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(4) Nordkorea: Die Kim-Dynastie | Doku | ARTE - YouTube
"today there is no military option against North Korea"
1990's there was one.
"niemand wird Nord Korea durch sanktionen abwenden koennen."
China involviert da sanktionen untergraben werden
China hat interesse an Nord Korea stretegish. gg USA
so unterstuetzt China Nord Korea
und USA unterstuetzt Sued Korea
Nordkorea  North  Korea  Nuklearmacht  regimechange  history  China  gwbush  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  USA  sovereignty  nuclear  war  weapons  sanctions 
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(9595) Welcome to Fascism: A Look at the Terrifying Gestapo Tactics Used by ICE - YouTube
ICE is under homeland security, thus all people deemed terrorists. ICE is post 9/11 org. No great under Obama, Trump escalated it.
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  ICE  fascism  alt-right  right-wing  far-right  immigration  gwbush  Terrorism  9/11  BarackObama 
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George Bush Sr calls Trump a 'blowhard' and voted for Clinton - BBC News
Bush trying to distance GOP from Trump. Damage control. Fearing that in near future no republican candiate will be elected other than Trump for a 2nd term I guess. - The Last Republicans.
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  gwbush  bush  GOP  book 
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Get Ready for the First Shocks of Trump’s Disaster Capitalism
bush on steroids // Shock Doctrine // [taking advantage/exploit self-created crisis and shocks] To get a sense of how the Trump administration will respond to their first crises, it’s worth reading the list in full (and noting Pence’s name right at the bottom).

What stands out in the package of pseudo “relief” policies is the commitment to wage all-out war on labor standards and on the public sphere — which is ironic because the failure of public infrastructure is what turned Katrina into a human catastrophe. Also notable is the determination to use any opportunity to strengthen the hand of the oil and gas industry.

The first three items on the RSC list are “automatically suspend Davis-Bacon prevailing wage laws in disaster areas,” a reference to the law that required federal contractors to pay a living wage; “make the entire affected area a flat-tax free-enterprise zone”; and “make the entire region an economic competitiveness zone (comprehensive tax incentives and waiving of regulations).”
book  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  gwbush  9/11  neoliberal  neoliberalism  crony  Capitalism  self-regulation  regulation  USA  Exploitation 
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Saudi Arabia Threatens To Liquidate Its Treasury Holdings If Congress Probes Its Role In Sept 11 Attacks
[...] But the threat is another sign of the escalating tensions between Saudi Arabia and the United States. [...] "Obama has been lobbying so intently against the bill that some lawmakers and families of Sept. 11 victims are infuriated. In their view, the Obama administration has consistently sided with the kingdom and has thwarted their efforts to learn what they believe to be the truth about the role some Saudi officials played in the terrorist plot." //&!
9/11  Saudi  Arabia  gwbush  georgewbush  bush  China  Japan  USA  reserve  currency  USD  Dollar  petrodollar  Middle  East  Taliban  al-Qaeda  al-Qaida  osamabinladen  OPEC  sovereign  wealth  fund  geopolitics  diplomacy  barackobama  foreign  affairs  Intelligence  foreign  relations  War  on  Terror  Pakistan  India  Hegemony  arms  trade  UK 
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Koch Brothers Declare War On Electric Cars - YouTube
introduce a carbon tax, rather than cherry picking! // who is also invested in their "ventures"? Arabs! See also Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary by Michael Moore. //&! Koch Bros Behind Solar Power Fines - --- ALEC lobby group. //&! Koch Bros Slammed By Billionaire T. Boone Pickens - //&! Koch Brothers Caught On Tape - Obama & Osama Compared - //&! Koch Brothers Destroyed By Bloomberg Report - //&! Letters Expose Agenda Of Billionaire Koch Brothers - //&! Koch Bros Tried To Shut Up Maddow, Bad Idea - //&! Zach Galifianakis Slams Koch Brothers - //&! Koch Brothers EXPOSED: 2014 (ft. Bernie Sanders) - //&!
fossil  fuel  vested  interest  interest  groups  carbon  tax  electric  car  Tesla  Motors  renewable  energy  solar  energy  wind  energy  subsidies  subsidizing  COP21  plutocracy  Greed  oligarchy  Super  Rich  1%  revolving  door  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Koch  Brothers  Career  Politicians  Super  PAC  presidential  election  2016  climate  change  Generationengerechtigkeit  global  warming  climate  crisis  economic  damage  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  corporate  welfare  pork  barrel  corporate  scandal  Oil  price  commodity  prices  budget  deficit  industrial  policy  competitiveness  competitive  crony  capitalism  history  Saudi  Arabia  petrodollar  Petroleum  Industry  petrodollars  Middle  East  gwbush  bush  georgewbush  fracking  shale  gas  SolarCity  Panel  ALEC  bribery  corruption  antitrust  far-right  free  market  neoconservatism  neoconservatives  neoliberalism  neoliberal 
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Paris attacks | World news | The Guardian - Western interventions have an unhappy recent record. The world as a whole must unite against a force that makes an enemy of everyone else //&! - - Banlieue; allowing urban ghettoes to spring up in suburbs across the country, many home to unemployed & disaffected young immigrant men, she said. “This creates frustration,” she said. //&! - Current Profile. Intelligence Agency had files on most of them, being radicalised, not integrated to society. Surveillance state/data collection does not prevent attack/crime! &! &! //&! Hollande giving war speech (against jihadi terrorism) to secure political survival - - France’s escalating problem of homegrown terrorism [...] ills of society //&! Followed by raid on everyone they have on file - - reactionary. this is not prevention/intervention. &! UK beefing things up. &! one might be from Syria -
War  on  Terror  ISIS  Islamic  State  radicalism  Islamic  Law  radicalism  extremism  Caliphate  Middle  East  foreign  policy  foreign  affairs  foreign  relations  Intelligence  Surveillance-Industrial  Complex  Drone  Strike  Drone  Warfare  Russia  USA  Hegemony  geopolitics  military–industrial  military  intervention  Iraq  War  Afghanistan  Taliban  al-Qaida  Iraq  Pakistan  Syrien  Syria  Religion  democracy  history  UK  Muslim  Islamophobia  Islam  immigration  immigrants  migration  Banlieue  France  society  Gesellschaft  Wertegesellschaft  western  society  radicalisation  radicalization  Vorratsdatenspeicherung  Snoopers  Charter  Dataretention  bulk  data  collection  Orwellian  State  surveillance  Makers  domestic  affairs  Sozialpolitik  integration  Integrationspolitik  FrancoisHollande  jihadist  Charlie  Hebdo  Career  Politicians  David  Cameron  Theresa  May  gwbush  georgewbush  bush  neoliberalism  neoliberal  neoconservatism  neoconservatives  racial  segregation  social  segregation  segregation  ghetto  social  cohesion  social  tension  social  mobility  income  mobility  Gini  coefficient  disenfranchised  refugee  crisis 
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How The Socialist Surge is Growing - YouTube
via Robert Reich - According to a New York Times investigation reported this morning, just 358 families and the businesses they control have contributed over half the money to the 2016 presidential election so far – mostly to Republicans who have pledged to pare regulations; cut taxes on income, capital gains and inheritances; and shrink Social Security and Medicare. On the other hand, two-thirds of Americans support higher taxes on those earning $1 million or more a year, according to a June New York Times/CBS News poll, and six in 10 favor more government intervention to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. And according to the Pew Research Center, nearly seven in 10 favor preserving Social Security and Medicare benefits as they are. To an extent we haven’t seen since the Gilded Age of the 1890s, the upcoming election is between a tiny group of super-rich and the rest of us. We must do everything possible to reclaim our democracy.
lefty  Bernie  Sanders  Jeremy  Corbyn  USA  UK  European  Union  neoliberalism  neoliberal  crony  capitalism  bank  bailout  banking  crisis  squeezed  middle  class  injustice  justice  morality  TBTF  too  big  to  jail  too  big  to  bail  white-collar  crime  corporate  scandal  accounting  scandal  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  lobbyist  Lobbying  lobby  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  austerity  Generationengerechtigkeit  fairness  neoconservatism  neoconservatives  progressive  wage  stagnation  secular  stagnation  income  growth  income  distribution  income  inequality  income  mobility  social  mobility  low  income  income  redistribution  capital  gains  capital  gains  tax  tax  code  capitalism  post-capitalism  GFC  Super  Rich  1%  Gini  coefficient  post  code  lottery  NHS  Privatisation  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  TINA  Alternativlos  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel  character  barackobama  georgewbush  gwbush  presidency  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  Toff  Privileged  Establishment  Sozialer  Abstieg  precarious  work  Precariat  globalization  globalisation  working  poor  Labour  Party  Tony  Blair  GordonBrown  sovereign  debt  crisis  Positioning  Polarisation  corporate  state  corporate  media  Lügenpresse  social  Party  p 
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So Wrong for So Long | Foreign Policy
[T]heir earlier support for the Iraq War and their opposition to the Iran deal stem from the basic neoconservative worldview that informs their entire approach to foreign policy. [...] To be more specific, the problem isn’t that these people just happened to be embarrassingly wrong about Iraq. After all, plenty of other people were equally misguided back then, including many people who now support the deal today. Nor is the problem the neocons’ stubborn and morally dubious refusal to admit they were wrong and take responsibility for the lives and money they squandered. No, the real problem is that the neoconservative worldview — one that still informs the thinking of many of the groups and individuals who are most vocal in opposing the Iran deal — is fundamentally flawed. [...] they think weaker states are easy to bully and never stand up to powerful adversaries. ...
Iraq  War  Iran  progressive  neoconservatism  neoconservatives  USA  foreign  policy  foreign  affairs  World  Police  Middle  East  foreign  relations  UK  gwbush  georgewbush  al-Qaida  Afghanistan  Turkey  Saudi  Arabia  Russia  China  bullying  cyber  Iraq 
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11. September: Bush-Regierung dachte an Atomschlag - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die US-Administration um Präsident George W. Bush zog nach den Attacken auf das World Trade Center in New York und das Pentagon in Washington am 11. September 2001 offenbar auch einen Atomschlag gegen Afghanistan in Betracht. Das sagte der ehemalige außenpolitische Berater von Kanzler Gerhard Schröder, Michael Steiner, der in einem SPIEGEL-Gespräch erstmals von seinen geheimen Unterredungen mit der US-Regierung berichtete. (Lesen Sie das ganze Gespräch im neuen SPIEGEL.) "Die Papiere waren geschrieben", sagte Steiner auf die Frage, ob die USA auch an den Einsatz von Nuklearwaffen dachten, und fügte hinzu: "Sie hatten wirklich alle Möglichkeiten durchgespielt." Schröder und ihn habe nach den Terrorattacken die Sorge umgetrieben, die USA würden "im ersten Schock überreagieren", zumal sich die ganze Administration "regelrecht eingebunkert" habe.
9/11  Dick  Cheney  gwbush  georgewbush  USA  War  on  Terror  Pentagon 
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US torture doctors could face charges after report alleges post-9/11 'collusion' | Law | The Guardian
The largest association of psychologists in the United States is on the brink of a crisis, the Guardian has learned, after an independent review revealed that medical professionals lied and covered up their extensive involvement in post-9/11 torture. The revelation, puncturing years of denials, creates the potential for leadership firings, loss of licenses and even prosecutions. For more than a decade, the American Psychological Association (APA) has maintained that a strict code of ethics prohibits its more than 130,000 members to aid in the torture of detainees while simultaneously permitting involvement in military and intelligence interrogations.
9/11  Torture  Interrogation  national  interest  NSA  CIA  FBI  gwbush  bush  georgewbush  presidency  barackobama  philosophy  USA  populism  manufactured  consent  War  on  Terror  surveillance  state  Orwellian  FISA  Court  Secret  Courts  Patriot  Act  Nationalism  corporate  state  propaganda  media  conglomerate  Lügenpresse  Iraq  War  WMD  al-Qaida  Drone  Strike  Drone  Warfare  Five  Eyes  Intelligence  Agency  Foreign  Intelligence  policy  affairs  UK  Europe  Germany  United  Nations  Security  Council  United  Nations 
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Sauerland-Zelle: Mutmaßlicher CIA-Mann war "der Chef" - Panorama | STERN.DE
Die Hintergründe der "Sauerland-Gruppe", die 2007 Terroranschläge in Deutschland geplant haben soll, werden immer mysteriöser: Ein mutmaßlicher Kontaktmann des US-Geheimdienstes CIA spielte bei der Attentatsvorbereitung eine größere Rolle als bislang bekannt. Von Rainer Nübel // history doesn't repeat, it rhymes ---
False  Flag  CIA  NSA  Five  Eyes  War  on  Terror  BND  surveillance  state  Orwellian  Double  Agent  presidency  barackobama  USA  gwbush  georgewbush  history  World  Police  Middle  East  9/11  WMD  Foreign  Intelligence  corporate  espionage  industrial  espionage  cyber  espionage  geopolitics  Super  Power  affairs  policy 
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Lapdogs, redux: How the press tried to discredit Seymour Hersh’s bombshell reporting on CIA domestic spying | PandoDaily
According to Hersh’s account, OBL was given up by one of his Pakistani ISI prison wardens—our Pakistaini allies had been holding him captive since 2006, with backing from our Saudi allies, to use for leverage. Hersh’s account calls into question a lot of things, starting with the justification for the massive, expensive, and brutal US GWOT military-intelligence web, which apparently had zilch to do with taking out the most wanted terrorist in the world. All it took, says Hersh, was one sleazy Pakistani ISI turncoat walking into a CIA storefront in Islamabad, handing them the address to Bin Laden’s location, and picking up his $25 million bounty check. About as hi-tech as an episode of Gunsmoke.
osamabinladen  CIA  NSA  surveillance  state  Orwellian  War  on  Terror  presidency  barackobama  False  Flag  military–industrial  complex  military-intelligence  Intelligence  Agency  Foreign  Intelligence  Five  Eyes  GCHQ  al-Qaida  Iraq  War  Lügenpresse  Washington  investigative  journalism  gwbush  georgewbush 
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CIA Folterbericht: Die zehn schlimmsten Quälereien der CIA - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Viele Passagen in dem Folterbericht zur CIA sind geschwärzt - doch was man lesen kann, ist entsetzlich genug: Gefangenen wurden Schläuche zur Zwangsentleerung eingeführt, sie wurden in Eiswasser gesteckt, anal penetriert. SPIEGEL ONLINE zeigt Auszüge aus dem Dokument. &! &! - >> Wolfgang Neskovic: Der CIA-Folter-Report | SWR1 Leute - Folter ist und kann durch nichts gerechtfertigt werden." Das sagt Wolfgang Neskovic, ehemaliger Richter am Bundesgerichtshof und jetzt Buchautor: Er hat den CIA-Folter-Report auf Deutsch herausgegeben. Neskovic war außerdem Mitglied der SPD, Grünen und der Linken und kennt den Politikbetrieb wie kaum ein Zweiter.
torture  dehumanisation  subhuman  history  USA  CIA  patriotism  Patriot  Act  presidency  barackobama  gwbush  War  on  Terror  NSA  FBI  interrogation  psychology  Iraq  War  al-Qaida  jihadist  humanity  crime  human  rights 
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“America Frightens Us”: Europeans are Waking Up. The US is No Longer an Ally of the European Union? | Global Research
According to the law, if it should ever happen that American citizens are brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and accused at The Hague, Washington would exercise the preemptive right to invade the country in order to prevent prosecution. Remember that Malaysia’s government had permitted a tribunal in 2011, whose judges in the tradition of British court proceedings condemned both George W. Bush and Tony Blair as war criminals. /// +++
International  Criminal  Court  ICC  The  Hague  Den  Haag  International  Court  of  Justice  USA  Career  Politicians  war  crime  Hague  Tribunal  diplomacy  foreign  policy  foreign  affairs  presidency  barackobama  gwbush  georgewbush  Politics  Congress  trust  trustagent  confidence  Europe 
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Irak: Kann Obama mit Luftangriffen gegen IS-Terroristen vorgehen? - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Auch Iraks Premier Nuri al-Maliki hatte in den vergangenen Wochen in Washington um Unterstützung ersucht, diesen Wunsch betonte Obama, als er das Eingreifen der USA verkündete. // +++ Minderheiten werden verfolgt, ganze Völker bedroht: Die Lage im Irak ist katastrophaler denn je. Die USA stehen in der Pflicht. Doch was Obama jetzt macht, ist zu zögerlich. [...] Der Irak ist weder souverän noch stabil noch selbstständig. Mission not accomplished. // +++ & RAF planes to drop food aid in Iraq
ISIS  USA  Iraq  Irak  Islamic  State  radicalism  extremism  history  Syria  human  tragedy  humanitarian  crisis  Middle  East  presidency  barackobama  gwbush  georgewbush  foreign  policy  foreign  affairs  UK  World  Police  British  Empire 
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The Snowden affair: The perils of whistleblowing - YouTube
See very last part of the discussion: Stasi Officers Interview 'it is naive to think that this intelligence will not be used (abused) for other purposes.' ... ie throwing off other foreign state officials that have done wrong, and USA, the West wants to have removed for a more Western leaning replacement. ... Let's say Erdogan. Stuff got on the internet about him and his family; bribery, taxevasion, corruption etc. leading up to local elections. ... That is just a coincidence. right!? just serendipity. + NSA Whistleblower - Jesselyn Radack & Thomas Drake | London Real :: + Annie Machon - Whistleblower | London Real ::
Edward  Snowden  Whistleblower  Julian  Assange  Jacob  Appelbaum  surveillance  surveillance  state  Orwellian  cyberespionage  espionage  corporate  espionage  cyber  espionage  patriotact  Patriot  Act  patriotism  USA  presidency  barackobama  gwbush  governance  oversight  transparency  accountability  democracy  Career  Politicians  unintended  consequences  unknown  unkown  GCHQ  NSA  BND  G  Zero  surveillance  disarmament  espionage  disarmament  Wikileaks  Book  Bradley  Manning  Chelsea  Manning  First  Amendment  Constitution  Intelligence  Agency  Zero  Sum  Game  War  on  Terror  9/11  toobigtofail  history  Stasi  Erdogan  Turkey  neoconservatives  neoconservatism  diplomacy  foreignaffairs  foreign  policy  UK  G8  Germany  Angela  Merkel  davidcameron  Thomas  Drake  Jesselyn  Radack  Annie  Machon  encryption  Five  Eyes  ECHELON  Europe  PRISM  XKeyscore  Backdoors  Privacy  human  rights 
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'Science Guy' Bill Nye Debates Lawmaker on Climate Change - NBC
California (West Coast) is suffering Drought and Fires. East Coast and Lake Area is suffering its 2nd Polar Vortex. UK has wettest start into the new Year since records 250 years began. And the Republican Congress women cites a cost-benefit-analysis.
climate  change  climate  science  weather  extreme  extreme  weather  USA  California  drought  Polar  Vortex  jet  stream  weather  system  cost-benefit  analysis  social  contract  social  society  Career  Politicians  accountability  presidency  barackobama  gwbush  algore  renewable  energy  energy  efficiency  leadership  G  Zero  global  warming  global  imbalances  faultlines  unintended  consequences  complexity  unknown  unkown 
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NSA-Affäre: Klaus Brinkbäumer kritisiert die USA - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Eine politische Diskussion über all das findet so gut wie nicht statt. Anschläge seien durch die Bespitzelung verhindert worden, das sagt Obama, das sagt Angela Merkel, und wir haben ihnen zu glauben. So erklärt man Wähler und Bürger zu Kindern, deren Eltern, die Regierungen, schon wissen, was richtig ist. Existiert jenes freie Amerika, das verteidigt werden sollte, noch, oder hat es sich durch die Verteidigung selbst abgeschafft? Eine amerikanische Regierung, die ein Spitzelprogramm wie Prism absegnet, respektiert nichts und niemanden mehr. Sie lebt Allmacht aus, sie wähnt sich erhaben über den Rechtsstaat, im eigenen Land ohnehin und sogar im Ausland. Dass nun Obama so handelt, ist trostlos. Ginge es um die Regierung Bush, könnte man denken: Es ist halt Bush, der ist berechenbar, es gibt noch ein besseres Amerika. Nun wissen wir: Es gibt nur ein Amerika.
Culture  angelamerkel  9/11  neoconservatism  Bundesnachrichtendienst  neoconservatives  unintended  consequences  investigative  journalism  davidcameron  barackobama  Guantanamo  Bay  NSA  Tempora  society  domestic  affairs  gwbush  foreign  policy  Orwellian  State  tradeoff  UK  PRISM  USA  surveillance  War  on  Terror  G  Zero  BND  Germany  presidency 
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BBC News - George Osborne warned by MPs over mortgage guarantee risks
Mr Osborne has said the housing market is still not functioning properly after the 2008 financial crisis, with the number of purchases by first-time buyers down 40% in the past five years. [...] >> haven't they learned anything? subprime and house price bubble created itself by state guarantees introduced by gwbush to push home owner ship. - history doesn't repeat, but rhymes - market prices though information. distortion by brining in more normally ineligible buyers. - Osborne tackling an effect of income stagnation and excessive inflation + zombie consumers and zombie banks. First-time buyers unable to put up deposit. >>
microeconomic  policy  monetary  policy  complexity  asset  bubble  Mark  Carney  monetary  theory  reflation  unintended  consequences  zombie  banks  liquidity-trap  distortion  davidcameron  BOE  subprime  political  folly  policy  folly  QE  2013  Plan  B  short-term  thinking  microeconomics  disequilibrium  economic  history  gwbush  mortgage  fraud  UK  error  equilibrium  fanniemae  unconventional  monetary  policy  ZIRP  austerity  USA  housing  bubble  zombie  consumer  mortgage  market  MervynKing  subsidies  freddiemac  economics  Funding  for  Lending  Scheme  GeorgeOsborne  subsidizing 
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BBC iPlayer - Our World: Born Under a Bad Sign ( Iraq records huge rise in birth defects )
Yalda Hakim travels to Iraq to investigate the staggering rise in the numbers of babies born with birth defects and cancer since the start of the war ten years ago. + - chemicals in weapons over time, toxic environment, causes a rise in cancer and birth defects - led and mercury poisoning
heavy  metal  pollution  foreign  policy  gwbush  unintended  consequences  foreignaffairs  Iraq  USA  environment  War  birth  defect  Iraq  War  cancer  public  health 
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US media yet again conceals newsworthy government secrets | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free |
Freedom of Press in USA substantially curtailed. Plus: "It's extraordinary that the New York Times is clearing what it says about this [Wikileaks] with the US Government."
journalism  Patriot  Act  wapo  Wikileaks  2013  nytimes  foreign  policy  gwbush  freedom  of  press  CIA  patriotism  foreignaffairs  USA  barackobama  free  speech  Drone  Wars  NYT  Washington  Post  presidency 
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Countrywide's Sweethearts: WSJ Opinion - YouTube
Assistant editorial page editor James Freeman on a new House Oversight report detailing Countrywide's kickbacks to Capitol Hill "VIPs". Photo: Getty Images.
status  quo  gwbush  lobbyist  Lobbying  lobby  politics  oversight  accountability  transparency  corruption  USA  property  bubble  policy  error  corporate  governance  freddiemac  FannieMea  capitalism  CountrywideFinancial 
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Will Taxing the Rich Fix the Deficit? - YouTube
The government's budget deficit in 2009 was $1.5 trillion. Many have suggested raising taxes on the rich to cover the difference between what the government collected in revenue and what it spent. Is that a realistic solution? Economics professor Antony Davies uses data to demonstrate why taxing the rich will not be sufficient to make the budget deficit disappear. He says, "The budget deficit is so large that there simply aren't enough rich people to tax to raise enough to balance the budget." Instead, it's time to work on legitimate solutions, like cutting spending.
politics  taxation  2012  liberal  economic  reform  liberal  democracy  barackobama  gwbush  presidency  democracy  governance  government  spending  budget  deficit  USA 
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Ten Years after the Mouse Roared - Joseph S. Nye - Project Syndicate
A key lesson of 9/11 is that hard military power is essential in countering terrorism by the likes of Bin Laden, but that the soft power of ideas and legitimacy is essential for winning the hearts and minds of the mainstream Muslim populations from whom Al Qaeda would like to recruit. A “smart power” strategy does not ignore the tools of soft power.

But, at least for America, perhaps the most important lesson of 9/11 is that US foreign policy should follow the counsel of President Dwight Eisenhower a half-century ago: Do not get involved in land wars of occupation, and focus on maintaining the strength of the American economy.
presidency  9/11  gwbush  al-Qaida  terrorism  war  story  foreignaffairs  foreign  policy  barackobama  economy  USA 
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New York Fed Refuses To Disclose Data On "The Largest Theft Of Funds In National History" Which Could Be Three Times Larger Than Expected | zero hedge
 "Iraq's development fund has lost around $18bn of Iraqi money in these operations - their location is unknown. Also missing are the documents of expenditure.

missing $6.6 billion may be "the largest theft of funds in national history."
iraq  fraud  politics  corruption  USA  presidency  gwbush 
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On Rick Santelli's "Meet The Press" Appearance, A $113 Trillion Future Rounding Error, And The Metamorphosis Of The American Dream To A Nightmare | zero hedge
And now for some facts: On February 28, 2001 George Bush said this about his 2002 Budget: “It will retire nearly $1 trillion in debt over the next four years.” Instead, US debt, which at that point was $5.7 trillion, rose to $7.7 trillion. $3 trillion rounding error? Also in the same budget, Bush predicted a $5.6 trillion surplus over the next ten years, which would wipe out all of America's debt by 2011. The latest debt figure was $14.1 trillion. A $14.1 trillion rounding error, or a nearly five fold increase in "rounding errors" in a decade. At this point, the 2021 total debt (including insolvent Social Security) is expected to be $24 trillion. Applying the same rounding error variance to government "projections" means... $113 trillion in debt?
Most jarring, total US Debt to GDP will be over 100% in under 6 months. Paging Reinhart and Rogoff...
USA  sovereign  debt  gwbush  barackobama  presidency  crisis  outlook  projection  forecast  timgeithner  budget  2011  2010  2012  GDP  KennethRogoff 
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Debt Pyramid Scheme Now the Norm in U.S.: Roger Lowenstein - Bloomberg
The tax compromise that the president, after protracted bargaining with Congress, signed into law Friday represents the worst of each party’s principles. Democrats agreed to forgo their insistence on raising taxes to narrow the widening budget deficit. Republicans forgot (again) that they are supposedly the party of smaller government.
In effect, each party stuck to the portion of its principles that will be popular with the electorate right now -- and dismissed the part that would be unpopular. The Washington compromise is symptomatic of the disease infecting government at many levels. It is known as short-termism.
The better course would have been the simplest one: Let the Bush tax cuts -- on every income group -- expire.
tax  taxation  presidency  barackobama  democrats  republicans  2010  politics  gwbush  budget2011 
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Fraud Caused the 1930s Depression and the Current Financial Crisis | zero hedge
Professor William K. Black writes:

The original Pecora investigation documented the causes of the economic collapse that led to the Great Depression. It ... established that conflicts of interest and fraud were common among elite finance and government officials.


James Galbraith recently said that "at the root of the crisis we find the largest financial swindle in world history", where "counterfeit" mortgages were "laundered" by the banks.

The decisive role that "accounting control frauds" played in driving the current crisis is clear. The FBI warned of an "epidemic" of mortgage fraud in 2004 and predicted that it would cause an economic crisis if it were not stopped. The mortgage lending industry's own experts reported that "liar's" loans were "an open invitation to fraudsters" and fully warranted their name -- "liar's" loans -- because fraud was endemic in such loans.
fraud  USA  economy  gwbush  politics  FHFA  FBI  2010  greatrecession  greatdepression  economists  foreclosure  greenspan  alangreenspan  ZIRP  fiscal  policy  history 
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Analysis Looks at Effect of Letting Tax Cuts Lapse for Rich -
If the president gets his way, in 2011 the top two income tax rates — now 33 percent and 35 percent — would revert to the levels before the Bush administration, 36 percent and 39.6 percent, respectively. But the four lower rates would remain 10 percent, 15 percent, 25 percent and 28 percent. For some taxpayers earning up to $250,000, the top marginal rate would remain 33 percent.

Filers with taxable income of $500,000 to $1 million would still get on average a tax cut of $6,700 compared with pre-2001 rates, according to the data from the tax analysts. But that compares with roughly $17,500 if the top Bush tax rates were maintained.
gwbush  barackobama  presidency  2010  mid-term  election  taxation 
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Op-Ed Columnist - The Technocracy Boom -
a progressive era, based on the faith in government experts and their ability to use social science analysis to manage complex systems.

This progressive era is being promulgated without much popular support. It’s being led by a large class of educated professionals, who have been trained to do technocratic analysis, who believe that more analysis and rule-writing is the solution to social breakdowns, and who have constructed ever-expanding networks of offices, schools and contracts.

Already this effort is generating a fierce, almost culture-war-style backlash. It is generating a backlash among people who do not have faith in Washington, who do not have faith that trained experts have superior abilities to organize society, who do not believe national rules can successfully contend with the intricacies of local contexts and cultures.
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Blitzbesuch in Afghanistan: Obama fordert von Karzai Kampf gegen Korruption - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Politik
Es ist seine zweite Reise nach Afghanistan, als Präsidentschaftskandidat und US-Senator war er mit einer offiziellen Kongress-Delegation 2008 in dem Land. Sein Amtsvorgänger George W. Bush hatte Afghanistan nie besucht.
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Goodbye To All That : The New Yorker
“Every administration contains its share of cynical political operators—without them, even the best man has no chance of achieving high office. But this administration seems to have nothing but cynical political operators, who use national tragedy for political gain, don’t even try to come to grips with real problems, and figure that someone else will clean up the mess they leave behind.”

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Why the US has really gone broke - Le Monde diplomatique - English edition
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The Washington Independent » Obama Aide Declares End to War on Terrorism
By contrast, the Bush administration dismissed the idea that poverty and social injustice contributed to terrorism, and contended that a more fundamental root cause was political tyranny in the Middle East. While it pushed autocratic allies like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to take certain liberalizing steps, it focused more on building the outlines of democratic states in countries it sent the U.S. military to occupy, Iraq and Afghanistan.
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How Neoconservatives Conquered Washington – and Launched a War, by Michael Lind
The neocons took advantage of Bush's ignorance and inexperience. Unlike his father, a Second World War veteran who had been ambassador to China, director of the CIA, and vice president, George W was a thinly educated playboy who had failed repeatedly in business before becoming the governor of Texas, a largely ceremonial position (the state's lieutenant governor has more power). His father is essentially a northeastern moderate Republican; George W, raised in west Texas, absorbed the Texan cultural combination of machismo, anti-intellectualism and overt religiosity. The son of upper-class Episcopalian parents, he converted to Southern fundamentalism in a midlife crisis. Fervent Christian Zionism, along with an admiration for macho Israeli soldiers that sometimes coexists with hostility to liberal Jewish-American intellectuals, is a feature of the Southern culture.
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