selbst erlebt. "Sorgfalt, Analyse, Konzentration - das sind die Stärken der Stillen", sagt sie. "Warum geben wir ihnen trotzdem immer wieder das Gefühl, nicht gut genug zu sein?" [...] Im Gehirn vieler introvertierter Probanden wurde dabei eine höhere elektrische Aktivität nachgewiesen, egal ob sie arbeiteten oder sich ausruhten. [...] Um sich wohl zu fühlen, um neue Kraft zu schöpfen, brauchen Introvertierte Ruhe. [...] Dass das Ideal der Extroversion schlecht fürs Geschäft sein kann, hat kürzlich [] Adam Grant nachgewiesen.
introvert  personality  Leadership  people  management  HR  human  resources  self-awareness  life  hacker  life  lesson 
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